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Beware of the Survey Voices Scam – There Is A Scam Going Around

Survey Voices scamIf you have been referred to Survey Voices to make money online taking surveys, then you need to read this first. There is a major Survey Voices scam going around spreading misinformation and telling people that they will make a lot of money and get the highest paying surveys if they sign up for them.

In fact, I have seen ads and got an email from some one referring me to them saying that I could make $300 per day taking surveys. This simply is not true and in this review I’ll be going over the truth of the matter.

Survey Voices, Is This Place Legitimate?

The answer is that NO, and in my opinion this is nothing more than a scam.

They lure people in with big numbers, saying that they can make $300 a day with the surveys that they offer. But this is all a bunch of BS. You certainly aren’t going to be making anywhere close to $300/day… not even relatively close.

I got sucked into this scam by an email that I took a screenshot of below… This is one of the ways that these scammers are getting people to their fake Survey Voices site. But there are other ways that they are doing it to. Just beware of this email.

The Money You Will Make

Survey Voices is going to refer you to legitimate places to make money, but you aren’t going to be able to make anywhere near the $300/day that they probably told you.

After filling out their short survey, they matched me with what they call their top paid surveys. And as you can see below, I took a screenshot of the top 2…

What they say are my top 2 include Survey Junkie and i-Say. Well I can tell you that both of these survey providers are nothing special. You certainly won’t be making much of any money with either of them.

I have written a review of i-Say and I have looked into Survey Junkie, nothing to be amazed with. What you are looking at here is a couple of below minimum wage work opportunities.

What is even more funny about this Survey Voices scam is that they even tried to refer me to work for Uber. Why would a survey company be referring me to Uber???

Why This Scam Exists

The purpose of this scam is to make money off of getting you to sign up for a bunch of different companies.

What a lot of people do not know is that you can get paid to refer people to survey sites like these. So what this scam refers you to them, they might earn a few bucks just from you signing up, or they might make money from the money that you make while taking surveys at that site.

And the same goes for Uber. If you refer a driver to Uber you can earn some decent commissions.

So the reason behind all of this scammy activity is that these people are trying to make money off of you.

And if you look at the screenshot I took from the list of top surveys that they gave me, you will see that they try really hard to get you to sign up. Tell you that positions are limited.

For Survey Junkie they told me that there were only 8 spots left. What a bunch of BS. These companies never limit their openings. They will take anyone they can get.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you sure as heck aren’t going to make good money at Survey Voices. Survey Voices is your average paid survey site with the exception of their extensive use of deceptive marketing tactics to suck people in. You will end up making somewhere well below minimum wage.

This is the norm for paid survey sites. Years ago they used to pay better, but now they have no need to. It is so easy for them to get people to sign up and take surveys that they no longer need to offer higher payouts.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with Survey Voices or any paid survey site for that matter. It is just not worth your time. If you are looking to make money online there are a lot better ways to go about it. I actually make a living online and you can read more about this if you think you are interested. Just click the link below and I will explain what I do, how I make money, and how you can do the same…

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