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Super Commission Sniper Review – Its Not As Great As They Say

By Kyle / May 20, 2016

Super Commission Sniper review

  • Product: Super Commission Sniper
  • Creators: Allen Martin, Mark Wightley
  • Website: abbanda.com/super-commission-sniper-fe
  • Rating: 5/10 (Has good information although lacking in some areas; Sales pitch is a little misleading)

Super Commission Sniper is advertised as some “unusual method” of list building that can make you rich. But in this Super Commission Sniper review you will see that some of what they say about it is just to get you all excited.

First I’m going to go over what is included if you buy Super Commission Sniper and then I’ll get into what you really want to hear, my opinion about the product (its not that good!).

What Super Commission Sniper Includes

The core of the training that you will be provided is in video format.

Training Videos

  • You will get 20 step by step training videos. They tell you what to do in an ordered fashion. You will have to do “homework” after each video module.

These training videos are broken down into 4 different levels which I will touch upon individually.

Level 1 starts out simple. Here you get an overview of the program and start to get things rolling. You learn about how to gain authority on WarriorForum as well as doing research to find what you want to promote and sell.

Level 2 is all about making easy commissions. You learn about everything from sales funnels, to Instagram marketing, to creating a WSO, to setting up your email sales campaign. The homework for this level will be creating your email campaign, a WSO offer, and an OTO page.

Level 3 you have your WSO offer all ready. Now you learn about the upsells. Your WSO offer will be selling for cheap, but the upsells is where you are going to make the money. You will learn about making funnels to get people to buy those upsells and how to hype up your product launch on JV platforms. Your homework is to create the upsells.

Level 4 is all about making what you are already doing bigger, or scaling it up. You will learn about creating more products, finding JV partners, promoting other peoples’ product launches, and hiring a JV manager.

And thats the core of the training provided. In addition to that there are several other things that come with this course, which include…

Audio Version Of The Training

  • There are 20 MP3 files that are the audio version of the training videos

Action Plan

  • You will be given a 10 day action plan to help you get things started

Facebook Group

  • You will have access to a Facebook group in which you can receive help

Are There Upsells?

Heck yes there are upsells. In this course they are teaching you the importance of upsells, so you better believe there are. I guess its good to practice what you preach though, right?

The upsells include:

  1. 10 done for you campaigns – $37
  2. Membership where you will get live training 2 times per month – $67
  3. 1 on 1 coaching for 4 weeks (includes 1 skype call/week) – $197

What I Don’t Like About Super Commission Sniper

First off, I don’t like their marketing techniques. They call it an “unusual method”, but theres nothing unusual about it. There is no secret technique here or anything. Its a known method that people use.

Second, I would like to see places like this give people some expectations as far as time goes. I think a lot of people will see this product and think they will be making all sorts of money withing hours or even days.

Well its going to take a while. You might be able to see some money within a relatively short period of time (days), but you definitely won’t be making any couple hundred dollar paydays.

There are some things that are taught in this course in which there is really no time-span for how long it will take. For example, Allen tells you to promote launches for other JV’s. And once you make them some good money you can ask them to help promote your offer.

But the thing with this is that MOST people that are new to the IM industry aren’t going to be able to go out there and promote and offer and make money, unless they have a massive social media channel or something.

Allen also wants you to reach out to people to find a JV partner. There is no right way to go about this and there is no guarantee you will find a partner right away.

Final Thoughts On Super Commission Sniper

There is absolutely no doubt that Allen is teaching a legitimate way to earn passive money. But the thing is, its not going to be easy.

He provides a lot of good information, but there are some things that you are just going to have to learn on your own (like I mentioned above with finding a partner).

My guess is that a lot of people are going to get frustrated with this course and give up. Or maybe go back and buy an upsell because they are desperate.

If you follow Allen’s training. And complete all the homework, figuring things out on your own, then you should be able to see some money coming in. But like everything, there is no guarantee you will make as much as someone else (Allen).

But overall, this is a pretty decent product.

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