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The Affiliate Oracle Review – Is This Place Any Good?

By Kyle / May 2, 2016

The Affiliate Oracle review

  • Name: The Affiliate Oracle
  • Owner: Adam Payne
  • Price: $19.97/month
  • Rating: 4/10 (The info it includes is good, but it lacks overall; Not guided enough for beginners; Not The best)

Is The Affiliate Oracle really that good of a place to get started in affiliate marketing? In this The Affiliate Oracle review I’ll be answering exactly that. And just to let you know, I don’t think its the best place. There are things that I like about this place and things that I don’t like, and I’ll be going over them.

Before I get into things, just in case you don’t know what The Affiliate Oracle is all about, here is a brief overview.

The Affiliate Oracle Overview

This place is a membership program that is dedicated in teaching people how to get started in affiliate marketing. The core of this program are 12 modules that teach you different aspects of affiliate marketing. In addition to this there are monthly updates (that I’ll go over).

The cost of membership is $19.97 per month.

What The Affiliate Oracle Includes

As I said, the module training is the core of this membership program. So I’ll give you a little overview of what you can expect from it all.

Module 1

  • Welcome and Overview – Explains what The Affiliate Oracle is all about
  • Mindset and Funds – Tells you the mindset that you should have when you begin affiliate marketing and that you should be prepared to spend some money. Also goes over some ways to start making money right away so that you have some to spend (not much though).

Module 2

  • Market Research Part 1 & Market Research Part 2 – In this module you learn about doing market research in order to target customers. It teaches you how to “get into” the mind of the customers you are going to be targeting. Knowing what your customers are like is important for any form of marketing.

Module 3

  • Finding A Niche From Scratch – This is exactly what it sounds like. It will be taking you through how to find a niche if you don’t have any good ideas. Not everyone has a strong passion or interest, so this is definitely a good module that can help a lot of people.

Module 4

  • CPA Marketing 1 & CPA Marketing 2 – These two lessons go over “cost per action” (CPA) marketing, which is a great path to go down utilizing the information provided. CPA is where an advertiser pays you for getting them clicks, impressions, opt-ins, form submits, and just any other actions that could lead to sales. This is just one area you can use to make money with the information that is here.

Module 5

In this section you learn about building a strong foundation for your business.

  • Hosting – This goes over what type of hosting you should get. This is important because not all hosting is equal, and with affiliate marketing there are certain things you look for.
  • Domains – What to Buy and Where From? – Here you learn about what is best to buy. And you will be buying multiple. It is possible to make full-time incomes from just 1 website, but this takes time. So if you are just starting out its best to get several domains up and going.
  • Cloudfare and Domain Protection – Teaches you how to keep your domains protected.

Module 6

  • Tracking Introduction – Goes over tracking, which is often overlooked, yet its extremely important. Without tracking you don’t really know how good your site is actually doing!!
  • Choosing a Domain For Tracking – Helps you decide what domain you should track.
  • Sub Ids – Teaches you about Sub Ids, which help you learn attributes about your traffic.
  • CPV Labs Intro – Goes over this software that is for tracking, testing, and optimizing your site.
  • Clickbank API Key & Adding API Key to CPV Labs – This just tells you how to go about getting your tracking set up working with Clickbank and CPV Labs.

Module 7

  • Creating Your First Niche Site – WordPress and cPanel –  Goes over setting up your website.
  • Google Adwords, Analytics, and Re-marketing Set Up – Teaches you about advertising with Google as well as analyzing your traffic.
  • Google Webmaster Tools – Here you learn about GWT, which you can learn how your site is doing in the searches from.

And the modules go on. There is a total of 12 modules, but I’m not going to go over all of them. They go over additional things on tracking, email marketing, Facebook Ads, Youtube, resources, and updates & news.

What I Like About The Affiliate Oracle

With membership sites like this it is important to get new content coming out. And at The Affiliate Oracle there are monthly content updates, but not necessarily to the existing content of the modules.

This new content could be a range of different things. It could be an interview with a successful internet marketer, a newsletter, or a live webinar going over some aspect of affiliate marketing.

What I Don’t Like About The Affiliate Oracle

There is a hefty amount of information provided with The Affiliate Oracle membership. But I would say that my main complaint would be that it lacks a “guided” training approach. The information isn’t a step by step guide to anything.

You will be able to learn a lot about all of the aspects covered in the modules which you can use to do these things yourself. But it just lacks that easy guided learning approach.

And besides that, there just isn’t enough information here. It may seem 12 modules is a ton of information, and you may be overwhelmed, but its not that much. A lot of this only scratches the surface of the topics. And the reason you may feel overwhelmed is because it lacks that simple easy to follow approach.

Is The Affiliate Oracle a Good Place To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

In my opinion I would say its an OK place to get started. Its definitely not the best place, but its not the worst either. I have seen a lot worse.

All of the information that is covered in the modules is good information. Its all legitimate and is worth learning. But as I said above, it lacks a lot of information and it just isn’t guided in a way thats best for beginners.

My number one recommendation for getting started in affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free membership that offers a good bit of information. And its free for life, not a trial offer.

Here is a little breakdown of how these two training programs compare:

 Final Thoughts On The Affiliate Oracle

Overall, its not bad. Its definitely a legitimate membership program and is not a scam by any means. The things taught here are real honest methods, techniques, an other info that can be put to use and that you can make money following.

Not too shabby of a program, just not the best. And I don’t think that $19.97/month is a very fair price for this information.

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