Zero Bounce 2.0 Review – Is it worth buying?

By Kyle / April 28, 2016
  • ZeroBounce 2.0 reviewProduct: Zero Bounce 2.0
  • Price: $25 for 1 site, $47 for unlimited use
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  • Rating: 3/10 (It works, but I really don’t think its worth it)

Zero Bounce 2.0 claims that it can get your bounce rate down to nearly 0%, which is crazy. But how true is this? In this Zero Bounce 2.0 review I’ll be going over a few things about how this all works so you can make more informed decision on this product.

Zero Bounce 2.0 Overview

Zero Bounce 2.0 is a software (plugin) that is available for those with WordPress websites. Its purpose is to reduce your bounce rate to almost 0%.

How the heck can it get your bounce rate down like that?

What it does is basically “hijacks” the “back” button from people that come to your site. It takes over the back button and allows you to do whatever you want with it. So you could tell it to send people to another website page instead of actually going “back” to the previous page like its supposed bounce 2.0 redirect

Its a very simple concept, yet it can be very effective at reducing your bounce rate. But just because it works doesn’t mean its a good idea to use (just keep reading).

Who Zero Bounce 2.0 Is For

This software could come in handy for anyone who is trying to monetize their site, whether it be through affiliate marketing, cpa, dropshipping, etc.

The longer you can get people to stay on your website the more chance you have at getting them to buy something, sign up to an email list, whatever it is that you want them to do.

So of course Zero Bounce 2.0 could benefit people looking to make money. You could make it so that their back button redirects them to an offer instead of going back to Google or where ever it was that they came from.

Whats Nice About Zero Bounce 2.0

First off, its about as easy as it gets to use and set up. After you install it all you have to do is enter the URL that you want the back button to redirect people to.

This can be customizable for any page or post you want. You can go in and redirect different pages to different URL’s. And  if you don’t want to use the software on a certain page or post then you don’t have to. There is a disable feature if you just want their back button to work as normal.

Sounds Good and All, But Is This Software Really Worth It?

It depends what type of site you have. For me, its not worth it at all. And I sure as heck won’t be using it.

Why not?

Because little tricks like this piss off your traffic. They are trying to go “back” so they are going to get annoyed when it is redirecting them to another page instead of where they want to go.

Then they are likely to just exit out of the window altogether. I know this because thats what I usually do when this happens to me on another website and I can imagine others reacting the same way.

My suggestion would be not to use this Zero Bounce 2.0 software if you have a legitimate website with a reputation that you care about. It will do more harm then good.

When Could It Be Used?

If you have a website that is set up just to sell something, and you don’t really care about what people think of it, then you could use this.

This software is the kind that would be best used for a scam site, and I don’t recommend it.

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