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What Is My 7 Figure Nest Egg? – Scam or Legit? [Review]

My 7 Figure Nest Egg ReviewMy 7 Figure Nest Egg by Jill Veverka it is presented as a great opportunity to make money online while only working a couple of hours per day. But is this program really as amazing as it seems? What is the catch to it all?… After all there always seems to be some sort of catch. What is My 7 Figure Nest Egg exactly and is it a scam? How does it all work?

These are all important questions that should be answered before you move forward and decide whether or not you’re going to buy in. Luckily for you I’ll be answering them all in this review. I am not affiliated with this program in any way so I’m going to try to keep this review as unbiased as possible and tell you what you need to know. You are going to want to read this beforehand.

My 7 Figure Nest Egg Review

Jill Veverka is in her late 60s and use to work as a schoolteacher. She once had a small nest egg, which is what you call retirement savings, but managed to make well over $200,000 with this system that she is now promoting online.

She claims that you can build a one million-dollar nest egg with this program if you apply correctly. You can build a $1 mil nest egg with this program if you apply it correctly. But what exactly is it?

What Is My 7 Figure Nest Egg?

My 7 Figure Nest Egg, or M7FNE for short, is a high ticket opportunity where you can earn big commissions selling the same program to other people. However, it is not really a program itself. Now this may get a bit confusing, but it will all come together as you read the rest of this review

Basically M7FNE is a sales funnel created by Jill to get you to buy into another program called MOBE, or My Online Business Empire. MOBE is the real high ticket opportunity here and it is possible to earn $1250-$20,000 per sale, but there is a catch to this that I will go over soon.

How It Works

So what you will be doing if you buy in is learning how to refer others to buy into the same system and you will earn commissions when others do. So it’s basically one of those programs that people join to make money online and then they end up making money online by promoting it to others.

Jill has created M7FNE to do exactly what the training has taught her to do, recruit people into the system, which is exactly what you will be doing as well. But it’s not like you have to go out and create your own fake cover program for MOBE like My 7 Figure Nest Egg. Instead you can just promote My 7 Figure Nest Egg and get people to buy into MOBE this way, just as Jill is doing.

This is nothing new. I find MOBE funnels like this all the time online… Automated Daily Income, Your Home Biz, and Internet Funnel System are all the same kind of deal.

What You Get

When you buy into MOBE you get many done for you parts of the online business. You get done for you sales pages, prewritten ads, and so on. Your job is to go out and capture leads. You are the one that has to promote the program. This is not done for you but they do provide training on it.

Now this may sound incredibly easy, but it is not. The fact of the matter is that most people who join MOBE failed to make good money with the system. The income disclosure from 2017 shows that 62.48% of MOBE members made an average of $732 for the entire year. There are people that make a ton of money with the system, but these are few and far in between.

What You Aren’t Told

One thing that I think it is very important to let you know is that this program WILL COST YOU! This is something that people always fail to mention because they know it will likely scare many people away. Although you can buy in for just $49 you will have to spend much more money if you really want to make good money promoting the system.

Just think about it for a second… The person that promoted M7FNE to you is doing the same thing that you are going to be doing, which is recruiting people in. If you only pay $49 then how are they supposed to make those large commissions of $1250, $3300, $5500, $10,000 and even $20,000? The answer is that they won’t… If you only pay $49.

However, MOBE has many different product packages, or memberships, within their program. The $49 program that consists of 21 steps is just an introductory product designed to get people to buy in. There core products within MOBE are much more expensive and range from $2497 to $29,997.


It is by selling these core products that you will be able to earn large commissions. The catch is that in order to promote these high ticket products you will first have to buy them yourself. This is how the person that recruited you and makes large commissions and this is how you will make large commissions off of the people you recruit in. They will pretty much be forced to buy into the more expensive products if they want to have any good chance of making good money.

In a Nutshell

Okay, so this may be a bit confusing for a lot of you so on going to summarize it here.

My 7 Figure Nest Egg is basically a cover program that Jill has created to get people to buy into MOBE. She is making money as a member of MOBE by recruiting others in, which is what you are taught to do, and she created her own little system to do this. If you buy in through her system you will be able to promote the same system and earn money in the same way.

Of course the downside to this all, which she does not tell you, is that you are first going to have to buy into the very expensive high ticket products before you can earn money selling them. This is how they keep the money churning and keep everyone paying.

Final Thoughts – Scam or Not?

Is M7FNE a scam? Walt the answers this depends on what your definition of a scam is. Many people would cause all a scam but there are some that wouldn’t. I will leave this answer up to you.

I am definitely not a fan of these high ticket programs where people make money just recruiting others into the same program, but I will say that I like how Jill presents the opportunity. She does not mislead people nearly as much as some other promotions I have seen out there for MOBE and she is much more ethical in many ways.

I will not personally be recommending this but it is your money and you can buy and if you would like to. Just know that is going to be much more expensive than you were told.

A Less Expensive Option

If you are looking for a way to make money online or you do not have to spend a small fortune, then I would suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the same online business training program that I got started with back in 2015 and I am currently making a living working online, which goes to show that works. This program provides both the tools and training to make money online, but I’m not going to get into it too much here. You can click the link below to read my review if you want to learn more and are interested in joining…

You Can Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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