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Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Review

By Kyle / February 11, 2016

wavsaffiloramareviewIf you are looking to start your own online business, Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are two of the best programs I have come across for helping you do so. But which is better? In this Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review I will be going over different aspects of the two programs and seeing how they compare. And Yes I have tried them both.

First off, what are they all about?

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama have the same goals in mind, to help people become successful in affiliate marketing. They both provide step by step instructions and help walk you through the processes of choosing an interest, setting up your website, driving traffic to it, monetizing that traffic, and so on.

You can make good money by putting the information they provide to work. But which is better?

To answer this I’m going to focus on what is different about the programs

To give you a basic overview take a look at this comparison chart I put together.WAvsAffilorama

As you can see right off the bat Wealthy Affiliate looks like the better choice, but lets take a look at these differences. The first thing you notice is that with Wealthy Affiliate you CAN contact the owners but with Affilorama you can’t.

Are you able to contact the owners?

The ability to contact and communicate with the people that actually made the programs is important in my opinion. It give you a sense of trust.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can easily. You can email them or just direct message them one their profile.

There are 2 owners at Wealthy Affiliate and the one, Kyle, is actually VERY active in the community and he will comment on posts, answer questions, etc.

At Affilorama its another story. You can get support form their online support center 24/7, but as far as contacting their owner, Mark Ling, forget about it. He just doesn’t communicate with the members, I don’t know why.

Also, one thing that is weird is that Affilorama’s Mark Ling doesn’t even show his face. He doesn’t show a picture on his profile and it makes the whole experience much less personable. I want to be able to put a face to the voice I hear in some of the training videos.

Take a look at the profiles of Mark Ling (Affilorama owner) and Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate Co-owner) side by side.profiles

As you can see Kyle’s Wealthy Affiliate profile gives a background about himself and he has a bunch of pictures so you can get to know him.

Mark Ling’s Affilorama profile is virually empty. No profile picture no bio. I don’t know much of anything about his guy other than he makes training videos and built this program.

Being able to contact the owners is worth mentioning but it isn’t a “make or break” component.

The next difference is whether or not they have a live chat so that you can get help instantly

Live Chat

Having a live chat feature available is a HUGE PLUS. Everyone is going to get confused and stuck on some part of the training at some point. And you don’t want to have to wait for hours to get the answers you need.

With a live chat you can get answers instantly and move on with what you were doing.

In my comparison chart above I marked that Wealthy Affiliate DOES have a live chat and that Affilorama KIND OF does have a live chat.

I said “kind of” because Affilorama has a telephone number you can call to get live support on problems. Not the kind of live chat where you would chat back and forth by typing on the computer. Also, their live support line is only open during business hours, which is from 5pm to 1am where I live (they are located in the eastern hemisphere).

You will also soon realize that it is more difficult to get the live support you need with Affilorama. Even when the lines are open there will be times when you get frustrated because you can’t get anyone to answer and you give up.

The live chat at Wealthy Affiliate is one of my favorite features. livechat

Its always on the toolbar at the left so it is right there whenever you need it. Just click on it, a little chat box will pop up, and you are ready to type and get help.

The service with this live chat is excellent and you VERY rarely have to wait more than a couple minutes for answers. I definitely prefer this form of chat over the phone call type. I just don’t want to have to pick up my phone and call. I’m already on the computer so it is nice to use the computer for this type of thing.

Having a live chat available is a pretty big deal but this next one is even more important.

Do you get FREE websites with your membership?

This is a huge bonus that comes with free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, but not Affilorama. At Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free, fully functional wordpress powered websites. And thats with the free membership!

When I say “fully functional” I mean that they are everything you need. They are very customization and you can set them up how you like and give them your own personal touch. Another important thing is that they are search engine friendly. This means they are able to rank in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. And search engines are the best way to get website traffic.

Why are free websites such a big deal?

Because with free websites and a free membership you can truly start affiliate marketing for FREE.

I will say that both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama do include free website hosting. But first you need a website right? So its not really free with Affilorama because you are going to have to pay for the website first.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama – Who wins this battle?

Wealthy Affiliate gets my vote, hands down. There are a lot of other smaller differences as well that makes it the better choice. Just to give you an idea things like this

  • easier to navigate website
  • more “hands on” video tutorials (much more)
  • better explained information thats easier to understand
  • bigger online community = more help (way bigger)
  • overall, a lot more information
  • its CHEAPER too

==> Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here <==

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are focused on helping people succeed in the online affilitate marketing industry but Wealthy Affiliate just does a better job at it in my opinion. Its overall a better experience.

And a better price (almost forgot about this)

If you would choose to become a Premium Member of either site, you will have to pay. But remember, both sites offer free memberships so you don’t have to go Premium if you don’t want.

Here is a comparison of the two prices:

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

  • Free for the first week
  • After that it is $47 per month
    • unless you sign up within the first week, which it is at a 59% discount then
  • If you want to pay for the whole year the price is $359 (works out to only $0.98 cents/day!)

Affilorama Premium Membership

  • Free to start
  • $67/month after the first month
  • does not include all necessary training courses
    • have to pay another $197 for the actual step by step training (within AffiloBlueprint)

So honestly I don’t think it makes sense to join Affilorama. Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper, has a lot more information, is more helpful, easier to understand, and has a larger community.

Both are free to start!

==> Click Here to Join Wealthy Affiliate

==> Click Here to Join Affilorama




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