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This Is Exactly How I Make Over $4,500/mo Online.

I'm no internet millionaire or guru... but I do make a living working exclusively online and what I do actually works. Today, I am going to show you exactly what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same.

And if you are wondering if I am going to try to sell you something the answer is no. One of the great things about what I do is that it requires no startup cost.​ Getting started is free and I'll be going over this all soon.

First, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Kyle and I have have been working online since 2015.

I know that really isn't all that long of a time, but over this time I have been able to start from nothing at all... no experience whatsoever, and build an online business that pays all of my bills and gives me the "freedom lifestyle" where I am no longer tied down to J O B.

It gives me the ability to work from wherever I want, whenever I want. 

Over this time I have tried a lot of methods and programs for making money online and eventually found something that works. Something that allows me to make money like this...​

I know its not enough to drive Lamborghini's and live in mansions, but  $196.50 in a day and over $4.5k for the month does allow me to live comfortably.

But its not like I started out making tons of money online. It took me a while and I was a scam victim in the beginning. I fell for some really dumb scam where the people told me they would give me a website that would make $100's per day while I sat back and literally did nothing. I was desperate at the time and went for it.

Looking back it was an obvious scam but at the time I guess it looked legitimate to me.

Anyways... Falling for that scam was discouraging but ​I pushed on. I had to because of my situation. And this is one point I want to make here.... it doesn't matter your situation, where you are from or what your situation. If you have a computer, internet connection, and the ability to comprehend what I am writing... then you can make this happen.

One Thing I Want To Make Clear

One important point that I want to make very clear is that making money online takes work. There is no "turn-key" method out there folks. The real name for a get rich quick program is a "scam". Everything in life worth having takes real effort to get.

What I'm showing you here takes REAL WORK. If you are willing to put in the work and effort then keep reading. If not then I don't know what to tell you.. 

​Who Is Still With Me?

For all the hard-working individuals out there that are ready to make a change and make some money online this is for you. I want to help you avoid the scams and get on the right path from the get-go.

Whether you are looking to...​

  • Make $100 extra a month
  • Work online as a part-time job
  • Earn a full-time income online
  • Have geographical freedom

...this can work for you.

One of the great things about how I make money online is that it can be tailored for any situation.

Personally, when I started I was looking to the internet for geographical freedom. Because of my situation I couldn't be tied down to a job in one particular area.

To summarize everything: I had recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. My girlfriend, on the other hand, was graduating soon after and was busy applying to med schools all across the country.

To make a long story short... we had no idea what school she would end up at and I wanted to go where she was going... this means I couldn't get a job in a particular area. So I began my online ventures... got scammed... but eventually found the way and here I am today making a living online and helping others do the same.

By the way.. I would never want to go back and use my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. I love what I do.

So How Do I Make Money Online?​

The big question that you have been waiting for.. how the heck do I do it?

To put it simply I create small and simple websites, get them ranked in Google and other search engines, get free traffic from these search engines, and make money when people click on the adds & promotions on my site.

It may sound overly complicated but you are just going to have to take my word for it when I say that it is NOT. Creating a website seems to be the part of it all that scares people the most but it actually isn't "scary" at all and I'll be showing you how you can do this all easily and for free.

The process of making money can be broken down into 4 main steps...​

The first step is to choose a topic that interests you. Got a hobby? A passion? This is what your website is going to be about.

Ex: Maybe you are a dog lover and would like make a website about dog health, or maybe you are a fashionista that would like it to be about fashion, or maybe you are an outdoors-man that would like to focus it around camping... it doesn't matter.​

Don't know what you make your site about? Don't worry I will help you decide.

Creating a website is something that scares a lot of people, but it shouldn't. You can literally have your website up and running in a matter of minutes.

No tech skills of any kind required!

(And don't run out there and buy a website. You can get one for free and I'll be going over how soon)

This is how you get free UNLIMITED traffic to your website... You get your website ranked in search engines, people search Google, Bing, & Yahoo and they click on your site. Its free to do, and the potential is unlimited.

You don't need to have your own products. All you have to do is promote products for big companies.

Big time companies like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. all have programs where they pay people to work along side them and promote products.

You promote products for them on your site and when people click and buy one of the products, YOU GET PAID!


I know this can be very confusing when you first see how the process works but it isn't very complicated once you get into it.

