SkimaTalk Review – Is Being An ESL Teacher Here Worth It?

At SkimaTalk you can make money on your own time working as an online ESL (English as a second language) teacher. But the big questions is whether or not being a teacher here is actually worth your time and effort.

In this short SkimaTalk review I’ll be going over what teaching is like, how much you get paid, requirements to become a teacher, what other people think, and ultimately whether or not I think its worth your time.

SkimaTalkSkimaTalk Review

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  • Type: ESL teaching
  • Cost: Free to join as a teacher
  • Application Process: Easy
  • Legit?: Yes


SkimaTalk is an ESL teaching platform that connects people from all over the word that are looking to learn English with native English speakers, similar to Cambly. The teaching will all occur via Skype.

Teachers are able to set their own availability and work when they want to. The process to become a teacher is pretty lenient and most people that are interested in this opportunity shouldn’t have too much of a problem becoming one.

Something else that is notable is that teachers are able to set their own pay rates .

How It Works

After going through the application process you will be able to set your availability. You can do so for up to 8 days in advance. The availability that you set is completely up to you. If you want to work from midnight to 2am then you can do that or if you want to work from 6pm to 8pm you can do that too.

But setting your availability doesn’t guarantee you work. Your work is dependent on students booking sessions with you.

When a student wants to book a sessions they can skim through a list of available teachers and choose who they want. When looking for teachers they can look at reviews from other students, the amount of sessions you have taught, your skills and interests, and more.

Each session is approx. 25 minutes in length followed by a small amount of time where you give the student feedback.

When a student books a lesson with you it is up to you to reach out to them via skype.

After the session is completed you will have to complete a student evaluation. This is just a quick evaluation of their English skills. You will have 48 hours to do this.

What Teaching Is Like

Its not like there is curriculum or laid out lessons that you will need to follow. Each session that you teach is 1 on 1 and is somewhat customizable.

It will be just you and the student communicating back and forth in a somewhat “unprofessional” way, at least when you compare it to more traditional teaching styles.

The Pay

As I mentioned, teachers can actually set their own pay rates. Most teachers from what I have seen will set their rates per session at somewhere around $10 or so. And remember, each sessions is 25 minutes.

But its not like you can just set your pay at wherever you want and expect to make that much. What you have to remember is that you are competing with many other teachers as well. So if your rates are high then students aren’t going to book sessions with you.

There is also no guarantee that you will get work. All you can do is schedule the hours when you are available and make a good, professional, and welcoming profile, and hope that students want to learn from you. But ultimately its up to the students how much you will make.

Your ratings will play a big role in the amount of bookings you get. When you first start out you won’t have any, but as you move along and build up your credibility, getting more and more positive ratings from students, you will find it easier get sessions and make money.

The Sign Up Process

Signing up and applying to be a teacher is pretty simple and straightforward.

First you will sign up and fill out your teacher profile. This will include an intro video, all your relevant skills, certificates, and things like interests. Its important to take your time here because students will see this.

After that you will be given some very simple tests to make sure you are qualified for the job. After you submit the tests you are done and you have to wait for approval.

But before you go through this process you first need to make sure you meet the requirements for the job…


The requirements for becoming a teacher aren’t much to worry about. Other than being a native English speaker you will need the following:

  1. A computer
  2. Internet connection
  3. A microphone and speakers
  4. Skype installed on your computer (this is free)

What Other Teachers Are Saying

When I review a place like this I like to do my own research and form my own opinion, but its also important to look at other people’s opinions and see what they think from their experiences.

Overall, the opinion of SkimaTalk is very good. I couldn’t really find any complaints that are of real concern.

The only complaint that I found multiple times is that it is hard to get work. And this is true. As I mentioned you are competing with other teachers and hoping that students will book sessions with you over the others. This can be a challenge and some people fair better than others.

Final Thoughts

Overall I like what I see with SkimaTalk. This place offers a nice opportunity for native English speakers to make some extra money and is in no way a scam.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this opportunity for everyone. You have to be the type of person that likes to help others and isn’t going to get frustrated easily. It can be a challenge teaching a language and explaining something that seems so easy to someone who is having trouble getting it. And some people just aren’t all that well fit to be teachers.

Also its important to remember that the money you will make here is somewhat unreliable. You aren’t guaranteed any pay and it all depends on the students and the competition from other teachers. This teaching job is best for people that are just looking to supplement their income.

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