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Steady Home Income Review – Is This Program a Scam?

By Kyle / May 8, 2017

Steady Home Income claims to be “the #1 work from home system”, but can you really trust this place? Or is Steady Home Income a scam that you need to avoid? Its obvious that you are suspicious of this program because you did some extra research and came across this review. And its a good thing you did.

I have reviewed this program and you should NOT trust what they tell you. Much of the information that they give you is very misleading and there are also some blatant lies that they use to deceive you. In this review I will be going over all you need to know about this place… the lies they tell you, how you make money, and the underlying truth about it all.

Steady Home Income Review

  • Name: Steady Home Income
  • Website: steady-home-income.com
  • Creator: Kelly Simmons
  • Price: $97
  • Recommended?: No, more on this later

Before I get into what this program is all about, I first want to bring to your attention some of the lies that they throw in your face to try to get you to buy into this all.

#1 Fake News

They act as if this program is so good that it has been featured on the news.

But I can assure you that it has not and it never will be. No news station would jeopardize their credibility to promote a program like this.

They do this to try to gain your trust. People tend to believe what they hear on the news because usually it is backed up by a fair amount of solid evidence. Being featured on the news would make this program seem a lot more credible than if it weren’t.

And unfortunately it never has been. It is easy to prove that this program has never been on any of the news outlets shown. You can just got to any of the news sites’ websites, Fox News, USA Today, CNN, etc, and you will not be able to find any information related to Steady Home Income.

#2 Limited Openings

When you enter your email, name, and phone number to learn more about this program they tell you that there are only a limited number of openings.

This simply isn’t true. This is a deceptive tactic called false scarcity. The people behind this program are trying to get you to buy into it as quick as possible. This way you don’t go out and do your research and come across reviews like this.

Luckily for you, you didn’t fall for it and took your time to do some research.

#3 Kelly Simmons Doesn’t Exist

The person that supposedly created this program is a woman named Kelly Simmons. The problem here is that this woman doesn’t exist.

Here is the image they show you for Kelly Simmons and brief background about her…

The problem is that this same image and background story has been featured in many other very similar programs, only they name of the woman is changed.. And just to give you an example I took a screenshot from another program called Ultimate Home Profits. The same image and story are used but the name is now Emily Hudson.

The name “Kelly Simmons” has been used in so many similar deceptive programs that I have actually written an entire post on this fake person (can read it here).

Some of the most recent programs like this that used this name that I have reviewed are Secure Online Work and Get More Free Time. This is a program that you should avoid as well just to let you know.

How You Make Money, The Truth


They tell you that companies are looking for individuals to post links from home.

This is actually true, yet they mislead you on it all.

The business model they are describing is called affiliate marketing, and this is actually how I make a living online so I am very knowledgeable on this subject.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products online by posting links. So what happens is you post links for products, someone clicks your link and are directed to the seller’s website, they buy the product, you get paid a commission for making that happen.

Example: You like dogs. You promote a type of dog food online by posting a link. Someone clicks that link. They are directed to Amazon.com to purchase, they buy the dog food, Amazon then pays you a commission for referring that buyer.

So YES, companies are looking for people to promote their products online. All the big companies, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc have affiliate programs where you can do this.

But how Steady Home Income tells you can make money is very misleading.


Steady Home Income claims that you will average $15 for every link that you post. This is a ridiculous claim and an absolute lie.

There is no way to accurately predict how much money you will make with each link you post. A link could make you $0, or a link could make you $1,000.

It can’t be predicted. Because remember, you don’t get paid just for posting the link. You only get paid when someone actually clicks that link and buys the product, earning you commissions.

The earnings calculator that they show you is all a bunch of BS. This could never accurately predict your earnings.


They also tell you that it only takes a couple of minutes to post each link.

If you take this approach it just isn’t going to work out. You can’t just spam links everywhere and expect to make money doing this.

There is a method to promoting products online and posting links all over the place isn’t it. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

So while it will take just a minute or so to post the actual link, there is a lot more work surrounding it all that they don’t mention.

What You Get When You Buy This Program

The main thing you will get is a website. This website will be pre-made for you. But don’t get excited. It will be a very cheap website and is the same one that they give everyone that buys into this program.

It will be similar to that of Steady Home Income.

The second thing you will get is access to the members area. In the members area you will be able to get customer records so that you can spam out links in emails to a bunch of people.

These records are good and all, but they aren’t going to be worth much because the whole approach to this is way off. Spamming links will get you nowhere.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

I absolutely do not recommend this program. It is filled with lies and very misleading information just to try to get you to buy into it. And if you do buy into it you will be disappointed because its just not going to work out.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing then I suggest you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that provides training, tools, support, and other resources for people to make money online in affiliate marketing. At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to create a website, drive traffic to that site, and ultimately make money promoting other people’s stuff online.

It is a great place for beginners to start out and it is where I started out. There is easy to follow step by step training. And possibly the best part of it all is that they have a free membership where you can get started for free and test drive the system. I have already written a review that you can read by clicking the link below if you want to know more…

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Do you have any questions, comments, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you…

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