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By Kyle / September 12, 2016


  • Product: Video Wave
  • Creators: Tommy Hatcher, Paul Ponna, John Gibb, Mo Miah
  • Price: $57 (Lite Version), $67 (Pro Version)
  • Rating: 2/10 (Some good qualities, but definitely not going to work as described.)

If you are reading this Video Wave review I sure hope you haven’t already purchased it. Video Wave is a scam that promises you the world yet fails to deliver. In this review I’ll be going over why its a bunch of crap and you should stay the hell away from it.

Before I get into why its a piece of crap, first I’ll do a brief overview of the product in case you aren’t familiar with it yet.

Video Wave Overview

Video Wave is a program that is designed to make ranking videos on Google and Youtube as easy as possible. It automates the keyword research, creating the videos, syndicating the video to high PR sites, and getting the video ranked. So pretty much it automates everything needed, and it does this all in under 2 minutes.video-wave-scam

With this automated system Video Wave claims they can get your video to rank #1 in Google and Youtube guaranteed.

There are 2 different versions of Video Wave

  • Pro Version – $67
    • Unlimited videos
  • Lite Version – $57
    • 5 videos

Are you serious, Just $67 for unlimited videos??? Look, if this really is able to get your videos ranked #1 in Google and Youtube this easily it would be worth MUCH MORE than $67. It would be worth thousands EASILY. But that doesn’t matter, because the truth is that it WON’T work and its a Video Wave is a scam.

Background on Video Wave’s Creators

Normally I don’t review the product’s creators, but there is good reason for me to do so here. And that is because I wouldn’t trust them or their products.


I want to bring your attention to Mo Miah on the very right. He is the creator of the infamous program InstaNiche. InstaNiche came out in spring of 2016 and turned out to be a huge bust. He is also the guy talking in the video on the Video Wave sales page that does the product tutorial and shows you how easy it is (he doesn’t show his face in the video).

It was a very similar piece of software to Video Wave and promised page 1 rankings for niche websites. It also automated the whole process.

The problem was…. it didn’t work as they said. Not even close! And its 30 day moneyback guarantee???? Forget about that. Mo Miah and his partners were not giving out refunds.

You can read my InstaNiche Review and go to the comment section at the bottom to see all the angry customers that were telling me what a piece of junk InstaNiche was. But anyway, let me get on to reviewing the actual Video Wave program.

How Video Wave Works… Or Should I Say “Doesn’t Work”

Automatically Finds Instant Profitable Keywords

To start off, you type in some keywords that you are looking to make a video about. Their Magic Keyword Ranker software then gives you suggestions based off of what you typed that are better and easier to rank for.

The problem is that this keyword tool they use isn’t very good. All it gives you is a score from Excellent, Good, Average, and Poor on how easy you can rank. Thats not much information and really doesn’t seem that great. The keyword tool I use (which is Jaaxy) gives about 10 times the information and this gives you a much better understanding on the ranking ability of a keyword.

Create The Worlds Best 2D & 3D Animated Videos

The world’s best??? Is this another joke? Them might have been the best if this was 1998, but in NO way are they even close to the best now-a-days.

Sure the video creating/editing software at Video Wave makes everything really simple. All you have to do to create a video is drag and drop some animations, pictures, music, and insert some text.

The result of this…. a video that is cheaply made and probably not very effective.


Automatically Syndicates to High PR Sites

I’m not going to lie, this part of the software is nice. Here you can choose to have your video posted on Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, DailyMotion, and other sites. This would speed up the process a bit, but still, if you wanted to you could easily do this on your own for free.

There is also a feature that allows you to post your video description and link to various social bookmarking sites with the push of a button. I’m not too impressed here because there are plenty of free websites you can go to that will do this.

Skyrockets Your Videos to Page 1 of Google & Youtube

All of the prior steps taken are supposed to get your videos ranked on page 1. But like I mentioned above, this just isn’t realistic.

You Aren’t Going to Rank On Page 1 Just Like That

Can you rank on page 1 with this software? Sure.. But its not right to say that you will.

There is no guarantee. Ranking on page 1 is much more complex than the 4 steps that this program automates.

I don’t know all that much on how Youtube goes about ranking its videos, but I know that Google is much more complex than this. The ranking algorithm they use is continually being improved to show higher quality results on page 1, and they do a pretty darn good job at making sure this happens.

The videos you will be creating with this Video Wave software are low quality and exactly what Google doesn’t want to show on page 1.

Why Is It Only $67?

They show this screenshot on their sales page. After creating 3 videos, which should take no longer than 6 minutes to do, they were averaging $2,500 per month… on autopilot.


So all you have to do is spend 6 minutes and you then have a full-time income.. Ya Right!

Just think about what they are saying. If this were true and everything was really this amazing with their Video Wave software it would NOT be sold for just $67. It could be sold in the thousands of dollars range easily. Look at the value its providing!

Just Don’t Buy It

The guy behind the software isn’t exactly what you would call trustworthy, the keyword tool doesn’t seem very great, the videos are poor quality, and the price is ridiculously low.

Its just NOT going to work like they say. There is no way you will be getting page 1 rankings that easily. There are always products coming out on how to make things easier and more automated. And sure, they are good sometimes, but it seems that most of the time the easier way is not necessarily the better way.

These guys are not people I would buy from. You have been warned. But I’m not telling you what to do. If you want to, go ahead and purchase Video Wave.

If you have a review of Video Wave be sure to post it in the comment section below
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