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Shopkick Review – Is This Place a Scam?

By Kyle / March 23, 2017

Shopkick is a pretty interesting app that pays you for your ordinary shopping. But is it worth your time? Or is shopkick a scam that just suckers people into wasting their time with little payout? In this review I will be answering exactly that. I have used shopkick for some time now and am going to share with you the different ways you can earn money with it as well as some complaints I, and others, have about it.

If you know me, then you know I love to make money in as many ways as possible. Even if its just a small income stream from an app like shopkick, I like it.

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shopkick reviewShopkick Review

  • App Name: shopkick
  • Website: shopkick.com
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: I’ll go over this at the end

The shopkick app is very interesting. It gives you the ability to make money in 5 different ways, some of which I have never seen any other app offer.

The overall goal of this app is promote product awareness. What happens is big stores like Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, etc. pay shopkick to promote their products. And then shopkick pays you some of that money for using the app.

And to start out this review I want to go over exactly this… the 5 ways to earn money with shopkick.

5 Ways To Earn Money With ShopKick

Well you actually won’t be earning money directly. You will be earning “kicks” which then can be redeemed for money. But I’ll go over that later.

#1 – Walk In To Stores

Yes it can be as simple as walking into a store. You don’t have to buy anything or anything of that sort. All you have to do is walk in, turn on the app at the store entrance, and earn kicks.

You will have to make sure that bluetooth and the location service on your phone is turned on so that the app can detect your location.

You will only be rewarded with kicks for entering select stores. If you aren’t rewarded with kicks, you should try refreshing the store page on the app. Sometimes it won’t pick up the signal that you are entering the store and a simple refresh will fix that.

Stores like Target, Best Buy, JCPenny’s, Macys, Old Navy and other stores like these are the ones that participate in this.

This is the only app I know of that will reward you for something like this.

#2 – Scan Items At The Store

I’m not talking about scanning receipts here. I’m just talking about scanning items at the store. Literally scanning bar codes on shelved items as if you work there or something.

Why does shopkick reward you for this? Don’t know and don’t care. All I know is that you get rewarded for scanning shopkick barcodes.

The downside is that you can only do this at participating stores and with certain items that you will find on the app. So its not like you can go into Walmart and just start scanning every item on the shelf.

#3 – Buy Items With Your Credit Card

I am really fond of this feature. You can link your credit card to the app and it will reward you with kicks every time you use that credit card to purchase items from participating stores.

The app will track your purchases made on the particular card you linked and look into what is “rewardable”.

You don’t have to do a thing. Just shop like you normally do and be grateful when you get rewarded for making a purchase that shopkick likes.

#4 – Upload Your Receipt

Certain items at participating stores will be considered “kickbate” and you can get kicks for buying them and then uploading your receipt as proof.

They call them kickbate because they are bate to lure you into buying them for kicks.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy kickbate items, but it is nice when you buy ordinary purchases and some of your items turn out to be kickbate which means you can upload your receipt and get kicks.

#5 – Refer Your Friends

If you refer other people to shopkick you can earn kicks when they earn kicks. Its not like they will earn less because of you. They will earn the normal amount but you will earn some on top of that.

Getting Paid

Of course the whole point of using shopkick is to get paid. So does shopkick work acutally? Heck yes it works!

As I mentioned above.  You first get paid in “kicks” which you then can redeem for rewards such as gift cards for Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, etc.

Generally, around 250 kicks equal a dollar, but this can vary slightly depending on the reward that redeem them for.

To redeem shopkick rewards you don’t have to do anything special. Once you have the amount of kicks needed for a specific reward, you are then able to redeem it.

ShopKick Complaints

Shopkick is a pretty trustworthy business. They have a good reputation and there really aren’t too many complaints about them compared to other similar businesses in this type of industry.

As you can see on Google Play it has over 200,000 ratings and averages 4.2/5.

The most common complaints you will find are that shopkick steals your kicks, closes your account for no reason and things of this nature. I don’t have any personal experience with them doing things like this but I can tell you that many of the people complaining about things like this have had problems due to the shopkick terms of service violations.

Final Thoughts & My Rating


I rate shopkick pretty high with a 7.5/10 because this app is very unique. I like how it offers strange ways to earn kick, like by just walking into a store. No other apps that I know of offer rewards for such silly tasks like this.

The reason I don’t rate it any higher than this is just because you earn very very little. But that is expected.

I would recommend this app to people who are looking for a little extra pocket change doing the things they already do…. shopping. Just don’t expect to make much.


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What do you think of shopkick? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section…

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