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Ultimate Home Profits Scam – A scam without a doubt!

By Kyle / March 14, 2016


  • Name: Ultimate Home Profits
  • Website: ultimatehomeprofits.com
  • Rating: 0/10 (scam 100%, will NOT make you money)

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Ultimate Home Profits is definitely a scam! Stay away from it. If you don’t believe me take a look at what I found here.

Its one of many similar scams

A lot of scams online are run by the same people. Often times these scammers get lazy and used the same images, names, testimonials, etc. for more than one of their scams.

When I come across duplicate content like this I know its a scam.

Take a look at this, sites with duplicate images

Ok so if you go to ultimatehomeprofits.com and sign up to see if there is any availability you will come to another page that says a bunch of manipulative crap to try to get you to sign up.

But what caught my attention is this picture of what is supposed to be “Emily Hudson”ultimate-home-profits-scam

When I saw this picture I knew I had seen it before.

I actually did a review on one of Ultimate Home Profit’s “twin” sites not that long ago. The site is called home-jobs-now.com and it has this EXACT SAME image. Take a lookhome-jobs-now-scam

If you go onto home-jobs-now.com right now you won’t be able to find this image. They took it down I guess because they were smart. But I have the proof that it used to be there.

And the duplicates don’t end there.

When I was doing my review on home-jobs-now.com I came across a duplicate back then. Take a look at this!!!home-jobs-now-is-a-scam

And this image was from a duplicate site of home-jobs-now.com called home-job-placement.com.. Its crazy.

3 Duplicate Sites!!

Ok, they are not exact duplicates. But still.

Just to summarize whats going on here let me say it again: I did a review not that long ago in which I found a scam that had a duplicate scam website.

Now I am doing this review on Ultimate Home Profits and find that the review I had done back then is of a duplicate site of this one.

Or who knows, maybe this lady in the pictures is just getting a lot of name changes. Its possible. From Ellen Shepard to Kelly Simmons to Emily Hudson.

Anyway, if you aren’t convinced that this is a scam yet, let me go over how this Ultimate Home Profits system would never work out anyhow.

How does Ultimate Home Profits work?

Its a terrible link posting system, which they make sound like a piece of cake.

They say its as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. You get access to their unique linking code
  2. They give you customer records for you to post links for
  3. You enter a few details and they build you a website for that link

And this is the process for each link. It doesn’t make any sense. They are saying that they will build you a website for every link???

And now you are ready to start posting links like crazy and make millions right?? I mean look at these ridiculous claims that Ultimate Home Profits makes.

How much money can you make?

This is where it get really idiotic.They say that it takes 1-2 minutes to go through the process above and finish posting your link. And they say that you will earn $15 per link. ultimatehomeprofitsscam

So lets say that it takes you 1.5 minutes per link on average. If you would work for an hour straight at this pace you would be able to post 40 links. And with each link making you $15 that gives you an hourly wage of $600.00  are you kidding me??

This is so ridiculous.

Other scam RED FLAGS

When you first come to the Ultimate Home Profits website there are several red flags that should alert you that this is probably a scam.

First off, they flash luxurious items in your face to try to get you to start daydreaming, making you easier to scam.ultimate-home-profits-is-a-scam

And next they make it sound SO EASY to be able to make the money to afford this lifestyle. As mentioned above they tell you that you can make $600 per hour by just posting some links which is easy.

Then when you go to sign up they can’t just give you your spot right away. Nope, they “have to check for availability”. Because this offer has a limited number of openings. For me there was only 9 spots leftultimate-home-profits-availability

I find this “limited number of spots” trick very common among scams. It is to get you to hurry up and sign up without giving it more thought. Because the faster they can get you to sign up, the less time you have to think realistically and figure out its a scam.

Final thoughts on Ultimate Home Profits

This is a scam 100%. No doubt here.

If you do sign up you will regret it. There is no value here. Even if they do give you the unique link code, customer records for where to post, and free websites for each link, There is still now way you are going to be making money like this.

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It will take hard work but it can definitely be worth it.

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