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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – People Who Have Made It

If you don’t already know, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been since 2015. When I first started looking for ways to make money online I ended up wasting weeks of time on worthless opportunities and even came extremely close to being scammed at one point.

It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliate that I really started making some progress. The journey has not been easy. I came close to giving up quite a few times early on. Luckily I stuck with it and kept on working, which has paid off more than I ever would have thought.

Currently I’m making over $6,000 per month consistently and this is all coming from the online business that WA has helped me build. I’ve picked up a few tips from other sources along the way but the training + tools at WA are probably responsible for 99% or so of my success.

Anyways… the point of this post isn’t about me, its about other members that have seen great success. The reason I’m writing this is to show you that it isn’t impossible. While it does take hard work, and isn’t easy, it can be done. Many people will fail with this business model but if you work hard, stay smart, and follow the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides then it is very possible to achieve success and even go full-time doing this.

Below I’m compiling success stories of other members. This is going to be a constant work in progress so I’ll be updating it periodically.

Jack from BareNakedScam.com

Jack resides in Singapore and is a great testament to how your location is irrelevant. In the online world it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have good internet connection.

Here is his story…

I had a dream when I was a kid to be my own boss and be financially free, and in August 2017, I’ve achieved that dream! It all started when I was in search for business opportunities (online or offline), and to be honest, I failed in almost everything that I ever did. I’ve tried Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with several companies, Stock Trading, Forex Trading, selling insurance, flipping properties…

My search for the vehicle that would bring me to financial freedom went on for years, and I’ve probably spent much more than I actually made. And then I chanced upon an advertisement featuring a guy’s story about how he, as a drug addict, struck it big with online marketing, and that got me excited… The story was so compelling that it got me to take action right there and then, but later I figured that the program was out to suck people’s money before making any.

That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate through a scam review… As skeptical as I was, I went ahead with the free starter account. Just being in Wealthy Affiliate for several hours, I was amazed by how much I can learn with just the free account, and the owners of Wealthy Affiliate were genuine in what they do, so once again, I took a leap of faith and upgraded to the premium account.

Although Wealthy Affiliate is amazing, and there’s really no upsells after the premium account, the journey to my first dollar online wasn’t rainbows and sunshine. It was bumpy road! I didn’t become successful right away like many gurus claimed I could, but it took several tries to eventually turn one little idea into the vehicle for my financial freedom. And while I was working on that idea, I didn’t even think that making money online was even possible. Yes! I was still skeptical having trophies of failures on my back. But, I just went ahead trusting Wealthy Affiliate.

3 months in Wealthy Affiliate and already hundreds of hours working on that little idea, but nothing in return. I was about to throw the towel. And then it hit me that if it is not Affiliate Marketing, then I might as well quit my dream, because I can’t go on chasing opportunities after opportunities. That’s when I went all out to figure the reasons for my shortcoming. I started contacting Kyle and Carson (owners of Wealthy Affiliate) as well as many other successful members in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Absorbing everything I could, I started to formulate a plan and execute those suggestions.

Almost the end of the 4th month, ka-Ching! My first commission came! Though it is a small amount, but the little efforts that went to that little idea started snowballing, and that allows me to quit my job and still earn a full-time income online after 3 years. You see, sometimes people just need a kick in the a*s to be on the right path. So, find the right idea and keep working at it till you succeed. My path of success begins with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can view Jack’s profile at WA Here

Roope from YourOnlineRevenue.com

Roope is someone I have known through WA for a while. He really takes advantage of the freedoms that come with having an online business and travels all over. Being from Finland he is also a good example of how your current location is irrelevant when it comes to success.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015. At first, I was pretty suspicious because I didn’t know anyone who would make money online (other than with poker). However, I really liked the idea that I’ve heard from 4-hour work week and from the website that introduced WA to me. They said that you could be earning dollars while living in cheap countries in Asia and live like a king.

Another reason why I joined was that I wanted to learn how to influence people through the Internet because I want to have a positive impact on the world. I got started and it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. I learned that I need to commit myself for success. I started working daily with the things that I learned on WA and I started getting results. Guess what? Now I am going to Asia while earning dollars online! I am sitting at the airport of Dubai because I visited in UAE for a while.

In addition, when I take a look the statistics, I see that hundreds of thousands of people have either read my articles or seen my videos on YouTube. Thousands of those people have taken some sort of an action. In the other words, I learned to make money online and I can live wherever I want. I also know how to affect positively to people’s life through the Internet. But this is just a beginning! I’m so excited about all the opportunities that Wealthy Affiliate has opened to me. They taught me affiliate marketing but also opened my eyes to see many other opportunities to earn money online. If I wouldn’t have joined I may be still in Finland (-25 degrees at the moment), working in an average 9-5 job and wouldn’t be making money online.

Now I could say that I’m living the dream and it’s just getting better month by month.

You can check out Roope’s profile at WA here.

Jerry From SmartAffiliateSuccess.com

Jerry is a young online entrepreneur, being only 20 years old, that joined WA right out of high school at the age of 18. In a fairly short period of time he has been able to build up a 4-figure monthly income from what he has learned here and is already another great success story… although he plans to accomplish much more.

I asked him for a testimonial from his point of view on WA and here is what he had to say…

My journey with Wealthy Affiliate has been nothing but amazing since I joined when I was 18 years old as a complete newbie. I’m just a high school graduate without any College degree. But throughout these 2 years at Wealthy Affiliate, I believe I’ve learnt far more than the expensive College education.

I can confidently say that I don’t need a College degree anymore because I’m not going to look for a “job” which got majority of the people into the viscous rat race.

With my dedication, persistence and patience, I’ve been able to create my own 4-Figure monthly passive income stream. That’s why I can pursue the dreams I desire instead of living from paycheck to paycheck. I don’t perceive myself to be successful yet. But the passive income stream I created by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate allows me to have a great head-start in my adulthood.

I have some big plans and goals to achieve for the next 2 to 5 years. But nothing is possible if I didn’t came across Wealthy Affiliate and take massive actions. For those of you still sitting on the fence, I strongly urge you to give it a shot because it’s free to join anyway. There’s nothing to lose.

You can view Jerry’s profile at Wealthy Affiliate here.

More to come…

I will be updated this page with more success stories from members that I am reaching out to whom I know are making good money with this. Stay tuned for more.