6 Ways to Sell Gift Cards Online and Instantly Get Paid – Plus 3 Other Options

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Gift cards are a great gift and all, but sometimes we don't have any use for them. Then they just end up sitting in our wallet or purse and taking up space for months, or maybe even years on end without getting any use.

Luckily… There are ways to get paid for your old unwanted gift cards… And here I am going to show you 6 different ways that you can sell gift cards online and instantly get paid. Well… Maybe not instantly, but as soon as your gift cards get verified… So pretty much instantly. 

There is no waiting around, posting them for sale online and waiting for a buyer to come around… You sell them and you get paid after they are verified… Simple as that.

Turning unwanted gift cards into regular old money

The way to go about doing this is through secondary gift card exchanges. These places buy GC's in bulk and then resell them at a markup price. It's a win-win for all the parties involved… Sellers get some cash for the GC's that they aren't going to use anyhow, buyers are able to get GC's at a discount, and the exchanges turn a profit on each transaction.

Out of all the secondary exchanges out there, you can't hope to get more than 92% of the GC value that you are selling. For example, if you are selling a $100 gift card then don't expect to get more than $92 for it. Often times you will get much less, but this all depends on what the gift card you have is for.

Usually you can get better deals on bigger brand GC's, such as those for Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. because these are in high demand.

But anyways… Let's get to it. Below I have listed 9 different options total that you have when it comes to selling. The first 6 are for if you are looking to get paid to fast and then the last 3 are alternative options that you still may want to look at.

9 Options You Have to Sell

1) Cardpool

Here you can sell both electronic and physical gift cards for just about every big name store/restaurant out there. However, in order to sell you must have at least $25 on your card.  You will be able to make them an offer when selling or you can provide the information about your GC and wait for an offer from them.

Sales conducted online are payable with a check or another gift card if you choose (you can get paid more if you choose to get paid via Amazon GC). However, you can even get paid in cash. This place is partnered with over 150 stores and has physical gift card exchange locations, often located at kiosks or cashier tables inside stores like Target and Giant Eagle. You can check for a location near you here.

  • Pretty good payouts - up to 92% of the value
  • Easy process
  • Electronic and physical gift cards accepted
  • Payment via check or with another gift card, and even cash
2) Cardflip

This is another place that is very simple, well laid out, and easy to use. You can simply add the gift card you are looking to sell by inputting some information about it, such as the balance and what it is for, and then you get an offer. You can choose to accept the offer and if you do you get paid.

Both electronic and physical gift cards are accepted without any fees. Even if you send in a physical gift card, they pay for the shipping. That said, of course you are going receive a percentage of the total value for your GC, which you could kind-of consider a fee in a way.

  • Pay up to 92% of gift card value (view pay rate chart here)
  • Accept GCs for just about anywhere
  • Free shipping on physical GCs
  • Payments via ACH transfer, check, Bitcoin, and wire transfer
3) CardKangaroo

CardKangaroo is another option you have at your fingertips. Like all of the good secondary exchanges out there, it is very simple here and all you have to do is choose what type of GC you have, enter the amount, accept the offer, and then print the prepaid postage label to send it on in.

They also accept electronic GC's, but for some reason don't give the option right away when selling. What you would do if you are selling an electronic GC is go about the process as if it is a physical one and then simply reply to the confirmation email you get with information about it. Then go from there.

This place is very well trusted with tons of good reviews on TrustPilot and is BBB accredited.

  • Payments up to 92% of GC value
  • Accept lots of GCs
  • Free shipping on physical GCs
  • Payments via PayPal or check in the mail
4) GiftCash

The process of selling your gift cards here is the same as those mentioned above, very smooth and straightforward. Overall this is a good place but there are two slight downsides… 1) you only can get paid via an e-check and 2) they seem to offer slightly lower deals than those listed above, although not by much.

On their website they state that if you find a better deal you can contact them, which I'm guessing means that they will price match it, but I'm unsure of how true that actually is... Because it doesn't seem true. 

They actually claim to pay up to 93%, which is higher than any other secondary exchange on this list claims to pay, but I don't see any proof of this.

  • Decent rates (not the best)
  • $25 min balance
  • Shipping is free
  • Only payment option is check (e-check via email)
5) GC Spread

What's nice about GC Spread is that the process starts out with you making your own offer. They don't give you an offer right away to start out… They put the ball in your court and let you choose. Then, if they like the offer they will take it and if not they will give you a counteroffer.

All in all this is a good place, and they claim to accept GC's from ALL brands, retailers, and restaurants… However the downside is that they do not offer free shipping when sending in physical cards. You will have to cover the cost.

