Take Surveys for Cash is a SCAM! Here is my review


  • Take Surveys For Cash
  • Owner: Jason White
  • Website: takesurveysforcash.com
  • Rating: 3/10 (provides very little value and is extremely misleading, providing unrealistic information. Not a good way to make money)

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Jason White, the founder of TSFC, claims to have discovered a trick to make TONS of money just by taking surveys. But theres one problem, Take Surveys for Cash is a scam!

Pretty much everyone these days knows that you can get paid to take surveys online. But the pay is so low that its usually not even worth your time.

Well, Jason White, the self proclaimed “king of paid surveys” says he found a trick to make a lot of money. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. He claims that he has made over $3,500 a month, just by taking surveys!take-surveys-for-cash-scam

And of course Jason is willing to share this secret with the world! How nice Jason is right?

But he is not going to give away this secret for free. Its going to cost you.

How much does Take Surveys For Cash cost?take-surveys-for-cash-cost

“Wow thats a reduction in price. Its half off. But its still too much for me. I think I’m going to leave this website.”

And when you exit out of the page a pop-up appears with an offer that is hard to refuse. Now its available for only $27!take-surveys-for-cash-discount

“But this is still just a bit too much for me. I’m just going to leave.”

Hold on, whats this? Another discount. Thats right, this is the third discount on this product. Now I can get it for only $12.


Discounts like these are very common of online scams. Sure there are legitimate businesses that discount prices, but 3 times? Thats a definite red flag in my book.

What does this product even provide?

Not very much thats for sure. You will get 6 steps of information once you purchase this program which include take-surveys-for-cash-members-area

And out of these 6 steps, two of them aren’t even about surveys! Step 2 and 6 are just about other ways to make money online. Jason is trying to sell you other products here.

The steps that are actually about taking surveys are not worth much of anything. There is not any special information here and definitely not some “secret” trick.

Red Flag – Must Hurry and sign up now

This is another classic scam method. They tell you to hurry up and sign up or buy their product or whatever, because if you don’t do it now, there will not be any spots or products available later.

But what they really should be saying is “hurry up and don’t put much thought into buying my product, I don’t want you to have enough time to figure out its a scam”.

The faster they can get you to buy their product the less likely you are to figure out its a scam.

As for Take Surveys For Cash, there was limited spots left and they would only hold mine for 10 more minutestake-surveys-for-cash-availability

Look at the disclaimer at the bottom of the page

If you go to the bottom you will see a small disclaimer button. Click on that and you will see this in part of it take-surveys-for-cash-disclaimer

The results they show aren’t typical. And I find it hard to believe they are real at all.

You should always take a look at the disclaimers. Many scams will have all sorts of red flags right in their disclaimers.

One more thing

One strange thing I came across is that if you got to fastcashcommissions.com you will see thistake-surveys-for-cash-scam

Its literally the homepage of Take Surveys For Cash. It even has the TakeSurveysForCash title at the top.

And this Fast Cash Commissions site was an old scam that was around a little while ago. Its just weird that its domain would now have the homepage of Take Surveys For Cash.

Final verdict… SCAM

Take Surveys For Cash is a scam without a doubt. It has very misleading and unrealistic information. And it just doesn’t really give you much of anything of value.

What is in this product can easily be found for free online.

If you do, for some, reason decide to buy this product. Just remember to try to exit out of the page a few times. That way you can get the reduced price of $12.

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