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US Financial Freedom Center Scam – MUST READ THIS!

By Kyle / August 23, 2016

US financial freedom center scamAll you students out there listen up! Because you are being targeted with a huge scam that is taking thousands of dollars from students that are already in debt. The US Financial Freedom Center scam is ongoing and you need to know this!

The US Financial Freedom Center (or so they call themselves) has been active recently scamming students who have loans to pay back. The USFFC claims to be a student loan consolidation service, but is this really true? To answer this question I took a deeper look into who the USFFC really is.

Who Is The USFFC Really? Can They Be Trusted?

When checking the legitimacy of businesses in the US, the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org) is always a good place to start. The BBB is dedicated to protecting the everyday person (like you and I) from frauds and scams.

Upon searching for the USFFC on BBB.org my search didn’t really bring back any good evidence. Their rating at BBB is a C+ which isn’t great, but its not terrible either.USFFC review

There were however a handful of complaints filed through the BBB against the company. But the large majority of them were from people complaining about the USFFC calling them too much and being all annoying.

I took a screenshot of one of the complaints below…usffc scam

Looking at this response everything seems fine. What happens when you file a complaint about a business through the BBB is that the BBB will then contact the business with your complaint and they will get an answer out of them.

So above, the person complained to the BBB, the BBB then reached out  to the USFFC and delivered the complaint, and then the USFFC replied back to the BBB about the complaint. And as you can see, the response seems very professional.

But This Doesn’t Mean There Isn’t A Scam!

From what I see here on BBB.org and by looking at their website usffc.org, I don’t see anything that would make me believe they are a scam. Oh ya, and by doing a simple Whois lookup I found that their website has been around since 2014, and I don’t think a big business like this would be able to get away with a scam of this magnitude for this long!Whois usffc.org

But…. I still thing their is a major scam going on here. “Wait what? You just said their wasn’t?” JUST KEEP READING!

My Guess On Whats Going On Here

From the many complaints that I have read on other websites, people claiming that they represent the USFCC have been described as having an Indian accent. And this is no surprise. For some reason India seems to be home to a massive amount of telemarketing scams and I, myself have received scam calls from Indians on many different occasions.

They Have Nothing To Do With The USFCC

I believe that these telemarketers have nothing to do with the USFFC, they are scammers that are just using the USFFC’s name to seem credible.

This is not actually all that uncommon for scam telemarketers to use a legitimate business name as a front for their scam, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with it. It happens to all kinds of businesses. Two in particular that happened recently to me were scam telemarketers calling from the IRA and Microsoft on two separate occasions.

They Call From Fake Numbers

If you go to the USFCC’s website you will see that their phone number is listed as 844-358-8733. But for some weird reason the calls people are getting are from all sorts of different numbers, none of which are their listed number.

Why is this?

Its actually very common among telemarketing scams like this. They call from randomly generated numbers (not that hard to do) for 2 reasons. This way, you can’t block them. Because if you block the number it doesn’t matter, they will just call from a different one next time. And second, because you can’t call back to find out who it is. This way the police can’t do much about it.

Final Thoughts On This Scam

I just think that the USFFC is a legitimate business that unfortunately is being false represented by scammers looking to steal student’s money. There is nothing that I have found that shows that the actual USFFC is making these phone calls.

The reason the USFFC replied to one of the telemarketing complaints that was filed through the BBB.org was more than likely because they didn’t wan’t any bad reviews. They are stuck in the middle of this scam.

Just know that scams like this are not uncommon at all, and you should always keep that in the back of your mind because you will likely come across one again at some point.

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