What Is Point and Click Profit? – It Is a Scam and I’ll Show You Why

Point and Click Profit Scam

Point and Click Profit it is said to be an amazing opportunity to make money online where the average person is making about $195 per day… But is this really true? What is really going on here? Is this opportunity what it appears to be or is this just another scam that lures people in with the hopes and dreams of making easy money online?

What is Point and Click Profit exactly? In this review I will be going over what this place really is… Which is nothing like they tell you. If you were to buy into this all after reading over the sales page you would end up very disappointed and discouraged, since what you are actually buying into is completely different from what they tell you.

What Is Point and Click Profit?

In short, Point and Click Profit is a scam. It is one of your pretty typical work from home scams and reminds me of a few others that I have reviewed recently, including Computer Trends and Secured Web Orders.

Upon landing on the sales page you are greeted with a video that plays a bunch of news clips about work from home opportunities. This video was put there to try to make this opportunity seem more legitimate than it really as. What you should know is that, although the news broadcasts that are displayed or real, they have absolutely nothing to do with this Point and Click Profit opportunity.

You are told that all you need is a computer in a couple hours a day to start earning right away. And apparently around $195 is the average that people are earning with this opportunity, only spending a couple hours per day.

Sounds pretty good right?… But it also sounds a little bit too good to be true doesn’t not? And we all know how the saying goes if something sounds too good to be true… If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

How You Supposedly Will Be Making Money

What you are told on the sales pages that it is all about Internet commerce, or e-commerce. They tell you that this is a recession-proof industry and that it is booming because companies are trying to save money by employing people from home instead of having to pay for office space and all the expenses of actually having employees come to work.

This opportunity is all about using eBay to make money, which I’m sure everyone has heard of. They tell you that big companies like Nike, Panasonic, Home Depot, etc. are all using eBay, which is true, and that they are looking for people to independently create listings on eBay for them from home.

So in a nutshell you will be creating listings on eBay to make money.

How much money can you make? (Allegedly)

well they provide this handy little income potential chart based on the number of listings that you process each day. As you can see the chart shows that you will make five dollars for each listing and if you process 120 listings each day you will be making $144,000 per year.

However…. This income chart tells you absolutely nothing. It is basically a chart with a bunch of made up numbers to make this opportunity seem amazing. I have no idea where they got these numbers from but there is no way this chart is accurate by any means. Who said you will be getting paid five dollars per listing you process? If there are a bunch of different companies hiring individuals to process these listings then why would they all be paying them the same exact rate? This is not how the real world works.

But anyways… This is all a lie anyhow. The entire thing about processing listings on eBay is a complete lie as you will see shortly. But before I get into that I first want to talk about Amy Jensen, who is supposedly the person behind this all.

Who Is Amy Jensen?

It is always important to look into the people behind opportunities like this. You first want to make sure that they are real and trustworthy before moving forward with something they are promoting.

Amy Jensen claims to be a mother of two twins who used to struggle to get by. In fact, and one point she claims to have not even been able to afford the groceries. She was laid off from work and was about to get evicted from her apartment.

Then she started looking for ways to make money online in the rest is history… She came across this amazing opportunity and is now making tons of easy money off of it.

Now it would be nice if this fairytale story were true, but it is completely made up and fake. I did a reverse Google image search of Amy Jensen’s picture and found that it is used on many other websites online. What this means is that the image is a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use online as they wish. This is NOT Amy Jensen.

Point and Click Profit Amy Jensen

What You Are Really Buying Into Here

Ok… So now you can see that you cannot trust this place at all. Amy Jensen is a complete fake and as I’ve been saying, what you are actually being funneled into buying is completely different than what you are led to believe.

You are led to believe that you will be processing listings on eBay in making money doing so, when really this is just a funnel to get you to buy into a system called Easy 1 Up, which starts out at $97.

Easy 1 Up is basically one of those recruitment schemes that people buy into to make money online and then make money online by recruiting others in and getting them to buy in.

The real cost of this is much more than just $97. There are five different packages total which include…

  • Elevation – $25
  • Elevation Elite – $100
  • Vertex – $250
  • Vertex Elite – $500
  • Vertex Pro – $1,000

These packages provide online marketing training/tools so that you will be able to go recruit others in.

This program uses a “reverse one up” compensation plan. This is when everyone’s second sale gets passed up to the person above them.

So let’s say you recruit someone in and this is your first sale. Since it is your first sale you will keep the sale. But on your next sale that recruit will be passed up to the person above you, which was the person that recruited you and. Then from the third sale on you get to keep them all. The same thing will happen with the people you recruited and… All of their second sales will get past up to you.

The Real Cost

When you buy and you will be pushed to purchase the more expensive products packages. The reason is because you only can earn money when you are on or above the level that your recruits buy in at. So if you are in Elevation level member and you recruit someone in who buys and at the Vertex level, you will not make any money from that. You would have had to been a Vertex level member or higher to receive commissions.

And of course you will be able to receive larger commissions at the higher levels, which is another incentive to buy your way up the levels.

This Scam Could Change

Right now what this whole scam is promoting the Easy 1 Up system by I would not be surprised to see this change in the future. Scams like this, which lure people in with an opportunity that is completely unrelated to what they are really pushing them into, tend to change a lot.

Down the road this scam could be promoting a completely different “make money online” opportunity.

Scam or Not?

Point and Click Profit is obviously a scam. They tell you that you will be making money processing listings on eBay when really you are getting funneled into an online recruitment scheme where you will be pushed to make money recruiting others in. And of course Amy Jensen is a made up character.

Overall this is definitely not something I’ll get involved with… Not by any means. Besides the ridiculous sales pitch which is unrelated to the real system here (Easy 1 Up), there is also no way I would buy into Easy 1 Up even if I had been led there in an honest way. There are just too many of these recruitment schemes getting shut down by the FTC and this one will likely be on the list. MOBE is one of the more recent FTC shutdowns like this.

My Recommendation

If you want to make money online honestly and legitimately, but don’t know where to start, I would suggest  this program. I got started with back in 2015 when I first started looking to make money online and have since been able to turn this into a living… Which goes to show that it does work.

I’m not going to get into it here, but you can click the link below to learn more and learn how you can get started too…

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