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What Is Internal Link Building? Why its important

By Kyle / February 19, 2016

Internal links are very important for a number of reasons, the main one probably being internal-linkSEO. But what is internal link building? And what makes it so important?

Internal links are links that go from one page or post on a domain to another on that same domain. So its just a link that links to another page on the same website.

Like I said above, internal links are good for SEO and I’ll get into that, but first let me tell you why they are also good for conversions.

Internal links and conversions

If you are looking to make money with your website then placing internal links is a must. Its simple and effective. Internal links lead to a lower bounce rate.

And what is the bounce rate? The bounce rate is the percentage of traffic that lands on a particular website page, and then leaves the website from that same page. They do not explore the website or read anything else. They just come and go.

If you include internal links then your traffic is more likely to visit other pages of your website and thus decreasing the bounce rate.

Internal linking gives your traffic the opportunity to find more related information easier. The longer they stay on your website, the more of a chance you have to sell them on one of the products you are promoting or the more chance you have for them to click on an ad, or just any which way you are monetizing your site.

Internal linking is particularly effective when you have an informative article that you then link to a product review. So maybe you write a post that provides a wealth of information on the benefits of “whey protein” and then you place some internal links to a whey protein product review.

Internal links help with SEO

When the Googlebot or other search engine robots are crawling your site, it is important that they see all of your pages and posts. It is not a rare occasion that they will miss important pages and you miss out on them ever ranking in searches.

The easier you make your site for the Googlebot to navigate the better. Internal linking pages gives you a better chance of them recognizing that page and a better chance of them not missing it. Your web of internal links will get it to spend more time crawling the site.

Below I have an illustration of what  “bad” internal link architecture would look like. As you can see pages C and E are not linked to any others and the Googlebot missed them. These pages may be important and have potential to rank high in searches but its just too bad.internallinks

You don’t want whats above. Here is what you want. Below is basic “good” link architecture that will help the Googlebot navigate around and you will be rewarded for this in searches.internallinks

This is just a very basic structure that works well. All websites should have a structure like this, where larger ideas link to smaller ones. But I suggest you do more than just a basic structure like this. I suggest linking anywhere content is related and you think it would be beneficial for readers to visit another page.

Besides internal linking making it easier for search engines to find and rank all of your pages, it also helps your rank in other ways.

Like I mentioned above, internal linking leads to a lower bounce rate and more of a chance that traffic will explore your website more. This will lead of course to more page views, more social media sharing, more comments, and much more. All of which will show that people like the content on your site and will lead to higher rankings.

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