Just to give you a high-level over view of the process again, here is how it all works...​

You make a website around a topic of interest to you. You get people to visit your website for free from search engines. And you make money with advertisements & promotions of products.

An Example For You:​

  1. You like dogs and decide to choose "dog health" as your particular interest
  2. You create a website (using an easy website builder I'll go over) that is all about "dog health".
  3. You get ranked in Google for things that have to do with dog health. Things like dog foods, dog exercise, supplements, and anything related. People searching on Google for these things visit your site.
  4. You promote healthy dog foods, dog tennis balls, dog supplements, etc that are for sale on Amazon. People that come to your site from Google read your content, click on the products you promote, buy them on Amazon and you GET PAID commissions.

The Opportunity In Front Of Us

You may be wondering why I would share this with anyone because the more people that know about it, the more competition there is and the harder it would be for me to make money off of it right?

Well that is a logical theory but the truth is that there is SO MUCH potential out there that this worry is irrelevant. 

The internet is still such a new market, and the biggest ever by far. It is still in its early days and there is still a lot of opportunity.

Right now there are close to 4 billion internet users around the world... and any of them could possibly visit your website with the simple click of a mouse.

And the good thing is that the future looks even brighter.

A recent chart from eMarketer research company shows a steady increase in internet users worldwide.​

This increase means there is going to be a heck of a lot more people searching Google, and this means a heck of a lot more people that could potentially click on your website.

With a market of this size and the potential to reach people all over the globe one of the nice things about this business model is that you can make money off of just about any interest you might have.​

You Can Promote Anything​

Interests like dogs, cats, camping, yoga, shoes, makeup, etc..... are all big interests. They are very popular and its obvious that you can make money off of them. There are a million different products you can promote.

But what is really cool is that  you can make money in areas that you might not think of.

At any given time there are 2 billion people online. So even if you make a website about unicorns, or bamboo kitchen accessories, or traditional African foods, and so on...... you can make money.

Small interests can have big markets in the online world.

​What You Will Be Doing

Ok, so I went over the 4 steps of the process and all of that but you are still probably wondering what you do with your website. How do you get it ranked in search engines??

Basically what you will be doing is create content that people are looking for online. You write short posts (aka articles) on your website and Google ranks them.

People are searching Google for information.  And you provide them with that information. There are ways to actually find out what people are searching for the most and you can get ranked in Google  for those search terms.

Example: Ok, so I'll go with my earlier example. You have website that is about "dog health". You can write about dog foods, dog exercise, supplements, and anything you want to really. There are a million things that you can write about and get ranked for in Google.

​One important thing to note here is that you do NOT have to be an expert in any field to do this. I will give you a personal example of mine soon where I knew absolutely nothing about the topic when I started.

One Of The "Coolest" Things About This Method

One of the awesome things about this is that you can get paid over and over again for something you do one time.

After your website gets ranked in Google, it could stay there for years.

And to give you an example of this take a look below. To go along with my earlier example, I searched for "dog exercises" in Google. And as you can see there were 2 results that were years old that were still ranked on the very first page.​

These two articles were created years ago and have been getting website traffic ever since, which = money.

And this is nothing uncommon. You can do Google searches on your own and you will find all sorts of websites that have been ranked for years.

A Personal Example of Mine​...

One area that I am particularly interested in is natural health foods. So I did some searching around and decided to make a website that is about "spirulina".

​And if you don't know what spirulina is, it is a blue-green algae that is considered a superfood. It has the highest protein content of ANY food there is, and there are tons of health benefits it has.

But anyway, enough of what it is.

On this website I write articles about the many health benefits it has and pretty much anything about it that I want to write about. I then promote spirulina supplements and that is how I make money. People come from Google looking for information on spirulina, they click on my site, then they click on products recommend (promote).

Its a very simple website but it does what I need it to do.... it makes me money!​

And like I said... I knew nothing about spirulina when I started. I was interested in the topic and wanted to learn more so I decided to make my site about it. 

Of course its easier to make a website about something you already know about but this is proof that you don't need to know anything at all. You just have to be willing to learn and put in a little work.​

Can You See The Potential In This?​

The potential of what I do here is immense. There is so much opportunity out there and the end is nowhere in sight.

​You provide people with the information that they are looking for (via articles) and you get paid to do it. 

Here is a quick recap...

