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The Truth About Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” – Not As Advertised!

By Kyle / March 16, 2018

Freedom ChecksMatt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” sales pitch is very misleading at best and many people that caught up in this will likely be disappointed due to finding out that its not as expected. The truth is that it is not nearly as amazing as he makes it sound and in this short post I’ll be going over the truth of the matter.

This whole freedom check thing is getting promoted like crazy and I know there are a lot of people out there that are suspicious of it all and looking for real information. So I’ll be covering what this whole “Freedom Checks” thing actually is, why there are no such thing as “Freedom Checks”,what he is really trying to sell you, what that includes and more.

What are “Freedom Checks”?

Freedom Checks are nothing more than an enticing term that Matt Badiali uses to lure people in. There really are no such thing as “Freedom Checks” like he makes viewers believe there is.

He basically makes you think that if you are a US citizen you can somehow sign up to get free “Freedom Checks” in the main like clockwork. At one point in the video presentation he even holds up a massive check for over $100k and it appears to have been issued by the US treasury. But of course this is all a bunch of hoopla.

Later in the presentation he claims that these “Freedom Checks” that so many people are cashing in on are actually coming from the private sector. Ok…. so then what does this mean? He just showed a check that seemed to have came from the US government and now he is saying that they are coming from the private sector??? Whats going on?

He also goes on to tell viewers that these private entities that are giving people these “Freedom Checks” have $34.6 billion to give out by February 1st, by May 1st (currently). This date will also likely change as it passes. This is just another over-the-top sales technique to try to get viewers to buy in right away.

He is throwing his hardest sales pitch out there with the hopes that you buy into what he is selling right away because if you don’t you will miss out on these “Freedom Checks”.

Some Fake Information Given

Besides the extremely misleading sales pitch, which I will tell you the truth about in a second, there is also a lot of fake information given out in the whole presentation.

One thing that I can prove to you is that the people that Matt claims have made all this money from these “Freedom Checks” are not real…. or at least their pictures that Matt shows are fake as can be.

Below is a guy that Matt claims to be named Ken Harding who is supposedly from Maryland. I had my suspicions as to the truth of this so I decided to run a reverse Google image search on the picture and sure enough found that it is all over the internet. This guy’s name is not Ken Harding and he is not who Matt claims he is…

I also ran a reverse Google image search for one of the other people that Matt claims to have make a ton of money with this, named “Larry Lysted” and found out the same truth…. the image is a fake as you can see…

So what is the deal with all of this? What is really going on here?…

What Is This All About Really?

The truth is that there are no such things as “Freedom Checks” as Matt tries to get you to believe. This is nothing more than a very luring sales pitch for what Matt is really trying to sell, which is Real Wealth Strategist. Real Wealth Strategist is Matt’s subscription newsletter that provides investment advice.

As Matt claims, he is an expert in the natural resources investment sector. He has been a geologist for over 20 years and holds up to a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. So he does have good insight into investments in this field and does know what he is talking about to some extent… although much of what he tells you is a bunch of hoopla.

Freedom Checks in a Nutshell

These “Freedom Checks” are really just dividend payments from companies that people have invested in. They are NOT freedom checks. They are dividend payments and Real Wealth Strategist is an advisement newsletter that Matt is the editor of that gives you advice on what to invest in so that you can invest in good opportunities in the natural resources sector and get big fat dividend checks as well.

Pretty misleading right? The whole time you were led to believe that you can somehow just get your name on a list and start receiving these free freedom checks when really you have to join his newsletter subscription service and then invest a ton of money to get the dividend checks…. and there is no guarantee that they will be anything like he shows in the presentation.

A Look at Real Wealth Strategist

So if you were to buy a subscription for the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter what would you get out of it?

Basically what you would get is access to Matt’s advice for investments, when to buy/sell, and all sorts.

Matt invests in about 12 stocks per year in the natural resources sector so he says. The subscription is for 12 months and every month you will get the monthly newsletter that will go into detail about a new investment opportunity that Matt is looking at. You will also get updates if there are good buy or sell prices that you should act on immediately as well as access to Matt’s model portfolio where you can see exactly what he is doing.

Sounds Good But Does It Work?

The real question is how good is Matt’s advice? Do the investments he recommends work out?

There are an absolute ton of complaints about this whole “Freedom Check” thing and Real Wealth Strategist but the majority of them seem to be coming from people who are pissed off that they bought into something and didn’t really know what it was. They are pissed from the extremely misleading sales information that is spewed by Matt and others.

As for the actual investments themselves I haven’t really been able to find all that many real reviews on it but they seem to be decent. I have read from some people that they have been making good returns but the opposite from others so there really isn’t too much I can say about this.

Final Thoughts on Freedom Checks

The bottom line here is that what Matt is doing is wrong. I don’t think anyone can argue this. He has to know that he is being very misleading and even deceiving. Of course this is just my opinion but based on the large number of complaints I think most would agree.

Anyway… I hope this short review helped you out. If you are going to buy into what he is throwing at you (which is Real Wealth Strategist) just know the truth of what is going on and know that you won’t be receiving “freedom checks” like he makes you believe. Also know that this is nothing special and that you are not guaranteed to make money.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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