Is Being a TutorABC Teacher Worth It? Or Is This A Possible Scam?

If you are looking to make money online teaching ESL (English as a second language) then TutorABC is one of your options. But is it worth it being a TutorABC teacher? Or is it more like a scam that suckers new teachers in but is largely a waste of time?

In this short review I hope to go over everything you need to know to decide whether or not you should apply for a job here or not. I’ll be going over the requirements, how it all works, the pay, what other people think, and ultimately my opinion on whether I think it is worth it.

TutorABCTutorABC Teacher Review


TutorABC is an ESL tutoring platform where anyone can join to learn English. It is most popular in Asia and operates around the clock. For students this means they can schedule classes at any time of the day and for teachers (aka consultants) this means that they can potentially teach at any time of the day.

The ability to have a flexible schedule is what many teachers rate as one of the best pros to working with TutorABC while low pay is one of the most common complaints.

Requirements To Become a Teacher

Becoming a teacher for TutorABC is more difficult than other similar ESL teaching platforms like Cambly and SkimaTalk. The requirements that you must meet include…

Personal Requirements:

  • TESOL/TEFL certification (they will also give you a “probation” period after you are hired where you can obtain this certification)
  • A college degree or past experience teaching ESL

And along with these core requirements they are also looking for people that are professional, enthusiastic and able to motivate students, and that have the ability to explain and teach things to people that may seem so simple.

Additionally you must have the following equipment to be able to perform the job…

  • Desktop/Laptop PC
    • Must have an Intel Core2 Duo processor or better
    • Windows operating system: Windows 7 or 8
    • Internet Explorer web browser
    • Mac: OS 10.7 and higher (no Ipads)
    • RAM: 2GB or more
  • Internet
    • Minimum 800 Kbps download and 500 Kbps upload
    • Must be a wired internet connection
  • Headset
    • Must have sealed headphones and a swivel boom microphone

The Application Process

The process of applying for this job requires a bit of work on your part. So it would be a smart idea to read over this whole review first to make sure this is something you would be really interested in.

To start the process you are going to have to create an account, enter some personal info, and take a proficiency test. The test will just be t make sure that you are qualified to teach English.

If you pass the test you will then move on and enter background information about past experience, etc., just like you would a normal job application.

After that you will need to test out your equipment (computer, headset, etc.) to make sure it is up to par.

And finally you will then need to record a short introduction video about yourself.

But it doesn’t end there. Now you have to sit back and wait for TutorABC to get in contact with you. They will contact you via email if they like what they see and are interested in hiring you.

If they contact you then there will be an interview (online) that you will go through with a representative. And if you pass that you will move on to the very last step which is the training. This will only take 2 hours.

What The Job Is Like

Besides the obvious, which is that you will be sitting in front of a webcam teaching people English, here are some other things to know about the job…


The hours that you can work for TutorABC are flexible, but it may not be in the way you think. You aren’t guaranteed a set amount of hours. You are required to be “available” for a certain amount of hours, which you can choose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get work.

TutorABC will schedule you classes/sessions based on their demand and competition from other teachers that are available those hours. It is possible to get a lot of hours, and I have heard of teachers claiming they can get 12+ hours a day consistently if they want to, but the hours are still not guaranteed.

Class Types

There are different classes/sessions that you can teach. There are junior classes, adult classes, and one-on-one sessions. The classes will be filled with about 6 students.


One of the really nice things about working here is that you won’t need to prepare any material. The preparation is done for you. All you need to do is show up on time and teach.

Teaching Style

TutorABC is looking for a more relaxed, conversation type teaching style. They aren’t looking for you to lecture students. In my opinion this is easier for teachers and much more enjoyable.

Class Length

You can expect the classes to last 45 minutes+.

What Is The Pay Like?

I can’t really give you a number of how much you can expect to make because they don’t pay everyone the same.

Teachers are paid a base pay that varies depending on your past experience and qualifications that you possess. Additionally you can get bonuses based on the number of students that are in each class and the ratings that the students leave you. The ratings play a big role in your pay.


From reading through different forums and job review sites it seems that most teachers are making anywhere from $8 – $12 per hour.

A big complaint from teachers is that there is no room for advancement. Your base pay does not increase with time or with good performance.

What Other People Are Saying

When I review an opportunity like this I like to do my own research and form my own opinions but it is also important to look at what others are saying and learn from their experiences.

Overall the opinion from current and past teachers is decent but nothing spectacular. And I’ll give you some examples…

At the time of me writing this there are 556 reviews and the average rating is 2.9/5 on the independent job review site GlassDoor

And on Indeed there is an overall rating of 3.5/5…

Neither or these ratings make this place look too good. But much of the reason for these ratings is the low pay. That seems to be the main complaint with the low reviews that I looked over.

Final Thoughts & Is TutorABC Worth It?

First off, TutorABC is definitely not a scam. This is a legitimate company and you can trust them. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that I recommend it for you.

What it comes down to is whether or not you are willing to work for ~$10/hr and whether or not you need a steady income.

TutorABC teachers don’t make much money. That’s just the way it is. But there are many benefits with this job such as flexible scheduling, ability to work at home, etc. And the other thing is that the income isn’t “steady”. You aren’t guaranteed hours. I have read about some teachers easily getting plenty of hours and being able to work full time where others struggle to get enough hours for even part time work.

TutorABC is a good company but ultimately whether they are worth your time or not is up to you to answer.

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