  • You write articles (aka posts)
  • People find your articles on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • People read them and click on the products you are promoting (not every time)
  • They are redirected to the seller's website like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. and where they buy the product
  • You get paid!​

Pretty Awesome Right?

​The most difficult part of it all is getting the resources you need to get started. But I'm going to show you how you can actually get all of that for free.

​How To Get Started

When I got started online, I wasn't as fortunate as you. I was a scam victim and didn't gain some real traction making money online for nearly a year.

What changed everything was that I found this online business platform that provided all things necessary to get going. And this is what I'm going to share with you today.

You are going to need tools, you are going to need a website, you are going to need website hosting.... That would all cost you money if you were to just go out there on your own and get it.

At Wealthy Affiliate You Can Get All Of The Training & Tools You Need

What really separated Wealthy Affiliate ​from other "make money online" programs out there is that it was honest. It didn't make me believe that I would be making tons of money overnight and it didn't tell me that this was super easy. Instead it gave me everything that I needed and let me know that it would take real work on my part to make this happen.

The honestly sold me on Wealthy Affiliate so I gave it a try and it paid off.

What Exactly Is​ Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much like an "all-inclusive" type of deal. Kind of like a vacation package where you get your hotel, plane trip, and everything included in one. Just Wealthy Affiliate has nothing to do with vacation packages and is all about online business.

It is an online business training program that that trains you to do every​thing that I just went over. From choosing an interest, to building a website, to writing content and getting traffic, to making money.... there is training on all of it.

And... at Wealthy Affiliate you get you get the tools that are needed to make money online with this business model as well. There is no need to go out and get anything else. 

And one of the best things about this place is that they have a free membership. You can literally start for free. You get free training, 2 free websites + hosting, support, and more.

And when I say a free membership I am not talking about a free trial where you get charged if you forget to cancel. I am talking about a free membership that you can keep for life. 

A Look at The Training​

The training is as good as it gets. It is specifically designed for beginners and is broken down into easily digestible bite-sized pieces.

Much of the lessons contain a video tutorial that will walk you through everything you have to do, as well as a written blueprint.​

In total there are 5 courses offered at Wealthy Affiliate, each one has 10 lessons. Just to give you sneak peak at the Course 1, here are what the lessons are focused on...​​

These 10 lessons are just from the first course.

Each lesson has tasks for you to complete to stay on the right path.​ You check these tasks off as you go and this really helps to stay focused and keep you moving along.

As you can see, the lessons are very user friendly. There is a button you can click to ask a question if you are stuck where you can get help almost immediately.

There is also a discussion below each lesson that is always very active and is another great way to get help as well as communicate with others.​

The Tools Provided​

Building a website seems to be the most frightening task for most people when it comes to all of this. I've said it again and again... "its very simple", but I know you may be skeptical of this.

To show you how easy it is here is a screenshot of the website builder that Wealthy Affiliate has. It is a top of the line website builder that can have your own website up and running in a matter of minutes...​

Building a website is a non-issue. There are no tech skills required. Those days are in the past.

Another very helpful tool that Wealthy Affiliate provides is their Keyword Research tool. I'm not going to get into this too much but basically what it does is finds terms that people are searching for on Google so that you can write content about them​.

This is a powerful tool and gives you the ability to rank for things people are searching for, which means you get more traffic to your website and ultimately make more money.​

Getting Help Is Easy

Getting good quality support is a must when it comes to training programs like this and luckily Wealthy Affiliate has some pretty darn good support.

This is a "make or break" point for me. Before I came across Wealthy Affiliate I had tried other legitimate ways to make money online but ended up getting lost and giving up eventually.

Wealthy Affiliates support system helps you get the answers you need, get past things you are stuck on, and keep moving towards success.​

​There are several different ways to get help, One of the fastest and best being their live chat support. With the live chat you can get in seconds... almost always within a couple of minutes.

The live chat is great if you are looking for immediate help. If you are looking for fixes to technical issues on your website then not so much. 

But that's fine because Wealthy Affiliate also has a tech support team that can sort out any issue dealing with website problems or any sort of technical problems. This is pretty big deal and it has saved my butt more than once. 

Having technical problems is inevitable. But with the tech support at Wealthy Affiliate you can simply submit a support ticket and they will resolve the issue for you.

