Young Living’s Income Disclosure Tells It All – Wow!

Income Disclosure

Young Living's income disclosure is something that you should definitely take a look at before getting involved with this company… And it probably isn't as spectacular as you might have been led to believe it would be.

I'm guessing you are probably looking into this information because you have been recruited by another representative of the company he wants you to join the business. That is what usually leads people to looking for such info, but anyways, it doesn't really matter the reason… I'm here to give you the statistics that you want to know so that you can see how good this opportunity really is.

And I'm sorry if this is disappointing, but the truth is the truth.

Young Living in a nutshell

You probably already know all this, but Young Living is a MLM business that sells essential oil products. And what a MLM is, is a "multilevel marketing" business that falls into the category of "network marketing" in which anyone can join the business and then make money by selling products as well as recruiting others into the business beneath them.

And this is where you likely come into the picture… You were probably asked to join by another member.

Worthwhile opportunity or not?

It seems that the business opportunity with Young Living it is often promoted as some incredible way to make money from home where you can be the boss of your business and live some amazing life on your own terms… But is it really that great?

Is this really the insane income opportunity that is going to allow you to reach financial freedom and break free your current situation? Are you finally going to be able to buy that nice new sports car and go on vacation to Hawaii this year?

A Look at the income disclosure

One thing that is really nice, and that I applaud Young Living for, is that they do provide an income disclosure that shows you statistics on how much their distributors (a.k.a. representatives, a.k.a. "Business Builders") are making on an annual and monthly basis.

And here is the latest report I could get my hands on… The 2017 income disclosure

Young Living 2017 Income Disclosure

What this tells you:

  • 33.3% of distributors made an average of $26 a month
  • 41.02% of distributors made an average of $75 a month
  • 15.66% of distributors made an average of $235 a month
  • 6.62% of distributors made an average of $502 a month

The statistics shown above make up over 96% of all distributors within Young Living… And as you can see they don't even come close to making enough money to live off of.

The numbers don't lie. Sure, there are people that are literally making millions of dollars a year with Young Living, and there definitely is potential, but the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of people are making very little money with this opportunity.

How is this even possible?

Now if this is the first MLM opportunity you have looked into then you may be wondering how this is even possible… How the statistics can be so bad, with so many people making so little money.

Could these statistics possibly be inaccurate?

Well… Yeah they could be inaccurate, but I doubt that they are very much. The reason that the statistics are such a disaster comes from the very business model itself… The MLM model.

A pyramid structure... the problem with this

There are lots of different forms of MLM businesses with varying compensation plans, but they all have the same basic structure… That is they all have a hierarchical pyramid-like compensation structure where a very small percentage of people near the top of the pyramid make most of the money… While those at the bottom struggle.

And as we all know, with a structure like this there are always many more people at the bottom than at the top, which means that many more people will be making very little money rather than a lot of money. This has to do with the flow of money from those at the bottom to those above them.

You can get a better understanding of what I am talking about by looking at the illustration below… 

MLM structures offer a lot of potential to make a lot of money because they usually have an extensive ranking structure that you are able to climb, working your way to the top, but unfortunately the way it will always be is that most people will not make much.

The bottom line..

The bottom line is simple… Most people just don't make all that much money in this business… Or in any MLM business with a fancy-schmancy compensation plan. The same goes for other similar MLM's out there, like for example doTERRA.

Now that you know how much distributors actually make, is this as good of an opportunity as you were led to believe?

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