Supernova Method Review – Its Not What They Say

By Kyle / May 12, 2016
  • Supernova Method reviewProduct: The Supernova Method
  • Creator: Jacqueline Lee
  • Rating: 2/10 (No secret method here; not all that much information either; nothing special)

If you are thinking about buying the Supernova Method, read this first because what they say is not true. In this Supernova Method review I’ll be going over what you can really expect with this product.

Spoiler: Its not as good as it seems

What The Heck Is Supernova Method?

Well one things for sure, its not a “secret underground method” like the lady says it is in the video. Its a well known method that has been around for quite some time. Yes it does work, but don’t get excited for some top secret insider information or anything like that.

The basics of the method that you will learn here is this: you create a product, you get affiliates to promote for you, they send people to your offer and get buyers, you get these buyer’s emails and create an email list (aweber), now that they are on your email list you can directly contact them to try to sell them on other things, such as coaching/mentoring and affiliate offers.

And NO YOU WILL NOT MAKE $19,583 in 7 days on autopilot!!!! This is extremely misleading. You first have to go through the steps of creating your product and selling it and all of the other stuff to begin making money. And that will take a while. After you get it all done you could be able to sit back and make money on “autopilot”, but don’t expect to be making 20 thousand dollars in a week.

Supernova Method does offer some good methods that are proven to work, but its nothing special.

What Supernova Method Offers

Module 1: The Mindset You Need To Be Successful

This first module doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual course. Its more to get you in the mood trying out the methods provided.

Module 2: The Supernova Method Blueprint

This goes over what I said above about how this method actually works, which is no secret. Its just about creating a product, getting affiliates to promote for you, capturing emails, and upselling (for the most part).

Module 3: The Internet Market’s Toolbox

Nothing special here. Goes over a little about making sales/capture pages. She also talks about autoresponders (like aweber) and why you need them for capturing emails and sending out emails to your list.

Module 4: Creating Your Mindblowing Product

Here you learn about figuring out what product to create by doing some research. You also learn how to make it look nice so that it sells well.

Module 5: How To Sell

This goes over how to create your sales page. And of course getting your own affiliates to sell for you.

Module 6: No Traffic No Honey…

In this module she talks about free traffic methods, like youtube, as well as paid traffic advertising methods. But the main method once again, is affiliate traffic.

Module 7: Make Money or Make Insane Amounts of Money

Here she goes over making money by offering coaching/mentoring, which is a huge money maker online.

(just make sure you know what you are talking about before you do this)

Is Supernova Method Any Good?

My answer to you is NO, not really. I mean it provides good information, but theres just not enough of it.

There are only 7 modules, which consist of a video, and none of them are very long. They don’t go into that much detail.

Is Supernova Method Worth Buying?

Well right now its priced at $7.08, which isn’t that much. So maybe a few short videos is worth that price. I don’t know, its up to you.

But I will say that you could learn everything here from doing some Googling. Its just that if you would buy this it would save you the time it takes to do some research.

Also, they say the price is going to go up. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. There are a lot of places that say that just to get people to hurry up and buy their product.

The final decision is up to you. I hope you found this review helpful and thanks for reading 🙂

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