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Secret Income Formula Review – Scam or $3,000 + In Free Bitcoin Per Day?

Secret Income Formula Mr XSecret Income Formula by Mr. X (who is really Mack Zidan (aka Mack Mills)) seems to be one heck of an incredible system and he claims that it can easily generate you $1,000+ worth of bitcoin per day. But does this system really live up to all the hype? Is it as good as he claims? Or is Secret Income Formula a scam that is going to leave you with less money than when you started?

First off I’ll tell you that you definitely can make money with this system. But what I’ll also tell you is that it isn’t as easy as you are led to believe. Once I go over how this system works and how it all fits together you will see what I mean. If you were thinking about signing up for this and getting started you are definitely going to want to read this first.

Secret Income Formula Review

If you made it past the first promo video and entered your email, name, and account information then you know that the guy behind this program’s name is Mack. They first call him Mr. X and leave you in suspense but reveal his name later.

When it comes to getting into a system like this its always important to know a little about the people behind it…. in this case Mack. So I’ll go over a bit about him.

They tell you that he has been making 7 -8 figures per year in online marketing for the past 2 decades. Now I have never actually seen his bank accounts firsthand but I do believe this. He is one of the biggest online marketers that I know of and is very good at what he does.

He has had some other big systems in the past, such as Digital Income Method, which are very similar to this just Secret Income Formula is focused on bitcoin related programs, as he said.

How The “Formula” Works

Ok so the secret formula is  AS + MSI + TT = MBA, which stands for: Automated System + Multiple Streams of Income + Targeted Traffic = Massive Bitcoin Account…. and this is really no secret nor anything special. Similar formulas are used all the time in the online marketing world.

Basically how this system works is you make money by referring others to join in on Mack’s system. When you sign up you get set up with the system for free and then you go out and promote the system to other people, getting them to join.

How You Make Money

There are 3 income streams in this system: iCoin Pro, MindSet 24 Global, and FutureMoney.. These are what you will be making money with.

The Secret Income Formula is a free, but you will have to pay to join all of these 3 income streams.

I’ll go over a bit about how iCoin Pro works because this is the main income stream of the entire system. iCoin Pro is a bitcoin educational platform, as you probably heard Mack say in the video. It provides training on investing in bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies, how to store them, how to buy them, differences between them, updated news in the industry, etc.

But more importantly… its a mlm business opportunity which means that you can make money when you recruit new people to join. You see, at iCoinPro you have to pay a monthly membership to join. And when you recruit others to join you earn commissions monthly when they pay. On top of that you get paid when people that you recruited in recruit others in.

I’m not going to get too into this, but at iCoinPro you can earn from recruits down to 5 levels deep, meaning that you earn commissions from people you recruit in (level 1), from people that they recruit in (level 2), from people that level 2 recruits in (level 3) and so on.

On top of this iCoinPro also has a 2 x 14 matrix compensation structure in place that allows you to earn down to 14 levels deep, which is a lot.


So you don’t pay anything for Mack’s Secret Income Formula. You just pay to join the income streams. Then you go out and promote Mack’s Secret Income Formula and get other people to join the income streams. When someone joins iCoinPro, Mindset 24 Global, or FutureMoney, you are the one that earns commissions from that.

Why Mack Is Giving Away His System

Mack isn’t giving away this system out of the kindness of his heart. He is giving it away for free because it makes him money. The opportunities its promoting are mlm’s and he can earn from people recruited in way beneath him. So if you recruit someone into the system he is also going to earn from that.

So giving away a system like this is mutually beneficial.

What You Get With This System

Basically you get everything you saw. You will get a website, you will get the back end of the system that promotes the 3 income streams, you will get all of that. You will also get a pre-made email follow up series so that you can send out automated emails to people.

Much of the system is automated and this is one of the beauties of online marketing. But don’t fool yourself… there is work to be done… which of course they don’t really mention in the video. They make it seem like some super simple system but the reality is that it isn’t and it will take work…. and money.

You have a system in place but now it is up to you to generate traffic to that system. There are lots of ways you can do this but what is recommended in the Secret Income Formula system are TrafficForMe.com and Udimi.

Trafficforme.com, for example, can get very expensive. Their starter traffic package starts out at $154 for 200 clicks and these packages go up to over $5k for premium traffic.

Places like this are what people use to promote “make money online” opportunities much of the time…. many of them scams. They aren’t your mainstream traffic generation platforms like Bing Ads or Facebook Ads.

One VERY IMPORTANT Thing You Need To Know

One thing that is very important to know with mlm opportunities like iCoinPro, which is how you will be making your money, is that most people fail in them.

The pyramid-like structure that mlm’s have pretty much ensure that most people will fail. What they do is funnel the money up to those on top of they pyramid, which is the top few percent. Those at the bottom of on the lower end just end up with little to nothing.

MLM’s are very enticing because they have huge earning potential, but the reality is that their basic structure makes it so that most people fail. This is because there will always be more people at the bottom than at the top, where are the rewards are being reaped.

Of course Mack and other big players in the online marketing industry are going to make tons of money with this but that does NOT mean that you will.

I can literally guarantee that most people who use this system are going to make back less than what they pay, especially after paying for the additional expenses of traffic and such.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

I’m not saying that you can’t make money with this system but I am saying that it is way over-hyped and not nearly as easy as it seems. Its all about recruitment. If you can recruit a lot of people in beneath you then you can make money but if you can’t then this isn’t going to work out.

Join if you want to. I wouldn’t call it a scam. But I for one will not be joining. I just don’t care too much for systems like this that pretty much sucker people into joining with high hopes of making $1,000’s per day.

Alternatively you might be interested in this program, which I do recommend. You aren’t going to be earning $1,000+ per day with it (well at least not in the near future), but I do make $5,000+ per month legitimately and do this as a living.

==> Recommended Program Here

If you have any comments or questions be sure to ask me below in the comment section 🙂

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