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What Is The Best Affiliate Training Course? Here Is My Recommendation

By Kyle / November 4, 2016
What Is The Best Affiliate Training Course

There are a lot of affiliate marketing training courses out there so it can be hard deciding which to choose. You don’t want to waste your time and money on a course that provides lousy training and help. So what is the best affiliate training course?

Well, I have actually tried out several different courses throughout my affiliate marketing career, and I’ve reviewed lots more. Among the top courses are Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate, Bring the Fresh, and Chris Farrell Membership. But the one of these courses that stands out the most and that I recommend to all beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.

Why do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate above all? I’ll go over some of the many reasons why I believe its the best choice.

Wealthy Affiliate Offers a FREE Membership

You will not find a free membership anywhere else. You will find other programs with free trials, but I’m not talking about a free trial where you sign up and they charge you if you forget to cancel. I am talking about a free membership that is free for life. You don’t even have to enter your credit card information to join.

What Do You Get For Free?

You might think that its going to be a bunch of crap but you will be pleasantly surprised. The free membership has a lot in store and is pretty darn good.  Once you create your free account you will get…

  1. 2 Free Websites + Hosting
  2. Course 1 of the Training (10 Step by Step Lessons)
  3. Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp (10 Step by Step Lessons)
  4. Personal Affiliate Blog
  5. Video Walkthroughs
  6. Access to the Community Forum
  7. 30 Searches/month With Their Keyword Research Tool

Thats a pretty good deal for the price of $0 right? I think so.

You can literally get everything that is absolutely necessary to making money affiliate marketing right here with their free membership. You don’t really need anything else.

The Training Is Top Notch

The training at Wealthy Affiliate can’t really get much better the way I see it.

It is all laid out in a step by step manner that anyone can follow. And many of the lessons have a full video tutorial that goes over everything so you can see how its done. In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than having a video tutorial explain something to you.

The training is definitely built for beginners. It starts off as if you know nothing and slowly builds and builds on what it teaches. It will take you from absolutely nothing, to your own online business. You will be guided in the process of choosing an interest, building your website, driving traffic to your site, and monetizing that traffic.wasteps

The core of the training at Wealthy Affiliate comes from its 5 course Online Entrepreneur Certification series. Each of these courses include 10 lessons, so there are 50 lessons total in this area of training. When you start out at WA this is where you want to start.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect in the training here, here are the lessons from Course 1 alone…course-1

And the benefits from this course are…wafirstcourse

But besides the Online Entrepreneur Certification series Wealthy Affiliate also offers other training which include…

  • Affiliate Bootcamp (50 lessons included here as well)
  • 13 Training Classrooms (Each classroom focuses on a different aspect of online business and has lots of training)
  • 1000’s of Training Tutorials (These can be found throughout the classrooms that I just mentioned. And yes you heard me right when I say thousands of them.)
  • Live Webinar Training (Each Friday there is a live video training session held)
You Can Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free Here

The Community Is Very Helpful

Community support is often something that is overlooked, yet very important. Its amazing how much you can learn just from the other people at WA. There are 10’s of thousands of active members at WA. Many of them are beginners just like you and many of them are experienced and very successful. Getting help from others who are successful gives you a huge boost.

Its impossible for the training to cover every little thing that you need to know. But the community covers pretty much everything else. You are bound to find answers to just about every question you have in the forum. There are a lot of little tips and tricks that are shared there that you can benefit from.

I have been a member at WA for over a year at this point. And although I completed all the core training already I am still a member. Why am I? Because of the community!

The benefits from the community and the things you learn is amazing. The internet is always changing and when there is a change in something, such as a Google algorithm update, the community forum is the first place I go to find answers on how to deal with these changes.

There are literally hundreds of new posts daily on the forum. It is extremely active and you won’t see this at other affiliate training courses.

Take Affilorama for example. They are one of the other better courses out there. Look at their community forum..affiliate-marketing-forum-_-affilorama-google-chrome-2016-11-04-07-22-30

Its boring and plain and doesn’t receive much activity at all. But if you go to Wealthy Affiliate you will see a much more active and all around more pleasant community forum…wealthy-affiliate-google-chrome-2016-11-04-07-21-54

Its very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for and thats probably one of the main reasons that it gets so much more activity.

Its like comparing Facebook to Myspace. Wealthy Affiliate’s forum is Facebook and Affilorama’s forum is Myspace, which no one uses.

Support Is Key

Having support within a training program is key. With no support you will get lost and likely waste a lot of time. This is frustrating. We all know how its horrible to call a customer service number and end up with an automated recording where its nearly impossible to get the answers you want.

At Wealthy Affiliate the support is very good. They couldn’t have done much better of a job here. Besides being able to get support from the community as I mentioned above, you are also able to contact the owners of Wealthy Affilaite directly, and you are able to use the live chat for help.

Got a big problem and need some serious help. Kyle and Carson are the owners and you can private message them. Here is a screenshot of Kyle’s profile (the owner Kyle, not me)…wa-profile

Kyle is very active within the community at WA and it is not uncommon to see him reply to peoples questions, posts, etc. He is very busy and sometimes it can take over a day for him to reply if you message him. I think he says to give him 48 hours or so.

But if you need help immediately thats no problem.

WA Has Live Chat

You can get answers to your questions within minutes on Live Chat, often within a minute or 2.live-chat

In my opinion live chat is better than having phone assistance because this way multiple people can help you out with your questions. And also you don’t have to pick up your phone. You are on your computer anyhow so why not communicate through it?

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free

turn-any-passion-into-a-thriving-business-google-chrome-2016-11-04-11-48-02 Its easy to join. After You click the button below you will see this page to the right…

And on this page all you have to do is enter your name and email as well as create a username and password.

After creating your account you can get started with the training immediately.


Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free


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