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What Is Amazon Cash Websites? – Scam Exposed or Good Opportunity?

Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam

Amazon Cash Websites it is some new scam that is going around the Internet and is getting a lot of people. It is becoming very popular and since you are reading this I am guessing you came across it, maybe by seeing an advertisement forward online, getting an email about it, or even getting a phone call… Which I have heard some people are getting these days.

But anyways… The good thing is that you went with your better judgment. You went with your gut. You felt something was a little bit fishy about this opportunity so you decided to do the extra research and and now you are reading my review here.

This entire Amazon Cash Websites thing is just a big scam lure. It is part of a sales funnel that sucks you into a completely different program, as I will explain throughout the rest of this post.

No Amazon Is Not Opening Up Some New Work-At-Home Program

The opportunity that is presented here is supposedly that Amazon is opening up some new work-at-home program in your area and that you now have this amazing opportunity to make easy money online… From the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately this is a complete lie. There is no new work-at-home program that Amazon is opening up and you can easily research this on your own to see for yourself. There definitely have not been any official statements made by any reputable sources talking about such a program.

Sure, there are ways to work-at-home and make money through Amazon, but there is no “new” opportunity opening up. It is all a lie to get you excited and make you feel like you have to jump on this as soon as possible, because of course positions will be filling up fast… As they lead you to believe.

The News Is Not Real

This scam is advertised on a number of different websites. They are set up to look like real news websites, such as the one I came across and took a screenshot of below, but they are actually completely fake.

If you land on one of the sites and do some looking around, you will notice that there is not much to them. They are one page websites that are completely setting up for funneling people into this scam.

Since when do new sites only have one page? The answer is that they don’t… Which is a good sign that this is fake.

You may be wondering how this can be fake if they are specifically saying that there are openings in your particular area. For example if you live in Baltimore the headline will read “work at home opportunity with Amazon in Baltimore”, or something along those lines. This may be more convincing but it is very easy for scams to be set up in a way like this. They are set up to see your location and when you visit the website your location is automatically displayed there.

What This Scam Really Is

What is Amazon Cash Websites really?

The Amazon Cash Websites scam sales funnel may be used to promote a vast array of different scams. They can funnel you into any opportunity and when I came across this scam it was getting people to join “Money Sucking Websites”.

The funny thing is that I actually reviewed this Money Sucking Websites scam a while back. Basically it is some get-rich-quick scam that tells you that you can make $500 a day by pretty much doing nothing. They set you up with some website and supposedly you are just going to start making $500 a day because the website is a “money sucking website”.

I’m not going to get into it here, but basically it is a bunch of crap that does not work. It is pretty much a typical get-rich-quick scheme, similar to Quick Cash Method, Fast Lane Lifestyle, etc.

That said… I wouldn’t be surprised to see other scams promoted by these fake Amazon Cash Websites news sites in the future.

Amazon Has Nothing To Do With This

I’ve read some comments about this scam from people who are upset with Amazon about this, which really doesn’t make much sense because Amazon has no control over this. The creators of these websites are scammers and is not like a scam such as this can easily be stopped.

Once one websites taken down another one will just pop up. These fake news sites can be created in a matter of minutes. So when one gets taken down… Just create another. This has already happened and is continuing to happen because I have seen Amazon Cash Websites promoted on a number of different domains.

A Legitimate Work at Home Opportunity With Amazon

If you are a newbie looking to make money online with Amazon, I would suggest affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can promote products on Amazon, via in affiliate link, and earn commissions when people click your link and buy the product you are promoting. Amazon has their own affiliate program, called Amazon Associates, where they will pay you to do this.

This is actually what I do for a living. I got started back in 2015 with the Wealthy Affiliate training program, which is what I would recommend for all the beginners out there that don’t know where to get started. Wealthy Affiliate provides the tools in the training needed and is a great program that I can recommend from personal experience.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review here and found it helpful. Hopefully it saved you from getting scammed. Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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