Is TraVerus a Scam or Should You Become a Travel Agent?

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Will it be worth your while to become a TraVerus travel agent? Should you take the plunge and start paying the $79.95 per month that it costs to be in associate like this? Is it just going to be a waste of your time and money? Is this all one big massive scam… Some sort a pyramid scheme?

These are all important questions that should be answered before getting involved in a business like this… And I intend to shed some light on these in this short review.

And by the way… This is not one of those reviews that is written by another travel agent trying to recruit you in. I’m not affiliated with TraVerus Global in any way… So hopefully this is going to be as unbiased as possible. Although I must say, I don’t particularly care for MLM’s.

But anyways… In this review I’ll be going over what exactly this place is, the different products they offer, what a travel agent does, the compensation plan, ranks, how much travel agents are making and more.

TraVerus Global Overview

TraVerus Global was founded by David Manning, who also acts as the company’s CEO. This guy, besides being the CEO here, is a motivational speaker and a compensation plan design specialist among other things… So there is no wonder why he decided to create a MLM business like this.

The business used to be called Paycation, which is a name you might be familiar with. And, believe it or not, it used to be called TraVerus Travel before all of that.

Why all of the name changes?

Well… I’m not 100% certain as to why, but I am guessing that the name has changed more than once due to bad publicity… People calling a pyramid scheme, lawsuits, etc.

Traverus is all about enriching your life, with the main focus being on travel deals.

You can become a member, just a normal customer, and get discounts on travel deals, but you can also become an associate and make money on the business side of things… Along with getting the travel deals as well. And of course what you are interested in here is the business side… Becoming a travel agent, which will be the focus of this review.

The Products

TraVerus Go

This is their wholesale travel portal, in which you can save up to 50%. But then again, they say in other places of their website that you can save up to 70%, and I have even seen people say can save up to 80%… So who knows which percentages the correct… But the point is you can supposedly save a bunch of money.

In a video presentation that was on the official website they compare their portal to that of Expedia’s, and show that when going to Maui on vacation you can save over $1000 with their portal when booking the same hotel and everything the exact same.

However, the example given on the website seems to be a bit misleading. I was reading through some other people’s reviews while I was looking into all of this and it seems that there are plenty of times when places like Expedia have better deals on the exact same vacation packages… But of course they are not going to show you this.

One thing that I have a problem with here is that you are not able to search for vacation deals without being a member… So you really have no idea what you’re getting into. It would be nice if you could check out the deals before-hand… And I mean why would they allow it? If they really do have the best prices then of course people are going to be willing to pay the membership fee.

There is a bit of a lack of transparency here and I do not care for it.

Nutritional Supplements

It might sound a bit strange but they also sell nutritional supplements. This is more of a “side product” and these supplements are supposedly designed to increase your travel experience… Giving you better overall health so that you can enjoy it more.

Two of their supplements, ReBalance and ReCharge, are all about providing supplemental nucleotides to increase immune support, focus, energy, mental clarity, and more.

But I’m really not going to get into these products because they are not the star of the show here. However, I will say that they are rather expensive and cost around $60 a bottle.

Success Training Institute

Another “product” that this place has is the “Success Training Institute”… Which isn’t actually their product but rather in online soft skills training platform that they have formed a partnership with.

This training platform provides online training courses on productivity, team building, work ethic, creativity, collaboration, decision making, communication and more. This stuff is obviously going to be for the people who joined as associates and are looking to build their own travel agency business.

Being a TraVerus Global Travel Agent

As a TraVerus Global travel agent you get paid in two basic ways: by bringing in new customers and by bringing in new associates.

The Cost

The price of being a normal customer is a $39.99 enrollment fee plus $29.99 per month and the cost of being an associate is a $174.95 enrollment fee plus $79.95 per month.

As a travel agent you will get your own little travel website to run your business with.

The Compensation Plan

I’m not going to go over every little detail of the compensation plan because there is a heck of a lot to it. In my opinion, much of it is just a bunch of fluff to make it look better and more lucrative than it really is.

One thing you will notice is that it has a pyramid-like structure. This is because it is a multilevel marketing (MLM) business where you can recruit in other associates beneath you and earn money from them.

