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Simple Profits System Review

By Kyle / March 7, 2016


  • Simple Profits
  • Website: simpleprofits.co
  • Rating: 0/10 (blatant scam. Unrealistic profits, fake news stories, and unreliable trading software)


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Simple Profits is a SCAM! and in this review I’ll be going over why. Read this review before you sign up for this program.

Simple Profits is not what it is talked up to be. Its one of many similar scams going around in the binary options trading world.

They boast of absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable incomes, that are just so far from being true. I mean look at this statement on their homepage simple-profits-earnings

If this absolutely crazy earning potential didn’t turn you away from this program then read then keep reading.

How Simple Profits works – major RED FLAG

Simple Profits is an automated binary options trading software. And thats a major red flag right there.

Because its automated, you don’t need any experience. All you have to do is a simple click of mouse.

But theres a major problem with automated binary options trading software. IT DOESN’T work. Well it at least doesn’t work very good, and no where near what they claim with this SImple Profits program.

There are an indefinite number of variables that can effect the price fluctuations of binary options, weather, war, literally thousands of things. And there is absolutely no way that an automated software can take into account all of these things and turn good profits.

There are a lot of automated binary options trading softwares popping up all over the internet, and they are more than likely scams. There are some decent ones out there that use complex and well researched algorithms and can make you some money. But the overwhelming majority of them don’t provide any value. They are simply a good sounding way to make money and thats it. They might sound good but they aren’t.

Binary options trading is a legitimate business in which there is a TON of money that can be made. But the use of automated software is, and never will be effective for trading in this market.

But what do I have to lose, the software is free right?

Yes its free and this is where they trick people. Its free, but you have to make a cash deposit of course in order to start trading.

Thats where you lose the money. And thats where Simple Profits gains money.

Another red flag – Fake News Articles

This is common among scams online. They flash fake news articles from trusted news sites to try to gain trust and credibility.

Well they are fake. On the homepage of Simple Profits (simpleprofits.co) they show 2 news articles right below the video that plays. One from BBC News and another from The New York Times.simple-profits-fake-news

The problem is, these articles DON’T EXIST. Try finding them yourself.

They took the background of these 2 news sites and pasted their own fake article in to make it look real.

Only 5 spots left!!

Classic scam manipulation right here. They tell you there are only a certain number of spots left and to hurry up and sign up. This way, you don’t give it very much thought and are less likely to realize its a scam.

When I was on their home page they told me there were only 5 spots leftsimple-profits-availability

The funny thing is, that a little bit later they told me there were 6 spots left!

I was on their homepage and the video was playing. There was no way to pause the video and it was annoying me so I left their website.

And within a couple minutes I went back on their site to look into a few other things. And there was another spot opened.

Now I know there are ways this could have legitimately happened, but the chances are this counter for availability is nothing more than part of the scam.

My conclusion on Simple Profits

Like I said earlier, binary options trading is a legitimate way to make money and there is a lot to be made in this market. But don’t trust automated software that trades for you. Its just not a good idea and cannot accurately predict fluctuations in the market.

Who knows what Simple Profits even does with your money. You money may not ever even be traded in binary options.

The fact is this program isn’t legitimate. Unrealistic earnings, fake news, unreliable software. Its a scam no doubt.

And don’t think that, oh well if this were a scam law enforcement would have stopped it already. It is an obvious scam but there are a TON of scams out there. The simple truth is that law enforcement can’t keep up with them.

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