TryMyUi Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

By Kyle / August 29, 2016

trymyui review

  • Name: TryMyUi
  • Website: Become a Tester Here
  • Price (to become a tester): free
  • Rating: 7/10 (Pays VERY good for your time; legitimate opportunity to earn some extra cash; just no opportunity to earn a lot of money) provides website usability testing jobs and pays a decent amount for your time. In this TryMyUi review I’ll be going over whether or not I think its worth your time and effort.

How It Works

How TryMyUi works is simple. There are big companies that pay TryMyUi to find people to test out their websites. They want their websites to be as user-friendly as possible so they want feedback from ordinary people. TryMyUi finds ordinary people, like you and I, and pays them to test these websites (which is simple).

What You Do At

Everything is pretty simple. Basically you are given a website to “test” and what you do is perform a list of tasks that are given to you. The tasks are all based around the usability of the website. And the purpose of you performing these tests is to give feedback that can improve the user friendliness of the websites in question.

There is nothing complicated about what you do at TryMyUi. Its not rocket science and just about everyone should be capable of doing the work.

One of the “bonuses”, I would call it, to working at TryMyUi instead of many other usability testing websites is that TryMyUi doesn’t require you to record all of your work. This saves you time, effort, and a headache.

What A Test Is Like

After accepting a test, you are provided with a list of things to do, as I said above.

These things include simple tasks like navigating to a certain page of the website, clicking a button to test out a certain feature, adding something to your shopping cart, and anything really.

Its all super simple and is just to make sure normal everyday internet users, like yourself, are able to have a good user experience on the website being tested.

The feedback you provide will need to be done for every task of the test. You are just providing simple feedback, like what was confusing, what was easy, what was difficult, what could be improved, things like that. Its not like you are providing any sort of technical in-depth complicated feedback. Its all just pretty general feedback on particular aspects of the website that given to you.

How Much Does TryMyUi Pay You?

Of course the most important question is “how much money can you make?”. And the answer is $10/test.

$10 per test isn’t anything special. Its right around the industry standard for these sort of testing sites. But its really decent pay for what you are doing.

Like I said above, you aren’t doing anything very difficult here. And the tests usually only take 20 minutes maximum.

TryMyUi pays via PayPal. Once your test is received and approved, you will get your money within a day.

How Much Money Can You Make!!??

Don’t get too excited. I know $10 for just 20 minutes of your time sounds awesome, but these types of opportunities aren’t as awesome as they seem.

You can’t make a full-time income here! Why not? TryMyUi simply does not provide you with enough test opportunities.

The amount of tests you are able to take part in will depend on your profile and demographics and all of that. Generally you can probably expect 4 available tests per month at the most. But that’s just a general number.

TryMyUi should be a money making opportunity that you use to earn some cash on the side, kind of like how many people spend their spare time making money taking surveys online.

Is TryMyUi Worth Your Time?

I would say it is, but like I said, don’t expect to make much money. It pays good for the time you put in (very good) but there just isn’t enough available tests to make even close to a full-time income. But it is a great opportunity if you have some spare time and want to make some extra money.

So if your goal is to make a full-time income online you are going to have to supplement this income with others.

Personally, I don’t use TryMyUi (although I have tried it out) but its still a decent opportunity to make extra money. I earn my money online another way which you can click the button below to read more about.

Oh ya, and if you have any questions or comments about TryMyUi I would love to hear them in the comment section below.

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