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The Freedom Shortcut Is a Scam or Good Way to Make Money Online? – What You Should Know

The Freedom Shortcut Scam

The Freedom Shortcut, at TheFreedomShortcut.com, is supposedly some incredible fairly new method to making money online that people are using to generate an automated income. But is it really all that it claims to be? Is this “shortcut” a shortcut worth taking or is it just going to be a waste of your time? Is The Freedom Shortcut a scam?

If you are suspicious of what is going on here than you are in the right place. It is normal to feel this way when landing on a program such as this. With all the online scams out there you have to be on your toes and can’t just go around buying into everything that claims to be able to make you money.

In this review I’ll be going over what exactly The Freedom Shortcut is and what you need to know about it, including all the downsides.

The Freedom Shortcut Review

I came across this Freedom Shortcut opportunity after landing on the page you can see below. It was said to have been seen on a bunch of different news sites, such as it USA Today, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, etc., so this made me think that it might be a credible opportunity that really is something worth looking into. But then again, I often see online scams that claim to have been featured on the news, although they never were.

Anyway… The video presentation was all about shortcuts. The spokesperson talked about taking shortcuts when it comes to buying food, taking medicine, etc., so why not take shortcuts when it comes to making money online? And of course this opportunity is the shortcut that you supposedly need to buy into.

The video presentation goes on to show a bunch of testimonials from people who have supposedly been using this system and making thousands of dollars within their first week. This is nice and all, but I really don’t care to see testimonials when it comes to “make money online” opportunities like this because it seems that they are fake more often than not.

The video presentation’s spokesperson is a guy named Jordan Mederich, he claims to not be a guru…

He talks about how he was running his own online business for years and before that he struggled just to get by. It all changed in 2013 when he met some guy named Jeff who showed him this “shortcut” that is supposedly completely different from what everyone else is doing.

That is the gist of the sales pitch. It is all about making money using a shortcut, which he tells you is the best way to make money online, but this is just his opinion and in my opinion there are some definite downsides to taking this “shortcut”.

What You Are Really Buying Into

What you our buying into is Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps To Freedom course. Jeff it is a well-known online marketer that has been around for years. He is made millions of dollars in the top-tier direct selling business and has many different “make money online” products out there, including one that I have reviewed called Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

What The Heck Is 6 Steps to Freedom?

This course as part of Jeff’s Lifestyle Design International brand. It is one of those “done for you” systems that is promoted as a super easy way to make money online.

The reason it is promoted as a easy way to make money is because most things are already set in place and done for you, since you will be pushed to promote the system to other people. That’s right, you buy in to make money online and then you make money online by getting other people to buy in.

6 Steps To Freedom is the “gateway course” if you will. It is a way to get people’s feet in the door. It isn’t very expensive and it is the first of many potential up sells that will be pushed onto you.

What you will get in this course is all the fundamentals to online marketing so that you can start permitting the system to other people.

But as you can imagine, promoting a product like this that really isn’t all that expensive isn’t going to earn you very much money. The real money is in promoting the more expensive products, or the “top-tier” products that Jeff is known for creating.

You see the Lifestyle Design International has a list of other products, all of which are focused on online marketing. Some of the others include the following…

  • Premium Training Marketplace – $297
  • Max Value Marketing Training System – $997
  • The Freedom Experience – $2,297
  • Excel Mastermind – $19,997

There most expensive products is called “The Complete Entrepreneur Package” and this is sold for $59,997. And yes you read that correctly… $60k. The more expensive products are the ones that are retreat packages.

Have To Spend Money To Make Money

The kicker to all of this is that you have to first purchase the products that you want to sell and make money off of. So if you buy in at the 6 Steps To Freedom level then you will only be able to earn commissions by selling this 6 Steps To Freedom product to other people. In order to earn commissions selling a others you will first have to purchase them. This is what you call it a licensing rights business model and is fairly popular in the online marketing world because it forces members to purchase more and more products in an effort to make money.

So if you want to earn the big commissions selling the very expensive products then you are first going to have to spend a large amount of money.

Similar Programs Out There

These top tier programs our nothing new to me. I see them all the time and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. There are lots of them out there that are very similar. They are focused on online marketing and provide a “done for you” system that you simply buy into it and then sell to others to make money.

The problem with these systems is not only that they are extremely expensive if you want to earn the large commissions they often advertise, but they also just are not nearly as easy as they seem. Most people fail, even when a lot of the work is “done for you”.

Perhaps the biggest problem isn’t that the. The biggest problem might be that these high ticket make money online programs are walking on a thin line. Digital Altitude and MOBE were recently shut down by the government for being scams and they were both very similar to Lifestyle Design International, in particular MOBE was.

MOBE was the same sort of thing… It was a top-tier online marketing training program that had various products you could sell to other people to make money online. First you buy in and when you buy and you get the licensing rights to the product you bought in at. You were then pushed to purchase the more expensive products that you could receive additional training/tools and most importantly… The ability to earn commissions promoting that same product to other people.

Not a Fan of These “Shortcuts”

While it is true that you should take some shortcuts because you don’t want to go out there and reinvent the wheel, I don’t really care for these shortcuts that are being promoted. These “done for you” systems make it easier on you in some ways, but they also don’t teach you as much.

Have you ever heard the saying: give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime? It is somewhat the same type of deal here. When you get a “done for you” system you are not learning everything that you should be learning when it comes to making money online.

Just my opinion though…

Final Thoughts – Scam?

I’m not going to call this a scam but at the same time I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the FTC comes down hard on them, just as they did with MOBE. It is a very similar type of operation.

But the point of this review wasn’t really to call it a scam or not. It was more to let you know what you’re really getting involved with, since the video presentation is a bit misleading and makes the opportunity sound better than it really is, which is commonplace in the online marketing world.

In summary, what you are buying into is an online marketing system that you will be pushed to promote to other people. It can get very expensive if you want to earn the large commissions and this is how they keep the money flowing in… By first getting people to buy in at the lower levels in then pushing a series of more expensive up-sells on them.

I hope you enjoy this review and found it helpful. You can leave your comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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