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workathomewarning.net Scam – Do NOT Trust This Site

By Kyle / April 6, 2017

workathomewarning.net claims to be a site that helps people avoid online scams, but this is actually the opposite. This site instead refers people directly to online scams.

This site is very deceiving and I have been receiving a lot of questions on it lately. Apparently it is being advertised online in search engines a lot, Bing in particular.

workathomewarning.net workathomewarning.net Review

  • Website: workathomewarning.net
  • Creator: Brent Richard
  • Trust Rating: 0/10

When you land on this website you will see that the guy’s name is Brent Richard and he is 38 years old. You will also see that he lives in the same state that you live in.

Unfortunately, both where he tells you he lives and his name are not real.

No matter where you live, it will say that Brent Richards lives in your state, and in my case Pennsylvania. This is because the site is using a location tracker that automatically makes it say where you are accessing the internet from. This is supposed to make it so that you relate to him more and buy into the scam he is selling.

And as I said, Brent isn’t even real. Its a fake name made up just to help push this scam along.

I performed a reverse Google image search on “Brent” and got a lot of results of other sites using the same exact image…

How This Site Scams You

This site butters you up with all the talk about how it is helping you avoid scams and all. But then it ruins all that talk by referring you right to a scam.

It refers you to Work at Home Institute, or WAH Institute. And this is a known scam.

Work at Home Institute is nothing more than a link posting scam. They will tell you how you can easily make $100’s a day just by posting links from your computer as long as you use their proven system.

But much of what they tell you is extremely misleading.

Affiliate marketing is what they are talking about. And this is 100% legit. Affiliate marketing is actually how I make a living online and I think its a great business model.

But they just mislead you so much with this scam. They make it seem like you can work 1 hour a day and make hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each day. But the truth is that it isn’t quite that simple, and I would know.

Just Stay Away From Sites Like This

Its obvious that you were suspicious of workathomewarning.net and that is why you searched online and came across my review. And that is a good thing.

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This is a great saying that will help you avoid a lot of scams, including this one.

The truth is that making money online isn’t “easy”. Like anything, it will take real work and real time to be able to make money online. There is no pushbutton to generate income automatically or some secret formula to it.


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