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The Panel Station Review – Paid Survey Scam Site or Good Opportunity?

If you are looking to voice your opinion by taking online surveys and make some extra money in the process then The Panel Station is one of your choices. But is this place any good and is it worth joining? In this The Panel Station review I’ll be going over how this site works, what some good and bad things are about it, and ultimately whether or not I think its a good choice to become a member.

If you know me then you know that I love to try and test out new ways to make money online. I know that The Panel Station isn’t exactly “new” because they have been around since 2008, but I just found out about them recently so decided to take a look into what they offer.

the panel stationThe Panel Station Review

  • Website: thepanelstation.com
  • App Availability: Google Play & App Store
  • Cost: Free to join, free to download app
  • Rewards: Paypal, gift cards, an others
  • Legit?: Yes


The Panel Station is a market research panel that has been around since 2008. It is most popular in Asian countries but is available to just about anyone no matter where they are.

This panel conducts its research by providing online surveys in which they pay members to complete. They conduct research for big companies for the purpose of knowing how consumers think so that they can improve products and services. These companies pay them for the research they conduct and they pay people like you and I a small amount of money as incentive to complete the surveys in the first place.

This place is free to join and you can complete surveys through their website or on their mobile app.

How It Works

If you have ever been a member of popular survey sites like Harris Poll Online, Global Test Market, or SwagBucks then you know how this all works. But if you haven’t this is how it all goes down…

1) Become a member

You can become a member through their website or by downloading the app that they have. Both are free to do. Once you start the process it takes just a couple of minutes. Once you fill out the registration and enter the information they ask for they will send you a confirmation email along with login credentials.

2) Complete Profile

When you first login there will be no surveys for you to partake in. The first thing that will happen is they will send you surveys that are for them to create a profile for you. These surveys will ask you questions about household size, income level, education, etc.

Once these profile surveys are completed they can then go ahead and match you up with surveys based on your profile.

3) Take Surveys

You will be offered surveys that they feel are appropriate for you. These surveys pay you in points, which can then  later be cashed out for things of real value.

4) Cash Out

Once you reach 3,000 points in your account you are then eligible to redeem them.

What Rewards Do They Offer

They offer a good amount of ways to get paid including PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and e-vouchers to other retailers just to name a few.

Below is a screenshot of all of the ways you can redeem your points…

You will need to reach the cash out threshold of 3,000 points before you can redeem them.

What Are The Surveys Like?

The surveys can be about a range of topics. You could take a survey about healthcare, consumer products, travel, etc.

They generally will take you anywhere from 10-20 minutes to complete and will pay you anywhere from 100 – 5,000 points but generally you can expect to get  less than 1,000.

They tell you that you can make up to 5,000 points in a singe survey but that likelihood of that happening are slim to none and you definitely shouldn’t expect it.


Overall the amount of complaints about this survey panel are quite high and this is alarming. I have read through dozens and dozens of member reviews and below are listed some complaints that have came up multiple times, which tells me they are a real concern.

“Too Late”

There are a lot of people complaining that when they go to take surveys it always tells them the the survey quota is full and that they are too late. Something seems to be wrong here because many of them claim they have gotten this message even when they clicked to participate in surveys as soon as they were offered.

“You Rushed”

Another common complaint I have come across is people getting the message that “you rushed” through the survey and that The Panel Station won’t give you points for it because of that. There are people claiming that they have wasted hours on surveys and keep getting the same message even though they aren’t rushing through it.

I can see how this would be extremely frustrating and would make me want to quit.

Low Pay

I can’t really complain to much about this because I know what to expect when it comes to paid survey sites like this. They always pay out very low for your time if you do the math.

Screened Out

One thing that you will encounter with this site is that you will start to take a survey and then get screened out because you aren’t what they are looking for. This happens occasionally on every survey site and is frustrating. The good part is that The Panel Station rewards you with 20 points even if this does happen.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

This site does have a lot of complaints but I would still consider them legitimate and you can make money with them. However, I definitely do not think that they are a very good choice when it comes to taking paid surveys online. There are a lot of options out there and my favorite site, SwagBucks, is all around better in my opinion.

SwagBucks has a lot better reputation than The Panel Station when it comes to the complaints and they also offer a lot more ways to earn money, for example by playing games, completing tasks, and other ways.

They are definitely better but honestly, I don’t really recommend any paid survey site all that much. They are an easy way to earn a little extra change but that’s it…. just extra change. There are better ways to make money with your spare time.

I actually make a living working for myself online and I sure as heck am not going around taking paid surveys. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it if you are interested.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you ?

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