  • Participate In Discussions - At the end of each lesson there is an active discussion that you can participate in, ask questions, get answers etc. This is one of the best ways to get help if you are stuck on a particular lesson.
  • Submit a Question to The Forum - If you have a long and complicated question you can submit it to the community forum in specific categories. This has helped me out numerous times.
  • Get Help Directly From Members - As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will also be able to directly message other members. For example you can go to my profile, click "Private Message", and send me a message directly.

I am logged in on at Wealthy Affiliate usually multiple times per day where I  help out other people so don't hesitate to ask me questions once you are inside.

The Cost​

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 memberships. They have their free Starter Membership that I mentioned earlier and they have their Premium Membership.​

The free Starter Membership is what I recommend everyone start out at just because it is zero risk. You don't need to enter any payment information of any kind, just your name and email will do. And honestly the free Starter Membership includes a heck of a lot for it being no cost. ​

With this free membership you get..​

  • 2 Free Websites + Website Hosting
  • Course Level 1
  • 10 Step by Step Lessons
  • Phase 1 of The Bootcamp Training
  • 30 Searches/mo With The Keyword Research Tool
  • Access to 2 Training Classrooms

And there are some more things that this membership includes that I'm probably forgetting.

You can sign up for your free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the button below.​

Ok, so that is the Starter Membership and this is definitely what i suggest for beginners. This is how I started at Wealthy Affiliate and it is the best way to go about this. It allows you to test out the "system" and get a feel for how everything works at zero risk.

Then, if you like what you see and think that this career path is right for you then you can upgrade to a Premium Membership.​ Premium gives you everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. There are no upsells or anything after this. It costs $49/mo (or $359 if billed yearly) and that is the top of the line.

With ​the Premium Membership you get...

  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • All 5 Courses of Training
  • Over 50 Lessons of Training
  • Access to All 13 Classrooms
  • Unlimited Keyword Research Tool Use
  • All Phases of the Bootcamp Training
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring
  • Website Backup & Security
  • And a bunch more that I am not going to get into.

The Premium Membership packs a lot into the price that you pay. The website hosting and keyword research tool alone could cost you $49/mo elsewhere. And on top of that you get all the training and support.

Its definitely worth the price you pay but I still recommend beginners start out with the free Starter Membership. At least that way you "learn the ropes". 

You have to crawl before you walk​ that is what the Starter Membership helps you out with.

However if you are hellbent on going Premium right away I am not going to stop you. You can sign up for Premium here.​

After You Sign Up​

After you click here to sign up and create your free account you should fill out your profile. All you need to do is add a profile image and write a short description about yourself.

This might not seem like a very important step to take but it actually is. Wealthy Affiliate is a very social online business community and if you put a face to your profile other members tend to interact with you more. This is because they have a sense of who you are and that you are a real person.

So sign up first, then upload an image and write a little bit about yourself.

Something To Look Forward To

The is a lot of potential when it comes to making money like this.  You will start out slow earning nothing at all... but as you build on it more and more by writing more and more content on your website... you will get ranked in Google more which means more website traffic which in turn means MORE MONEY.

Below I filmed a short video that you can watch that shows how much I've been able to improve and grow my income over the past year...

As you can see I was making barely anything a year ago. I was already making money promoting other things but I wasn't focused on this particular opportunity.​ 

Since focusing on it and promoting it more heavily I have been able to grow that income to over $5k per month and I'm hoping to hit $6k soon.

Anyways... I thought I would show you that because its a really good example of what you can do with this and how you can build on it and grow it.​

Any Questions For Me?​

I know that all of this can be very confusing and you probably have a bunch of questions for me. I was the same way when I started out. My mind was racing and I had a million things to ask.

Most of your questions will probably get answered in the training but don't hesitate to message me inside Wealthy Affiliate. ​Just go to my profile by searching 'el-jefe-kyle' or by clicking here. Then you will be able to private message me instantly.

And I'm serious when I say don't hesitate to ask me questions. I like helping people out as I was helped out in the beginning.

​Get Motivated, Your Journey Begins Now!

Once inside you will be able to start the training immediately. And remember, you have nothing to lose really. There is no risk involved in signing up and getting started. So at least give this a try and see if you like it.

It works. I know it works because this is how I make a living.​ Just remember that this does take real work. You will have to put in the effort to be successful. If you can do that you can make this happen.

To Your Success,