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What is Jaaxy? – Keyword Tool Review

By Kyle / February 15, 2016


  • Name: Jaaxy Keyword Tool
  • Website: jaaxy.com (no download required)
  • Rating: 10/10 (Works great. Its the only tool you will need for keyword research)

Jaaxy might have a strange name but it is nothing more than a keyword tool (keyword research tool/ keyword search tool). And its one of the best there is. In this review I’ll be going over what makes Jaaxy so great.

If you don’t know why keyword research is important here is a brief explanation before I get into Jaaxy.

Say lets say you write an article for your blog about “the best acne cleansers”. You publish it and wait for it to rank in search engines so that you can bring search traffic to your site through the article. But it never happens.

A keyword research tool allows you to find keywords with less competition so that you have a much better chance of ranking high and enjoying the organic traffic. They are essential for getting high search rankings in particular to people with rather new websites.

Just read this review and you’ll understand it better if you don’t already.

What makes Jaaxy so great?

The reason Jaaxy is one of the best is because it analyzes different keywords in many ways and provides you with plenty of statistics to get a good overall knowing of how good a keyword actually is.

The statistics it provides you with are Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO, and Domains.

So first we got Avg.


This is the average number of searches that the particular keyword (which you searched) gets per month. Of course you would like to focus your article around keywords that get a lot of searches per month. Because if you end up ranking high you can get a lot of that search traffic.

Take a look below at the results when I searched the keyword “whey protein benefits”. This keyword’s data will appear on the first line, and suggested and related keywords will appear below.jaaxyscreenshotavg

As you can see that gets nearly 1000 searches a month. Thats a lot of searches! And you can see that as you narrow your keyword down to “whey protein benefits weight loss” and others, the search numbers decrease.

You may think that the keyword with the highest average searches per month is the best but thats not true and you will see why after I cover the other statistics.

Next up is the Traffic statistic.


Traffic, as you could guess, is the traffic that you can expect to get using the particular keyword, but if and only if you get ranked on the first page of Google.

As you can see the keyword I looked up has an estimated traffic number of 165, and thats per month. That is also a very high number, and you should be looking for a high number here. But, once again, this still doesn’t mean that “whey protein benefits” is a good keyword and you will see why with the next statistic.jaaxyscreenshotavg


This is the “quoted search results”, which is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the same keyword. This just might be the most important statistic on Jaaxy.

The lower the keyword competition the better. If you are always using high competition keywords you may never get ranked high and you may never much search traffic. But if you target low competition keywords you will get ranked and see search traffic coming in. Sure the low competition keywords are usually less searched and have less traffic, but they add up if you target them in every article you write.

Looking at my Jaaxy search results you can see that the QSR for “whey protein benefits” is pretty high (277), A LOT higher than I would want to use. jaaxyscreenshotavg

With 277 competitor websites using that same keyword its going to be very hard for you to rank high in Google. There are much better choices that are suggested below that I would use in this case. “Whey protein benefits men” only has 7 competitor sites! It doesn’t get as much average searches and traffic, but at least you will have a good chance of ranking high.

About 60% of search traffic clicks on the first 3 results on the first page of Google. So even though “whey protein benefits” gets a ton of search traffic, if you aren’t in the top 3, let alone the first page, you won’t be seeing much traffic thats for sure.

Next on the list is KQI.


This stands for “keyword quality indicator”. It appears in green, yellow, and red. Green is for great and red is for terrible. Yellow is just OK. When I’m searching for keywords I NEVER accept anything less than green. There are always words that you can switch around or words that you can add, while keeping the same meaning, to get a better quality keyword.

With my example you can see that the “whey protein benefits” is the only one that is yellow and the rest are green.jaaxyscreenshotavg

Then there is SEO.


This statistic is a score based upon both the traffic and the competition for the particular keyword. You want to find a keyword that is as close to 100 as possible. My original search term  is absolutely terrible and scores a 52, while the two other search terms that I had my eye on (Whey protein benefits men; whey protein benefits women) have very good scores of 98.jaaxyscreenshotavg

And the last thing that shows up for every keyword is the Domains.


This isn’t a statistic, but nonetheless its helpful. It shows you what domains are available for the keywords shown. So for “whey protein benefits” you could buy wheyproteinbenefits.net and wheyproteinbenefits.org, but the .com extension isn’t available and has already been bought by someone.jaaxyscreenshotavg

Either of these domains are called keyword domains. They can be helpful in search rankings (although not as they once were) and people are more inclined to click on them. People would likely click on a domain called “wheyproteinbenefits.org” when they are searching “whey protein benefits” because it would seem that the website is completely centered around what they are searching and would possibly provide a lot of information on the particular subject.

Jaaxy makes it easy to find good keywords

I almost never use the same keyword I start out with. Usually I end up with one of Jaaxy’s suggestions.

If none of the suggestions that appear below my searched keyword are any good then I’ll go over to the “related keywords” on the right hand side.jaaxyscreenshotavg

You are sure to find a good keyword after going through those if you haven’t already.

What else does Jaaxy have to offer?

The keyword search tool is definitely the main tool here on Jaaxy, but it also features some otther helpful tools.

It has a brainstorm tool that helps you come up with ideas that are trending online. This tool takes information from Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends. You see whats currently popular and can potentially be a good topic for you.

Jaaxy also has a site rank feature that allows you to see what position your site is ranked for a particular keyword. This is helpful because you can see what keywords are working good and which ones are not.

Quick look at me using Jaaxy

Below I put together a short video of me using the Jaaxy keyword tool. I am just scratching the surface here. Jaaxy has a lot to offer.

Jaaxy is all you need

If you are just looking to get ranked in search engines and bring in unlimited organic traffic then you without a doubt need a keyword research tool. Jaaxy is one of the best options out there and I highly recommend it.

Jaaxy has everything you need in a keyword research tool and really gives you an all around view of how good a keyword really is. If you use Jaaxy the way it is intended along with writing quality content there is no doubt that you can rank on the first page of Google. Its very unlikely that you will for every article, but you will for some.

If you want to give Jaaxy a try you can do so absolutely free for the first 30 searches you do.

==> Click Here to Try Jaaxy For Free

I hope you have found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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