  • You make the first offer
  • $20 min balance
  • You pay for shipping on physical cards
  • Paid via ACH
6) ClipKard

Clipkard isn't quite as large of a secondary exchange as some of the others, but pretty much accepts all big brand GC's. The only time you might have a problem is if you are trying to sell a GC for little-known brand/store/restaurant. The normal process goes for this place… You give them the information, receive an offer, except it and ship in your card via free prepaid shipping.

One thing I noticed about selling here is that they place a limit to the amount of GC's you can sell within 15 days. When you first start out you are only allowed to sell $300 worth in 15 days, but are able to increase this amount as you build trust.

Pay rates aren't quite as good for a lot of the GC's that can sell here, but it is still an option.

  • Pay rates not that great (For example I found they only pay about 80% of value for Walmart GCs)
  • Accept GCs from over 100 merchants, but not as much as others listed above
  • Free shipping on physical GCs
  • Payments via check of PayPal

Sites to sell your GCs for 'not so fast' payments..

The sites listed above are all about getting fast payments, as in you can sell your gift cards directly to them and get paid as soon as they are verified. However, if you are willing to be a little bit patient, these 3 other options listed below might be worth it for you.

7) Raise

Here you can sell GC's for any brand or restaurant… But the process works differently from all of those mentioned prior.

How this place works is that you can set your own price at which you want to sell your gift card (I would recommend going with the suggested price), and then they post the listing up on their marketplace for all of the buyers to see. It will be posted among many others trying to sell gift cards of the same kind, which creates kind of a free market where everyone is trying to get the best price, but of course keeping the price low enough for it to actually sell.

Raise will simply take a % commission out of the final sale price… So for example just now as I am writing this I entered to sell a $50 Walmart GC; the suggested price they gave me was to sell it for $49.63 (only a 0.74% discount), but I would only receive $42.19 after they take their commission out.

  • All GCs accepted
  • You set the price & wait for buyers
  • Free shipping on physical GCs
  • Payments via check, PayPal or direct  deposit
8) SaveYa

SaveYa is the same type of deal as Raise… You will be able to choose your listing price (again I recommend going with the suggested price), they will list your card on the marketplace and then you will wait for someone to come around and buy it. The commission they take can be up to 14%, but is often lower.

One upside is that this place allows you to sell GC's with as little as a $5 value.

  • Take commissions from sale price (up to 14%)
  • Can sell GCs with as little as $5 on them
  • Paid shipping on physical GCs
  • Payments via check, ACH deposit or PayPal
9) Ebay 

And of course Ebay is an option, which I'm sure you already knew. That said, the fees you will be charged as a seller can really hurt your profit. When selling GC's you are going to be hit with a fee starting off at 9-12%  depending on how you are selling (auction or fixed price). You can learn more about the fees here if you wish. And that is on top of the fact that you probably won't get any buyers willing to give you close to the true value of the gift card in the first place.

This place can be used as a last resort. Some of the places you can sell GCs at online only accept certain types of GCs, whereas you can sell any kind you want on Ebay.

  • Large marketplace & easy to sell
  • High fees: starts off from 9-12% depending on how you are selling
  • You can sell all gift cards
  • Easy payments via PayPal

Our Top Choice:

To test out these different options you have against each other I attempted to sell a $50 Walmart gift card to see what prices they would all give me. Now of course the prices they give will vary depending on what the gift card is for, but this will give you a good idea of what you are looking at…

For a $50 Walmart GC these are the offers I got...

  • Cardpool: $44.50
  • Cardflip: $45.50
  • CardKangaroo: $44.00
  • GiftCash: $43.50
  • GC Spread: (you make first offer)
  • ClipKard: $39.65
  • Raise: $42.19
  • SaveYa: $45.50
  • Ebay: Unknown

As you can see Cardflip and SaveYa have the most potential for high earnings here. However, SaveYa is one of the places where you aren't going to be able to get fast payments, or at least probably not.

If I had to choose just 2 places to recommend it would be Cardflip and Cardpool.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Unwanted Gift Cards

If you are really trying to get every penny you can out of the gift card(s) you are looking to sell then Gift Card Granny is a great resource to use. This place allows you to enter in the type of gift card you are selling along with the value and it will spit out a list of different places and their offers. 

You can see the example below where I chose to sell a $35 Walmart gift card.

*Note: All of the information given on this website is not 100% accurate, such as the payment methods offered, but is still a good site to get a quick idea of what you are looking at.

GiftCardGranny screenshot

So don't just leave this gift cards taking up space in your wallet or purse! Sure, they may make you look rich by giving people the illusion of a wallet or purse stuffed full with cash, but wouldn't you rather sell them and have money you can use for anything?

For more ways to earn money from "decluttering", or selling things that you may have laying around and can get money for, check out this section.

6 Ways to Sell Those Dusty Old Gift Cards for Money!
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