I’m definitely no expert when it comes to compensation plans, but I have looked into and reviewed a lot of MLM’s in my day, like doTERRA and Melaleuca for example, and overall this seems like a pretty typical compensation plan… Confusing as all hell in just a lot of ridiculousness that seems to be completely unnecessary.

Some of the different parts of the compensation plan worth mentioning include…

DNA Rewards

DNA Rewards are rewards that you get when recruiting in other associates… Which the entire compensation plan is based around.

When you recruit in three other associates you get a $20 reward for the third person. The other two get past up to the people above you in the compensation plan.

He will also make $20 when those people go out and recruit their first two people in, and when those new recruits recruit others in, and so on… To infinity.

Matching DNA Rewards

In addition to this you also get Matching DNA Rewards.

You get a 150% match on the DNA Rewards that your first two associates earn and a 100% match on the third associate that you recruited in. So all the money that they make through DNA Rewards, you will receive a matching bonus for.

7-Level Power Team Rewards

And then there is the 7 Level Power Team Rewards.

This is a 7 level structure that starts off with only 4 positions on level 1 and then branches out by a multiple of 4 on each level going down.

The levels are filled up randomly it seems. You can recruit someone in and they might fall into level 1, that person might recruit someone in that falls into level 3, and so on. The levels just fill up as needed.

As you can see in the example provided below, if you have all of the levels filled you will earn a minimum monthly income of $227,104.50… Just from this part of the compensation plan. However, of course filling this up is never going to happen.

Like I mentioned earlier, it seems that much of this compensation plan is just a bunch of “fluff” that is unnecessary. This is one of these parts… No one is ever going to fill this thing up and that is just a way to give people some false hope and goals that are unattainable to keep them moving forward.


Before becoming a travel agent you should also be aware that there are different ranks within the compensation plan. These include…

  • Referral Travel Associate
  • Executive
  • Regional Exec
  • National Exec
  • International Exec
  • Presidential Exec

Moving up the ranks is all about recruiting more people in. The more people you enroll the higher you MILF up. In this is all about recruiting in new associates, not just normal customers.

Pyramid Scheme?

So you may be wondering if this is a pyramid scheme. In this question is not a stupid one. After all, I just showed you that “7 Level Power Team Rewards” compensation structure and it definitely has a pyramid shape to it. There are only a few people on the top of each and then it branches out with more and more people in each level as it goes down.

And of course it may be in the back of your mind that this place has changed its name multiple times, probably due to the bad publicity, such as a being caught a pyramid scheme.

However, it is not a pyramid scheme and it has made changes over the years to move further away from that claim.

Simply put… Pyramid schemes do not have any products. They are entirely based around people recruiting others in and paying money that then goes into the pockets of those above them. Traverus has products that they sell… It is all based around travel products that are legitimate.

In a way you could think of the Traverus business as being somewhat like a franchise business mixed with a pyramid compensation plan.

How Much Are Travel Agents Really Making?

But how much are travel agents really making?

It doesn’t really matter if this opportunity is legitimate… It still might be a terrible opportunity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see the average earnings of associates before getting involved in a MLM business like this?

Well… A lot of MLM businesses out there do provide earnings disclaimers that are available for public view. HOWEVER… This place does not and this is a bit worrisome.

You can’t help but wonder if the reason they are hiding their associates’ average earnings statistics is possibly because most people don’t earn much.

Conclusion – Should You Join or Is This Just a Big Scam?

I mentioned in the beginning that I am not particularly a fan of MLM businesses. The reason is simple… There pyramid-like structure is make it more difficult for those at the bottom to earn money… And of course there are always going to be more people at the bottom of a pyramid than at the top… Which means that MLM compensation structures like this actually make it more difficult for the majority of people to make money.

I’m not going to tell you whether to join or not, because this is ultimately up to you.

But will I be joining? Probably not. This place is not very transparent and it has had quite a rough past. I do not know if I really trust the business all that much and they are probably better opportunities out there.

I really hope you enjoyed this unbiased review and found it somewhat helpful. Hope they give you a better understanding of what you are possibly getting into here so that you can make a better decision for yourself. You might also be interested in checking out this program that took me from $0 to over $6,000 a month online if you are looking to work for yourself and live that “freedom lifestyle”.

Please leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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