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What is a low competition keyword?

By Kyle / March 8, 2016

what-is-a-low-competition-keywordThe keywords you use are extremely important for getting your articles to rank in search engines. But what is a low competition keyword? And why the heck is it so important.

To understand what a low competition keyword is, you must first know what a keyword is (in SEO terms)

Whats a keyword?

A keyword is a specific phrase of words that your article is based around. The keyword of the article should describe what the webpage is about.

So for example, if you are writing an article about cheap basketball shoes here are some potential keywords you could use:

  • cheap basketball shoes (of course)
  • basketball shoes that are cheap
  • inexpensive basketball shoes
  • affordable basketball shoes

All of these keywords could be used for the same exact article.

Next you need to know what exactly keyword competition is

Keyword competition is the amount of other articles that are using that same exact keyword.

If you write your post around the phrase “cheap basketball shoes” your article is going to be competing with other articles that have that exact phrase, “cheap basketball shoes”. They will be competing for the higher rank in Google and other search engines.

So if there are a thousand other articles that have that exact phrase in them, its obviously going to be very difficult to rank very well.

This is where low competition keywords come into play

Low Competition Keywords

They are exactly that, keywords with low competition. They are phrases of words that are not used much in other articles. So if you use one of these low competition keywords in your article, you have a better chance of ranking higher in searches.

And it is everyones goal to rank high in searches. Why? Well for example, the top 3 results in Google get over 50% of the traffic. There could be 10’s of thousands of results but the top 3 get most of it.

Obviously a keyword with 100 competitors will be easier to rank for than that of 1000.

Long tail keywords

You often hear this term associated with low competition keywords. A long tail keyword is a keyword that is “long”, it contains more words.

For example:

  • cheap basketball shoes = short tail keyword
  • cheap basketball shoes for little kids = long tail keyword

The second example is a long tail keyword. It is more specific and will be less used in other articles. This gives it a low competition and it is easier to rank for.

How to find low competition keywords

As a rule of thumb, use long tail keywords because they are usually low competition. However, they aren’t always.

The only way find low competition keywords with certainty is by using a keyword research tool.

A keyword research tool is software that you use to research keywords of course. There are many different keyword research tools available.

The best ones will show you all sorts of statistics on particular keywords. Such as the amount it gets searched, the amount of traffic you could expect if you use it, its competition, and more.

If you are looking for a good keyword research tool I suggest Jaaxy. Its what I use and it gives you a well rounded overview of each keyword. It gives you everything you need really.

One of the things I really find helpful is that it gives you suggestions for better keywords. And I almost always end up using one of its suggestions rather than the original keyword I type.

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