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What Is Traffic Hurricane & Is It Worth Joining? My Review

By Kyle / March 29, 2017

If you are interested in Traffic Hurricane but a little suspicious of its legitimacy, then you came to the right place. What is Traffic Hurricane? Is Traffic Hurricane a scam? Its it legit? I will be answering all of these questions for you in this short review.

Chances are that you have probably been referred to join Traffic Hurricane by an affiliate, or someone promoting it to make money off of you signing up.

Its a good thing you are taking the time to do some research and you are going to be glad you read this review first.

what is traffic hurricane Traffic Hurricane Review

  • Name: Traffic Hurricane (Some call it Traffic Hurricane Plus)
  • Website: traffichurricane.plus
  • Founder: Earnie Ganz
  • Price: Free to Join, but will cost you a lot to actually make money
  • My Rating: I’ll go over this at the end

Ok, so what the heck is Traffic Hurricane? To get into this review I’m first going to give you a brief overview of what this place is.

What Is Traffic Hurricane?

Traffic Hurricane is the newborn baby of Traffic Monsoon. And that is no surprise because one of Traffic Monsoon’s top members, Earnie Ganz, is the founder of Traffic Hurricane. It is a traffic exchange company where members can make money from revenue sharing. You could call it a traffic exchange revenue sharing company.

Traffic Hurricane was born shortly after Traffic Monsoon got shut down by the SEC for being a ponzi scheme. It is virtually the exact same as Traffic Monsoon and this should definitely raise some red flags in your head.

The 2 Parts of Traffic Hurricane

As I said, this place is both a traffic exchange and a revenue sharing company. But the traffic exchange side of it is what they promote themselves as mostly because it sounds the most legitimate.

The Traffic Exchange Side of It

At Traffic Hurricane you can promote your website, products, etc, with their ad service.

There are 4 different types of ads that you can promote on this site…

  1. Pay Per Click Banner Ads
  2. Pay Per Click Text Ads
  3. Mobile App & Mobile Visitor Only Ads
  4. Cashlinks
  5. Login Ads

As the word “exchange” implies, you are giving something and you are getting something… you are exchanging one thing for another. And this thing is traffic.

You can get traffic to your site as a free member without actually paying for anything. To do this you need to click on other peoples’ ad banners that are displayed on Traffic Hurricane. Once you click you will have to stay on their website for a specified amount of time in order to get credit for it.

You get 1 visitor credit for every 4 sites you view.

But buying traffic is the route that most people go if they are looking for traffic because clicking on ads and earning money for ads that way is very time consuming and not worth it at all.

If you are looking to strictly buy traffic, here are the prices…

  • 1000 visitor credits $5.95
  • 2500 visitor credits $13.95
  • 5000 visitor credits $27.95
  • 10,000 visitor credits $49.95
  • 15,000 visitor credits $74.95
  • 25,000 visitors credits $119.95
  • 50,000 visitor credits $229.95

The RevShare Side Of It

In order to qualify for the revenue sharing you have to click at least 10 ads each day and you need a sharing position.

How do you get a sharing position? You need to buy “adpacks”. These adpacks guarantee you a certain number of visitors to your website. These will cost you $50 a piece. With each adpack you will get 20 pay-per click credits and 1,000 traffic exchange credits.

Traffic Hurricane promises that for every adpack you buy for $50, you will receive $55 ROI. This means that you make $5 for every adpack, which is identical to Traffic Monsoon.

When people buy Traffic Hurricane’s products and services, such as these adpacks, they hold the revenue. And this revenue is then “shared” with the members.

And of course, the more adpacks you buy the better. The more you buy, the more sharing positions you get and the more revenue shares you get.

  • 10 adpacks – you click 10 ads per day – you get $10/day
  • 100 adpacks – you click 10 ads per day – you get $100/day
  • 1000 adpacks – you click 10 ads per day – you get $1,000/day

Will The Traffic Make You Money?

As I said, Traffic Hurricane is promoted mainly as a traffic exchange. But I see this more as a front to cover-up what they really are, which is a revenue sharing ponzi scheme.

The reason I say that I don’t consider them a legitimate traffic exchange is because the traffic you will get from this place is horrible. It is terrible quality and it is not worth paying a dime for.

Every online business wants traffic. The more traffic you get the more money you make… right? Well not exactly.

If the traffic your website is getting is very low quality and not targeted, its not going to convert very well. And this is exactly what you get with Traffic Hurricane.

The traffic you get is just going to be a bunch of people clicking on your banners on Traffic Hurricane just to make money. They aren’t going to be clicking because they are interested in your website and what you have to say. They are going to click, wait a bit to get credit for it, and then leave your site as fast as they came.

There are no smart online marketers that are using Traffic Hurricane to actually get traffic. They are using it to make money from the revenue sharing side of things.

How To Really Make Money With Traffic Hurricane

Turning the traffic into money just isn’t going to work very well. If you really want to make money with this place you are going to have to start spending some real money.

How?… you are going to have to purchase adpacks.

Its all about adpacks.. Well, adpacks and referrals.

Referrals are also a big source of potential income. Because every person you refer you can make money off of. And you will be getting the most money when your referrals buy the legendary adpacks.

Like I said, the more adpacks the better, so your referrals will have incentive to buy more and this means more money for you.

Final Thoughts & My Rating


I’m going to give Traffic Hurricane a score of 3/10, and this is only because its a pretty crazy and well thought out revenue sharing system. But I definitely do not recommend it.

It looks legitimate and all from the outside, but once you take a deeper look you will see that it is pretty much a ponzi scheme coated in a thin fake layer of traffic exchange cover.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to get traffic then this is the wrong place. The traffic is totally untargeted and is absolutely horrible. It will not convert and make you money very well. And if you want to make money then you are going to have to spend a lot of money on adpacks and you are going to have to recruit other people like crazy.

If you are still thinking about joining just remember what happened to Traffic Monsoon… They got shut down by the SEC and a lot of people that had a lot of money invested in them lost big time.

A Legitimate Online Opportunity

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What do you think about Traffic Hurricane? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below…

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