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Xooma, Scam or Legit Opportunity? – Can You Really Make Good Money Here?

By Kyle / November 27, 2017

If you are looking to make some money with the Xooma opportunity but are hesitant to get started then you will want to read this. I know there are a lot of people out there wondering will Xooma scam you in one way or another. I’ve even heard people calling it a pyramid scheme.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that you should definitely know beforehand…. things that other members probably will not tell you.

Xooma WorldwideXooma Business Opportunity Review

Just to be clear here, I’m not going to be reviewing the products that Xooma Worldwide sells here. I’ll save that for another review at another time. They sell a range of health products and for what its worth.. they seem to be good. From what I have looked at online they seem to be getting some pretty good reviews overall.

But the business opportunity is my focus here. As I assume you are already aware of, anyone can join the Xooma business as a member and make money by selling their products. In addition to selling their products members are also able to make to make money by recruiting in other members and by the products that they sell, which is the mlm part of the business.

How It Works

Making Money With Personal Sales

Ok, so first I’ll go over how you can make money with your own personal sales.

Its pretty simple. As a member you will be able to purchase Xooma products at wholesale prices and then sell them at retail prices. This means that you will profit the difference between the two. This can range anywhere from 20% to 50%.

Making Money Through Recruitment

Recruitment is key if you want to make good money in this business. There are several different way you can earn through recruitment but I’ll just be going over the main part of it, which is the Team Commissions. They call these Team Commissions the basis of the compensation plan at Xooma.

With Team Commissions you will earn from the sales volume of members you recruited in, and members that they recruited in, and members that they recruited in.,.. and so on. These commissions are payed out through a binary structure, which they call a “dual team” plan.

This is how it works. Every member has 2 teams. There are 2 positions beneath you and every other members in Xooma. When you recruit people in they fill whatever open spots are available beneath you or others in your downline.

You will get paid based on the sale volume of the team with the lesser amount. So the “weaker” team is what you will get paid from.

The amount you will make will either be 10% or 15% depending on your rank.

Moving up the ranks is very important. The higher you move up the more you will make. How do you move up the ranks. Well pretty much the main thing you will have to do in order to move up is recruit more members in so that you can increase your group sales volume.

Moving up the ranks is mostly about increasing the sales volume of your group and increasing the sales volume of your group is mostly about recruiting in more members.

There are also other parts of the compensation plan such as Generational Pay Matches but I’m not going to get into them. They are based on the same thing…. recruitment.

Cost to Join

Of course in order to make money at all here you will first have to spend a bit of money. You will have to first purchase a product pack. There are 5 different packs you can choose from and they range in price a lot. The cheapest is $100 and the most expensive is up over $1,300.

These packs will contain sample products and business materials for you to get started as well as full products for your own consumption or sale.

Hard to Make Money In

One thing that people need to know about mlm’s like this is that they are difficult to make money in. Its no wonder that most people that get involved in them fail. They are set up to pretty much guarantee failure to most people who join.

The reason is because of their pyramid-like structure. Money is taken away from people at the bottom and given to those above them in the form of commissions. The money flows up the pyramid-like structure and this makes it harder for those on the bottom to make good money. And since there will always be many more people on the bottom, there will always be many more people struggling.

That is why recruitment is key here. Because of this structure you pretty much need to recruit to make good money.

I wasn’t actually able to find an income disclosure by Xooma to show you that only the top few % make good money here but I have reviewed dozens and dozens of similarly structured mlm’s, like iMarketsLive & Plexus Worldwide, to know that this is how it works with these businesses.

There is a heck of a lot of potential to make a lot of money here with all the ranks and the recruitment structure, but it will just not be an easy task by any means.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

First off… no Xooma is not a scam. An no they are not a pyramid scheme either. I know they have a pyramid-like recruitment structure but this is how all mlm’s are. They do focus on selling legitimate products here too.

However, this opportunity isn’t the best idea for everyone out there. If you think you have what it takes to recruit loads of people in then this might be for you but if not then it might not be that great of an idea. I would also recommend that you only get involved if you actually like the products they sell. If you don’t then you will probably find it hard to sell people on them yourself.

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