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Spin The Lucky Wheel Scam – Don’t Fall For It

By Kyle / October 27, 2016

Spin The Lucky Wheel scamRecently there have been tons of cheap little websites set up to promote this Spin The Lucky Wheel scam. They claim that it is a contest that is sponsored by Amazon, but this is NOT true.

It seems like there are new “spin the lucky wheel” websites coming out every day. Its getting ridiculous so I finally decided to make a short post on it to hopefully deter some people from becoming victims of this scam.

You may have come across a different variation of this scam, but its probably similar, if not the same, to the screenshot you can see to the left.

How Spin The Lucky Wheel Works

These sites don’t tell you much. All they tell you is that they are giving away prizes for whatever particular day it is and that you can spin the wheel to win all sorts of item for free.

It sounds pretty scammy right off the bat for sure. But anyways, lets say you try it out.

The first thing that will happen when you spin the wheel is that it will land on the “extra spin” spot. This means you get an extra spin. I have tried this on numerous sites and it lands on this every time for the first spin.

After spinning it the second time you will land on an item. For example I just won this Apple iPhone 7 as you can see below.spin-the-lucky-wheel-fraud

When you click ok you will then be directed to another screen that says you have to share the Lucky Wheel with 10 other people on WhatsApp, as you can see below. And there is a timer at the bottom that says you have to complete this within a given time. This timer does not work by the way. It will reach 0 and nothing will happen.spin-the-lucky-wheel

After sharing it with 10 people and clicking continue, you will then have to verify your phone number and download their app in order to receive your prize.spin the lucky wheel is a scam

Sounds pretty fishy right?

Ya thats because..

Spin The Lucky Wheel Is A Scam

I would certainly not trust these site as they are not associated with Amazon in any way and they are just using their name to try to gain trust and credibility.

And those Facebook comments that they display below the lucky wheel are completely fake by the way. The time of when it says they were posted never changes. For example one comment might say “4 minutes ago”. And then when you refresh the screen a couple minutes later it will say the same thing. It is also impossible to comment on the page, so there is no way for people to leave comments in the first place.

There is a good chance that when you download their app that your computer will be infected with some form of malware.

Anyways. I just wanted to share this to help save some people the suffering of finding out on their own.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you…

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