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What is My Daily Cash Machine? – Scam or Legit?

My Daily Cash MachineWelcome to my review of My Daily Cash Machine. If you are wondering what this place is, how it works, and how you can make money on this site then you are in the right place.

My Daily Cash Machined claims to be a great way to make money online but it can be very confusing. In this review I’ll break it down for you and tell you what you really need to know. There is a lot of hype surrounding this place and many people have the wrong impression of it, thinking its better than it actually is.

My Daily Cash Machine Review

My Daily Cash Machine is a rev-share company that acts as an advertising platform. People can pay to advertise on their site and people can make money on the site by participating in the rev-share, which is simple to do.

This site is similar to sites like Traffic Hurricane and the now shut down Traffic Monsoon if you are familiar with these places.

How You Make Money

You can make money as an advertiser, earner or both. You could indirectly make money from the ads that you run on the platform as an advertiser, you can make money without advertising by being part of the rev-share program as an earner, or you can do both.

Below is how it works…


Advertising is all about purchasing “adpacks”. Adpacks cost $35 and will give you around 100 view on the website you want to advertise. You can advertise any type of site you want to and will be able to create a simple ad to be shown to people.


In order to participate in the revenue sharing you will need to view 15 ads per day. This consists of clicking on an ad, viewing it for about 15 seconds or so and that’s it. There is a counter that counts up to 100% and this usually takes about 15 seconds.

You don’t actually have to do anything on the website being advertised. Its not like you have to sign up for something or anything like that.

There are also CPA offers available where you can make a bit of money. CPA stands for “cost per action” and on My Daily Cash Machine you can get paid by advertisers to do an action, which might consist of signing up for something, clicking a link, etc.

How You REALLY Make Money

If you really want to make money then its all about purchasing adpacks. They cost $35 as I mentioned and they mature at 120%, turning you a small profit.

You can also earn from referring other people to join. You will earn 10% from referrals’ adpack purchases. That is why many people will try to get you to join and tell you to purchase as many adpacks as possible.

Its a Dangerous Game

Many similar sites like this have imploded over the years. They run their course, suck up a ton of money and then fade away causing many to lose money overall. Its almost like a ponzi scheme in a way because they rely so much on the purchase of these adpacks and many people are just purchasing them for the wrong reasons.

What I can say is good about this site however is that they have their own CPA network which I mentioned you can earn money with above. This brings in revenue from outside advertisers and adds some stability to this company. So I would still say its is risky but not as bad as many of the rev-share companies I have seen and reviewed.

Warning For Advertisers

They claim to be able to send high quality traffic to your website but I doubt this is the case. I have not actually tried advertising on My Daily Cash Machine but from reviewing and looking into other very similar companies like Traffic Hurricane and My Advertising Pays, I can assume that the traffic is going to be cheap.

They say that they send both internal traffic and external traffic. The external traffic is what I am unsure about but the internal traffic I can guarantee is going to be cheap and won’t convert well at all.

How do I know this? Well because the internal traffic is the traffic coming from My Daily Cash Machine. This consists of the members surfing their daily requirement of 15 sites. They are doing this just to get it done, not because they are interested in yours site. This is about as low quality of traffic as you are going to get, that is the cold hard truth of the matter here.

The traffic that comes from outside sources might be good, who knows. I’m really not sure.

Final Thoughts and What I Recommend

The way I see this place is that it is pretty much only good if you are looking to make money through from the company. If you are looking to use this place to get traffic and generate leads for your online business I don’t think it will work out all that well. It is just hard for me to take rev-share traffic exchanges like this seriously when I have seen so many in the past that have left a bad taste in my mouth.

That said a rev-share place like this also comes with risk. Investing a ton of money in adpacks has turned out to be a bad idea for members of other similar programs so its definitely something that you should think about as well.

All in all I wouldn’t call this place a scam but I will say that it is somewhat shady. I just get the feeling that there is more they could be telling use. I would really like to see how much revenue they bring in from the outside and how much they get from people purchasing adpacks. That would help determine their legitimacy.

Anyways. I will leave you by saying invest at your own risk. Its definitely not the best choice in my opinion for making money online but if you want to try it out then go for it.

If you are looking for a more legitimate and less risky way to make money online then I suggest taking a look at how I make a living online. I wrote a post all about it that you can read by clicking the link below. In this post I go over what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same.

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