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Turbo Wealth Solution Review – Its NOT What It Seems

By Kyle / October 2, 2016

If you are looking to make money online you may have come across Turbo Wealth Solution. But you have to be careful because ITS NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM. And in this review I’ll be exposing it for what it really is.

Is Turbo Wealth Solution a scam? Yes sir, I would consider it a scam and you will see why.

Turbo Wealth Solution Review

  • turbo-wealth-solution-reviewWebsite: turbowealthsolution.com
  • Owners: Unknown
  • Price: $1,000 to $20,000 (depends on the package you purchase)
  • Rating: 1/10 (Basically a pyramid scheme, its illegal and will be extremely difficult to make money)

To start off this review, let me go over how this Turbo Wealth Solution scam actually works.

How Turbo Wealth Solution Works

If you buy into Turbo Wealth Solution you are not buying a product. You are buying a “package” which will cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000. And when you purchase one you will get the resell rights, which means you can then go out and resell that same package to other people.

Its a pyramid scheme at its finest. what separates this opportunity from a legitimate MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunity is that all of its focus is put on recruiting others. And you recruit others into this system in which they are told about all of the money they can make by recruiting people of their own.

But you do get do get help.

Software That Helps You Recruit

With the package you buy, you do actually get some products, so I guess you could say that its not a pure pyramid scheme, but still its pyramid scheme.

You will get a lead generating software that they claim generates thousands of leads for you every day. Basically what it will be doing is spam calling tons of people each day and trying to get them to visit your website, which will be set up with the same sales video as on turbowealthsolution.com

turbo-wealth-solution-scamThe Payment Plan

Its called the “one up” plan because your payments will get bumped one up.

How it works is like this.

  • You then go out and recruit Joe
  • Joes buy-in payment gets “bumped up” to your recruiter
    • this is the “one up”
  • You then recruit Sally, Mark, etc. and you receive 100% of the payments
    • only your first recruit gets bumped up
  • Your recruits then go out and recruit people of their own and all of their 1st recruits’ payments get bumped up to you.

Its a common practice in pyramid schemes and MLM schemes alike.

How You Get Paid

If you notice in some of the testimonials you will see people opening mail and pulling out cash. This is because you get paid directly. When you recruit people, or get payments bumped up to you, you will get paid in the mail.

Its not like you are earning commissions. This has nothing to do with affiliate marketing in which you earn commissions for helping sell products.

You can choose to get paid by cash, money orders, checks, whatever you specify.

Can You Really Make $40,000 In A Week?

Sure you can, but realistically it would be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and pretty much anyone wpyramid schemeho buys in won’t.

In order for you to make that kind of money you would have to have a pretty large pyramid built up beneath you.

Unless you are very early to buy into this scam the chances of you making money are slim to none.

Statistically speaking, the large majority of people who buy into pyramid schemes like this one end up losing money.

Thats just the way it works. Turbo Wealth Solution isn’t selling anything of real value. Its basically a giant money exchange. People buy into the program in hopes that they can get rich by getting other people to buy into it.

Final Thoughts..Turbo Wealth Solution Is A Scam!

Ok let me summarize this very concisely for you. Turbo Wealth Solution is a pyramid system with its sole focus on getting you to go out and recruit others into this scheme.  And in a pyramid scheme like this the majority of people end up losing money.

So why would you want to risk it? There are better ways to make money online. Take my advise and don’t fall into this trap.

If you want to make money online legitimately then you should take a peek at how I make money online.

I make a living working online for myself and I sure as heck am not going around participating in scam schemes like Turbo Wealth Solution. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it.

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What Do You Think About Turbo Wealth Solution? Do You Have Anything To Add To This Review That Could Be Helpful For Others Reading This? Leave Your Comments Or Questions Below!
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