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Simple Home Profit System is a SCAM!! Read my review

By Kyle / March 17, 2016


  • Name: Simple Home Profit System
  • Website: simplehomeprofitsystem.com
  • Cost: Depends on the amount of “packages” you purchase
  • Rating: 0/10 (Not a legitimate way to make money. Its likely an illegal pyramid scheme)

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If you are thinking about signing up for Simple Home Profit System DON’T do it. Simple Home Profit System is a SCAM! And in this review I’ll be going over why its a scam and why you should not sign up.

Upon coming to the home page of Simple Home Profit System I was nearly certain that it was a scam due to all the red flags that I saw, but I decided to take a deeper look into it just because things aren’t always what they seem.

Red Flags 

Absolutely Insanely Easy Earnings

The first red flag is the earning potential that these people claim this system has. $100 to $500 a day, doing just 10 minutes of work!! Are you kidding me?

Easy money and little time required, this is a scam classic. Everyone wants easy money right?

And of course there are a bunch of customer bank account screenshots posted on the homepage with ridiculous earnings. Take a look at this one:simple-home-profit-system-scam

$2,200 in just 24 hours? Ya right.

Just remember, bank accounts are VERY easy to fake. I could throw together a fake bank account statement in less than an hour easily if I wanted. You can’t trust these.

Testimonials are mind blowing

This scam really overdid it with the money making potential. The customer testimonials are absolutely crazy.

There is one guy that says he has been using the Simple Home Profit System for 4 months and is now averaging $60,000 PER MONTH. Thats $720,000 per year doing 10 minutes of work per day.

Ok, so these are just 2 major red flags that I noticed right away at Simple Home Profit System. But these alone still don’t mean this place is a scam. To see whether or not its a scam I had to look into how this system actually works.

How Simple Home Profit System Works

Simple Home Profit System uses an advertisement sharing company called Traffic Monsoon.

What does Traffic Monsoon do?

This place shares ads. You first purchase your own ads. Then all you do is click on other people’s ads and generate traffic for them and you get paid a small amount per ad that you click on (around 1 cent or less). In return they will click your ads. Its a closed market system where people generate money for the other people in the system.

Unfortunately this is most likely a Ponzi scheme or something of that nature. First off, it doesn’t provide any real value for any advertisers and makes absolutely NO SENSE. You have to use common sense here and ask yourself “how the hell does this place stay in business without providing anything of value?”

Also the owner of Traffic Monsoon is a scam artist. His name is Charles Scoville and he has been involved in a number of scams over the years. PTC Central, which reviews Paid To Click websites does not recommend Traffic Monsoon. And this is what they say about the owner: traffic-monsoon-scam

There are a lot of reviews of Traffic Monsoon where people claim that they have made money, but still, its likely a scam.

Like I said earlier its probably a Ponzi type scheme where newcomers pay to buy some ads and the money goes to those that are already part of the scheme.

And Ponzi schemes like this ARE ILLEGAL. I’m guessing that Traffic Monsoon won’t be around for much longer after people start to catch on to the illegal activity. It will go away just like all of the other scams that Charles Scoville ran before.

How you earn money on Traffic Monsoon

Like I said above, you click on ads and get paid, usually up to 1 cent. But there is more to it than this.

You have to purchase ad-packs if you want to make good money

Here is how it works:

1 adpack is worth $55. And you need to click 10 ads per day to make $1. So if you continue to click 10 ads per day this will last you 55 days.

But if you buy 10 ad packs you click on 10 ads per day you get $10 per day. And it goes on:

  • 1 ad pack + 10 clicks per day = $1 per day
  • 10 ad packs + 10 clicks per day = $10 per day
  • 100 ad packs + 10 clicks per day = $100 per day
  • etc.


So the more ad packs you buy the more money you can make. No matter how many ad packs you have you still only have to do 10 clicks per day.

And of course, there are referral rewards

This is where the pyramid/Ponzi scheme comes into play. And this is how you are going to be making most of your money.

If you refer others you get 10% commission for every ad pack they purchase. Here is what it looks like coming from the video that is on Simple Home Profit System:simple-home-profit-system-referrals

Take a good look at this image above and think about what that looks like.

What does it look like? It looks like a good old pyramid scheme to me.

Just think about it. You are getting money from referring others who purchase these “ad packs”. And all these ad packs are are packs of ads that people click on, but for what reason???

People click on your ads and you click on other peoples ads, but what the hell is the point?? Is there something I’m missing.

The fact is that this ad clicking system provides NO VALUE to anyone. It is simply used as an excuse to cover up what is really going on here. Which is a pyramid scheme.

Simple Home Profit System is a SCAM! Don’t sign up

The whole business model of Traffic Monsoon, which is where you will be directed from Simple Home Profit System, just makes absolutely no sense. There is no doubt this is a scam and you should stay far away from it.

It is possible that you could make money, because pyramid schemes do work. But they are illegal and this one could be shut down by law enforcement any minute. And this could result in you losing money.

Simple Home Profit System is not a legitimate way to make money.

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