WriterAccess – Scam Opportunity or Good Freelance Work?

By Kyle / March 13, 2019
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WriterAccess gives you the opportunity to work on your own time as a freelancer, but is this actually a good place to do this? Or is WriterAccess a scam that you should be avoiding?

To some this question may sound a bit ridiculous, but in my opinion is not. There are plenty of “make money online” opportunities out there that are not really worth anyone’s time, so it is an important question to address.

If you are a writer already, or just like to write and want to make some money from it, then doing freelance jobs on your own schedule at a place like WriterAccess may very well be what you are looking for. HOWEVER, this definitely isn’t for everyone and in this quick review I’ll be going over how it all works so that you can get a better idea of whether or not it is right for you…

What Is WriterAccess?


WriterAccess (at writeraccess.com) is basically a platform that operates within the gig economy. They match up brands and agencies that are looking for workers with freelance writers and editors that are looking to make money.

Now in this review I am writing from a freelance writer’s point of view, just to make that clear.

In a nutshell how it works is you join the platform and are then able to pick and choose which jobs you want to complete, so you never have to work when you don’t want to work. That said, it is not like there is an unlimited amount of work for you to always be doing, so there are limitations and downsides.

Overall the pay that this place gives their writers is pretty good from what I know from reviewing many other similar freelance writing sites.

They are legit and are pretty average compared to other sites out there like this, or at least as far as the pay goes.

How The Job Works

Well first off, it’s not really a job, although I will be calling it that.

If you get a “job” with WriterAccess you will then get matched up with writing assignments of all sorts.  One assignment could be to write a simple blog post, another could be to write product descriptions for some e-commerce website, and so on.

There our lots of different brands and agencies that use this platform and be jobs that they are looking for people to complete will vary a good deal. As a writer, you just cater to the instructions and the demands of the clients.

Your Profile

Since this is freelance, you will create your own writer profile on the platform. You want to make this as professional looking as possible. If you have experience or have any relevant achievements/qualifications, be sure to make these known.

Clients will be able to look at your profile and of course they are looking for the best writers possible.


As mentioned, you will be able to work whenever you want for the most part. But if you do pick a project and started, you are definitely going to want to complete it within the required time so that you keep your reputation up.

One thing that new freelancers need to know is that getting started is a bit difficult. You will start out with no reputation and because of this clients will be less likely to select you for jobs. This is just part of the game.

The “Growth Hub”

In early 2019 they launched what they call the Growth Hub. This is for freelancers and will provide tools and training to help move forward and hopefully advance to earn more money.

Pay Rates

Basic Marketplace

The majority of people out there are going to be getting paid the rates within the “basic marketplace”, unless you are an incredibly gifted writer with lots of experience.

Here you will get paid anywhere from 2.8 cents to 7 cents per word that you type. That said, I have also read on another part of the official website that they pay as low as 1.4 cents per word. I’m not sure which information is more correct… Especially because I have come across other reviews that say different numbers.

This pay isn’t anything special but isn’t anything bad either. It is right around with the industry standard is, comparing it to other similar sites like Crowd Content and PeoplePerHour.

The amount you get paid well greatly depend on the project and things like…

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Clarity
  • Style
  • Vocabulary
  • Industry knowledge
  • And more

They also have a star rating system in place and the better ratings you have the more you will get paid. This is the reputation system and should be taken very seriously.

As far as payouts go, you get paid 2 times a month via PayPal.

Pro Marketplace

If you are good enough to make into the “Pro marketplace” then you can get paid some pretty good money. Smaller projects start out around $0.08 a word and larger projects you get paid as much as $1.40 per word or more. Some of the projects also pay a flat rate or per hour.

But if you are just starting out you need to focus on the Basic Marketplace and doing good within that arena first.

Also, invterviews may be required for some of these jobs in the Pro marketplace.

Who Can Apply?

I believe that they use to only hire writers in the United States, but as of now I see they are hiring in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

They also higher editors, content strategists and translators. But the writer positions are the most common.

The Application Process

First you will apply and choose what type of postition you are applying for, which include writer, content strategist, translator, etc. 

When submitting the application you will have to attach a resume, provide information about experience, and some other basic things…. typical application stuff.

Second you will throw together your profile and take a test in proficiency. You will want to make your profile as professional as possible because the brands and agencies looking to hire people will see this.

After you pass the test and your profile is complete you are ready to make some money. WriterAccess will match you up with gigs that are a good fit for you.

Getting Started

I no I already mentioned this, but I think it is worth re-mentioning… When you start out it will be difficult. This will more than likely be the case.

What you need to do is put out the best content you can in order to prove yourself. Once the rating system starts to kick in and you develop a reputation of being a good writer, more projects will naturally start flowing your way, and better paying ones.

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

Well, WriterAccess is definitely not a scam. I see no reason to call it such. They are a legitimate platform that do pay their writers. However, the question of whether or not it is worth your time is something completely different.

You can definitely make more money writing for yourself online, which is how I make a living, but freelance writing for a place like this would still be a good way to make some extra money on the side.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it at least somewhat helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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