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The Commission Glitch Review – Its Decent

By Kyle / May 27, 2016
  • the commission glitch reviewProduct: The Commission Glitch
  • Creators: Glynn Kosky
  • Price: $5.95 + Upsells
  • Rating: 6/10 (Legit product, but won’t get much value with just the core training)

This product claims that you only have to do 3 simple steps to make $900 per day. But this is misleading? In this Commission Glitch Review I’ll be going over why things aren’t exactly how they say they are.

What they tell you is that you can make upwards of $900 per day using this system. And it requires just about ZERO work and runs on autopilot (heard that one before). The problem is that many of these “autopilot” programs don’t work for crap.

What is The Commission Glitch?

The Commission Glitch makes use of free traffic to make commissions. This method makes use of a  “glitch” from the big social media site…..Instagram!

Instagram’s popularity is still on the rise and this means so is the marketing opportunity.

What you will be learning to do with this program is basically posting pictures, gaining followers, and then promoting your offers.

They show you 4 different ways to make money here on Instagram, but its all basically the same idea.

Whats The Training Like?

The core of the Commission Glitch training consists of 15 videos. They are pretty informative and are laid out well. I’ll go over each briefly.

Video 1 – Introduction

This is the basics and briefs you on the 4 ways to make money on Instagram.

Video 2 – CPA Networks

Here you learn about how to get approved in CPA networks an just some basic stuff you need to know before you promote offers.

Video 3 – Offers

This goes over finding good offers that have good EPC’s (earnings per click) and that will convert well on Instagram. If you are new to this you will learn some good info on what to look for in an offer.

Video 4 – Accessing Instagram On Computers

You could easily learn how to do this searching on Google, but its still good information. Using your computer to do the work will be a lot more efficient and easier than your phone.

Video 5 – Setting Up Your Profile

Here you learn how you should set up your profile. You don’t want to use your personal profile. It will go over why you are better off creating a profile for different offers.

Video 6 – Posting On Instagram

This is simply about posting on Instagram. If you have been an Instagram user for a while you probably already know everything here.

Video 7 – List Building

Goes over building a list with your offers. This way you can turn a customer into a repeat customer. I suggest you do this because it can be well worth it.

Video 8 – Set Up Autoresponder

If you are building a list you are going to need an autoresponder. You can get free ones, but the paid ones are better of course. This is where you will organize your email list and send out additional offers and make money off of your old customers.

Video 9 – Alternative To Content Lockers

This goes over a little trick to get people to fill out offers. Basically you if someone clicks to view content or something you set a “lock” up that appears and tells them they have to fill out the offer before they can view what they are trying to see.

Video 10 – Masking Links

No one likes to see affiliate links and many people don’t click on them because they know you are just trying to make money. This video teaches you how to mask your links so they don’t look like affiliate links.

Video 11 – Traffic Tactics

This goes over the different ways to get traffic. Like I mentioned above you can build a list, send people to a content locked page, and you can offer services on Instagram, and more.

Video 12 – Testing

Here you learn about testing what you do. If what you are doing doesn’t work, this doesn’t mean you can’t make money using that method. You just might have an offer that doesn’t convert or something else might be wrong.

Video 13 – Automation

Goes over making some of the things automated which makes things easier. You can schedule posts to be posted automatically, automatically follow people, and so on.

Video 14 – Other Ways To Make Money On Instagam

Here you lean about exactly that, other ways to make money on Instagram.

Video 15 – Conclusion

Is The Main Content Worth The Price?

So thats what you get if you buy Commission Glitch for $5.95. Its not a bad price so I would say its a pretty good deal.

But with this core training you aren’t going to be that well off. There is still a lot to learn and you might find it difficult to make money.

Because of this you are going to be wanting more information. And thats where they get you… There are upsells to come, and you are going to be wanting to buy them.

The Upsells Consist Of..

  • Silver Upgrade Package – $27
  • Gold Upgrade Package – $37
  • Diamond Upgrade Package – $197
  • Secret Traffic Bonus – $17
  • Platinum Upgrade Package – $397

As you can see there are a lot of upsells. And of course with the most expensive one, the Platinum Upgrade Package, you are going to be getting the most training, the most helpful information, and the best chance of succeeding.

So just be aware that the core training for just $5.95 isn’t going to be much. Although 15 videos seems like a good amount for that price its really not. Because much of this information can be learned for free just searching around Google.

Final Thoughts On Commission Glitch

The $900 per day with 3 simple steps is misleading. The whole process is pretty simple, but don’t expect anywhere EVEN CLOSE to that kind of money when you start out. Its going to take time.

You will have to get used to doing things and you will have to have a good bit of offers going to make that kind of money. Don’t expect much at all when you start.

Focus on making a couple dollars a day. Then 10 to 20 dollars a day. And just keep on working your way up.

The Commission Glitch is a real way to make money on Instagram and its legit. Just don’t expect too much!! But there is no doubt you can make money using this method.

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