Wealthperx, Scam or Legit? [My Review]

By Kyle / August 17, 2017

Looking to join Wealthperx to make some money but a little nervous that this might be a scam? Then this review is for you. I have got some questions recently on this club’s legitimacy and wanted to address them here.

I will be going over what Wealthperx offers, the membership prices, and a few other things I think you should know. If you are considering joining then I suggest you keep reading to get a better understanding of this all.

WealthperxWealthperx Review

  • Website: wealthperx.com
  • Type: Lottery/savings club
  • Cost to Join: $30/mo minimum
  • Recommended?: For some, more on this


Wealthperx is a lottery club/ savings club. They used to go by the name Lotto Magic, which I reviewed a while back, but have since took on a new name. I believe the name change was due to all the new savings services that they now offer. Now they are much more than just a lottery club.

As a member you can save money when going out to eat, when shopping at the supermarket, when going on vacation, and of course when playing the lottery. On top of all the savings you also can make money with this club by promoting it to other people, which I will touch upon.

What All Is Offered

Below I’ll go over each part of what Wealthperx offers to its members…

Savings Club

You can save money as a member when you shop at the local supermarket, when you go to an amusement park, when you are eating out at a restaurant, and in some other ways. Not all supermarkets, etc are supported here but many are.

The great thing about this is that you can save money doing what you already are going to do.

Vacation Club

You can also get discounts on short vacations. Only certain locations are supported with this.

Lottery Club

The lottery club is what its all about. All the other things are just what I would call bonuses. The lottery side of this business was where it all started and it is still at the core.

As a member you will get free Florida lottery tickets. You will be placed in a lottery pool with 7 other people, making it an 8 person pool total. These people will be entered in the same lotteries as you are.

When anyone in your pool wins the lottery for any amount you will receive 10% of those winnings.

Different Memberships

There are three different membership levels offered at Wealthperx ranging in price from $30 to $120 per month.

Player Memberships

  • Bronze Membership – $30/mo
  • Silver Membership – $60/mo
  • Gold Membership – $120/mo

With all the memberships you get everything that I talked about above. The difference is that with the higher priced memberships you can receive tickets for different lotteries and get more vacation deals, other than that they are the same.

As a Bronze Member you will only be able to get tickets in the Florida LOTTO. With Bronze you will be able to enter in the Powerball Lottery as well. And with Gold you will be able to enter in the Mega Millions and Lucky Lotteries additionally.  The pools and win percentages will still be the same for each. There will be 7 other people and you will get 10% of the winnings.

Director Memberships

If you want to promote Wealthperx to other people and make money doing so, which I will go over next, then you will have to pay more for your membership. The cost is 2x that of the normal player memberships. So if you are going to be a Bronze Director Member then you are going to have to pay $60/mo instead of the $30/mo that it costs just to be a player.

The Business Opportunity

The business opportunity offered here is another important aspect of this business. You can actually make money here when you get other people to join in.

When you get someone to join Wealthperx at a player membership level then this is nothing too great. You will get $5 per month that these players remain active and that is decent because it is a residual income but it is nothing special. The real money comes in when you get people to join at the director membership level.

Here you will receive 50% commissions on the membership fee. So what this means is that if you bring in 2 other people and get them to sign up at the same director membership level that you are at then you will be making as much as your membership fee costs.

In addition to the commission you get from membership fees, you also get 10% of the lottery winnings from any person you refer here.

The MLM Part of It

Wealthperx is also what you call a mlm (multi-level marketing) opportunity. This means that there are multiple levels and you can earn money from those beneath you.

When you refer someone to join Wealthperx at the director level, this is your personal recruit and becomes your level 1. When this person goes and recruits someone in that becomes your level 1. This goes on down to 5 levels deep in which you can make money from all of these people in your downline.

The illustration to the right gives you an idea of how this works… just it is only 2 levels deep whereas Wealthperx is 5.

Final Thoughts on Wealthperx – Scam?

I do not consider Wealthperx to be a scam. Sure there are going to be some people that feel they have been scammed because directors go out and recruit people in, sometimes by misleading them. But this club itself is not a scam in any sense.

You get what you pay for and there is nothing that you don’t know.

And if you are curious as to the legality of this you should know that yes, it is legal. The lottery pools that Wealthperx operates are nothing different than an office lottery pool when people get together and do the same thing in-person.

So if you are interested in signing up for Wealthperx then go ahead and do it. Just don’t expect to get rich off of the lottery. The people that are making good money with this are the ones that are promoting it and taking advantage of the mlm compensation plan. To do this you need to recruit, recruit, recruit…. build up your downline and make money from those beneath you.

Unfortunately mlm’s like this are hard to make money with because they favor those at the top, which is a small percentage while those at the bottom will not make all that much. I have literally reviewed dozens of mlm’s and they are all the same when it comes to this… very few make good money.

And not only is it difficult to make money from the very setup of this business model, its also going to be more difficult than you think to get people to join. How are you going to? Tell your friends and family? That will work some but can’t earn you too much. Are you going to promote it online? That’s a good idea but traffic generation is one of the hardest parts of online marketing, and I know this because I work online for my job.

Just know its not going to be easy if you are looking to actually make good income here.

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