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Wealthy Affiliate University Complaints – Here are a few things you should be aware of…

By Kyle / November 10, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate University ComplaintsWealthy Affiliate has a commission program where people get paid to refer others. This leads to a lot of biased reviews where people are trying to get others to sign up just for the money. There are a lot of lies thrown around and a lot of misleading information.

In this short post I want to bring to your attention some of the top Wealthy Affiliate University Complaints. Its important to know these before you sign up because these come from people who were more than likely mislead by the person who referred them and now are unhappy and complaining that Wealthy Affiliate is not what they thought it was.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Complaint #1 – Its A Marketing Scam

I’ve seen quite a few complaints like this on Ripoff Report and other customer review sites. Basically people are saying that at Wealthy Affiliate they suck you into the program only to try to have you promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people.

This is simply not true. The core of the training at WA focuses on you building an internet business around your passion. The training that you start out at helps you find a niche that really interests you. For example: playing guitar, horseback riding, bodybuilding, etc. These are all interests you could build your online business around.

They do give you the option to choose to promote WA if you can’t come up with a niche that you want to do. BUT this is put secondary to finding a niche that you are truly interested in.

The Shady Side To It

However, I don’t agree with how WA goes about the whole thing. Because for those who can’t find a niche they want to pursue. They choose to promote WA and talk about how you can make all this money online, yet they have never made any money online. Since WA is getting complete newbies to promote the training, they are basically asking people to go out there and lie and mislead people in order to get them to sign up.

Conclusion on this complaint: No Wealthy Affiliate is not a marketing scam. They really do try to get you to go out there and create an online business around your passion. But they do give you the option of promoting WA secondarily, which leads to a lot of lies and misleading information being spread by people who haven’t made money online.

Complaint #2 – I Still Haven’t Made Any Money!

This is probably one of the most common complaints I have come across. Many people are complaining that they have been going through the training and applying what they have learned for months and still aren’t making any money.

This goes along partly with what  I said above about newbies going out and promoting WA. A lot of misleading information is spread and people often sign up to WA thinking that they can start making money right away. They have bills to pay by the end of the week and they are looking for some quick cash or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong… you can make money using what WA teaches you pretty much instantly. But will you? Absolutely NOT. Technically you can, but realistically you won’t.

Why It Takes Time To Make Money This Way

Earning money through your website is largely about the traffic your website gets. Traffic is the lifeblood of online business, without it you get no visitors and no customers.

The traffic generating techniques that WA trains you on are all free, but the downside is that they take longer to work. Wealthy Affiliate focuses on SEO (search engine optimization) as the number one traffic technique. This means you are learning how to go out and get your articles that you are writing on your site ranked in Google. Then people searching Google can find your site and visit it.

SEO is a great technique, but it takes time to get ranked. Its not like advertising where you can pay to send a bunch of traffic to your site instantly.

Conclusion on this complaint: Making money online with the techniques that WA teaches you will take time. Spending 3 months before starting to make money isn’t uncommon. Just don’t expect to start earning right away.

Complaint # 3 – Its A Pure Scam, What They Teach You Doesn’t Work!

Then there are the people that put in some serious work trying to make money online from what WA teaches you, but they just fall short. They have been working the system for 3+ months and its just not working out.

There is no doubt there is a problem with this. If its over 3 months and you aren’t seeing money coming in and you aren’t making progress and increasing visitor traffic, then something is wrong.

Whats Wrong?

The main problem that I see with these people is that they simply chose the wrong niche. Choosing a niche is very important. You NEED to find a niche that has low competition so that you are competing less with other websites to rank in Google. The niche you choose can be a make or break factor. Some people end up choosing good niches and have no problem getting lots of visitors and making money, while others slave away with a niche that will probably never work out for them.

Take this for example…

When I first started out I chose the niche of bodybuilding. My plan was to write about any aspect of building muscle, while also writing supplement reviews and promoting different supplements. This sounded good at first. But after about 2 months I gave up on this niche because it was MUCH worse than I had thought.

The reality of it was that just about every article I would write had competition from massive companies like BodyBuilding.com, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, etc. It was an impossible fight to try to outrank these authoritative sites in Google, so I gave up on that.

I’m not saying that you can’t make a niche site about bodybuilding, but if you do, don’t write about the same things as these big authoritative sites. Put your own special twist on it that separates you from the competition and write articles that aren’t out there.

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Teach This Enough

I will say that I disagree with how WA goes over the whole choosing a niche thing. I wish they would really put more emphasis on this because its extremely important to your success.

Conclusion on this complaint: One of the most common reasons for failure is the niche you chose. You must find a low competition niche. Don’t rush this, take your time and do some research.

Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam?

Its really not a scam. I have been a member for over a year now and I do make money from what they teach, this is my main income.

Is this review biased? I hope not. I’m trying to cover some of the real complaints about Wealthy Affiliate and give you a better understanding of them. Wealthy Affiliate is far from perfect. Like I mentioned above they are the reason there are so many newbies out there promoting WA with misleading information. They also don’t put enough emphasis on choosing your niche, which I think leads to many people’s failure.

The truth is that there is a lot wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. I could probably spend all day dissecting them and picking them apart, but there are always going to be things wrong with anything.

In my opinion WA is the best place for beginners to learn to create an online business. They are very transparent and don’t sucker you in to a bunch of upsells, they provide amazing step by step training, they provide great support, they have a very helpful community of online business people, and they really are out to help.

The fact of the matter is that what Wealthy Affiliate teaches does work and those that are making a full time income online are the ones that stayed positive, stayed smart, and didn’t give up.

If you want to read a more detailed review that I wrote on Wealthy Affiliate check it out here. And if you are interested in signing up you can sign up for free here.

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