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Zero Risk Trading Review – Is this another scam?

By Kyle / March 30, 2016

Zero Risk Trading scam

  • Name: Zero Risk Trading
  • Website: zerorisktrading.co
  • Rating: 1/10 (Uses an unregistered broker, more than likely a big old scam)

Recently I came across a site called Zero Risk Trading. And they claim you can trade with absolutely ZERO risk. This site has scam written all over it so I had to check it out further.

If you watch the video you will be absolutely blown away by the amount of money this guy claims you can make. He claims to have made  $642,833 in just 87 days by using his private trading robot. And thats without losing a penny, supposedly.

This guy is good. He plays with your emotions by talking about how he dropped out of college, was $40,000 in debt and was struggling to pay the bills. But that was months ago. Now that he uses his private trading robot he is a multi-millionaire, has a massive condo in Miami, and drives a Lamborghini. And he plasters these pictures on the screen to get you to drool over all this easy money you can make.Zero Risk Trading is a scam

Once you sign up you get access to the software for free. And you get a $500 deposit into your trading account for free.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well lets get into what this software is all about and how exactly it supposedly earns you all this money.

How do you make money with Zero Risk Trading?

The software that they give you is a binary options trading robot.

Binary options trading is a 100% legitimate way to make money and there is the potential to make money very fast. Its kind of like gambling in the stock market.

In binary options trading you place a bet on whether an asset will go up in price or down in price within a fixed time frame. In this case, the trading robot bets on stocks. Usually the time frame is very small so you can win bets very fast if you are good.

But there is one MAJOR problem with this whole thing. ITS EXTREMELY HARD to be successful in binary options trading. Experts spend years studying the market.

There are so many variables that can effect the stock market that it is absolutely impossible to be “zero risk”. Not even Warren Buffet can invest with zero risk.

They claim that their robot wins 8 out of 10 times. So if it doesn’t win 100% of the time that means it loses some and that puts risk back on you right? So why are they calling this zero risk?

But anyway, I doubt it even wins that much. There are so many binary options trading scams out there. The market is saturated with scams in this area. Why? Because binary options trading has a lot of “get rich quick” potential so it is easy to make up a scam around this.

Here Is What You Can Expect At Zero Risk Trading

Ok, so once you fill out your email address on the homepage you are then directed to another page where you have to register. There is a video that shows you how easy the whole process is to butter you up some. Then they tell you to enter your registration information which includes, your name, email, password, and phone number.Zero Risk Trading register

Assigned a Broker

Once you register you are immediately given a broker. They say that they choose your broker at random because they don’t want too many people at the same broker.

I got paired up with Morton Finance. So the first thing I did was looked up this broker to see if they are credible. And sure enough, I could not find much of any information out about them.

I was not able to find any sort of license from any third parties such as CFTC, ASIC, FCA or CySEC. I could not find any license. And to make things worse I found that Morton Finance is linked to Glenridge Capital, which is a scam.

A woman was complaining about Morton Finance on BinaryDealer.com’s forum. And the staff at Binary Dealer responded as you can see below. Binary Dealer is a trusted binary options review site. They call out many scams and are very helpful.

binary dealer comment

Glenridge Capital was a broker that I was referred to in another scam I reviewed called Fast Cash Biz. You can read the article about that scam here.

The broker assigned is obviously very suspicious. But the suspicious activity doesn’t end here.

Next You Have to Make a Deposit

Zero Risk Trading doesn’t tell you about this at first, but you have to make a minimum deposit of $250 to activate your brokerage account. I don’t have a problem with this (if this is legitimate of course) because its still your money that you will be using to trade.

But the problem is that this Zero Risk Trading place is not legitimate. So I’m not OK with this.

When you are directed to your broker you are immediately taken to a page to deposit your money.morton finance deposit

As you can see there are Morton Finance logos on the page. But there is no way of actually knowing that Zero Risk Trading is actually connected with Morton Finance. The entire time you are still on Zero Risk Trading’s website, even when you make the deposit.

They could have just put up a couple logos to make it look legit.

But I guess either way it doesn’t really matter, because Morton Finance is a scam anyhow. Its unlicensed and that means it can do whatever it wants. It doesn’t have to follow guidelines.

Final Verdict – Is Zero Risk Trading a Scam?

Of course I have no concrete evidence of whether it is or isn’t, but with my better judgement I would most definitely say that it is a scam.

They sweet talk you to try to get you to sign up. They make it sound like the easiest money you can possibly earn, I mean its automated money coming in. But the problem is that it doesn’t work like that.

And just to let you know, and REAL broker is going to go out and get licensed. Getting licensed opens up big opportunities and brings in a lot more customers. The only reason why a broker wouldn’t get licensed would be because they can’t, which would mean that they are not a legitimate broker.

So stay far far away from this Zero Risk Trading thing. They should call it 100% Risk Trading instead.

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