Is Secret Income Club a Scam – Yep… It’s a Scam & I’ll Show You Why

Secret Income Club Scam

Secret Income Club is a nasty little scam that is going around and causing people to lose money. It claims to be an amazing opportunity for making money online, but is the opposite… Is a great opportunity for losing money online in reality.

If you are thinking about possibly signing up or buying into this you are seriously going to want to reconsider. I’m sure you were already reconsidering and having second thoughts about this. After all… You did take the time to do a little bit of extra research and are currently reading my review. You got that gut feeling that this is a scam and listened to it.

In this review I will be exposing this scam for what it really is. I’ll be going over how it all works and why you will just lose money if you end up buying into it.

Secret Income Club Review

There are dozens of different landing pages for this Secret Income Club scam. Below I took screenshots of four different ones that you can take a look at, which you may have seen for yourself. However, if you don’t see the particular landing page below that you saw on the Secret Income Club website, I’ll go over why in a second…



The reason that there are so many different landing pages for the same scam is because this scam uses with what is called an ad rotator. The system is set up to rotate through bunch of different ads. So if you exit the site income back you will likely see a different ad that you saw the first time.

Below I want to go over a few red flags that stood out to me right away after coming across this scam. These are important things that you should know because they are common characteristics of many scams and if you know what to look for when it comes to scams like this, you will be better at spotting and avoiding them in the future. After that I’ll go over what this scam really is.

Red Flags That This Is a Scam

#1 – Ridiculous Income Claims

This scam is pretty much your normal get-rich-quick type scheme. It tells you all about the massive amount of money you can make in very little time… A textbook get-rich-quick scheme.

You should always be wary when you come across a system/program like this that talks about all the money you can make. Just think about it… Why would people be selling these programs to just a bunch of random people online to make tons of money with? Why not just keep the programs for themselves and make a time money with them?

#2 – Super Easy

And of course the scam systems that Secret Income Club funnels you into are all automated, pushbutton, “one click”, and all that BS. As if making $500-$1000 plus every day wasn’t enough, the system also is incredibly easy to use. In fact, so easy that you could probably train a dog to use it.

#3 – Limited Positions – availabliity in your area

These types of scams also tell you that they have positions available in your particular area in that you have to act now if you want in. This is very common with scams and I see it all the time. They use location tracking programs to track where you are accessing their website from and customize what they tell you to make you feel special.

With the scams that the system promotes, there are not limited positions in the will take everyone possible. They want to make as much money as they possibly can and they certainly aren’t going to turn down anyone who wants to buy in.

#4 – Fake News 

You might not have seen this depending on what landing page you came across, but some of them had a bunch of news logos on them and claimed to have been featured on the news. This is far from being true. None of the scam programs have ever been featured on the news and they never will be.

You can easily do a quick online search on any of the different news websites, CNN, Fox News, ABC, etc., and you won’t find any related information.

#5 – Copy & Paste

These types of get-rich-quick schemes usually claim to be copy and paste. The person behind the scams will tell you that they are going to copy over their system for you. They act like it is as easy as copying and pasting a pre-existing website that is making money, but of course things are never as easy as they seem.

What You Are Being Funneled Into

Just as there are a bunch of different landing pages that are used because of the ad rotator, there are also a bunch of different scams that the system funnels you into. The scams include Clone My Sites, Your Easy Business, My Optimized Success Plan, The Passive Payday, eCom Profit Sniper, Crypto Coin Sniper, and probably more that I did not come across.

Pretty much every time you exit out of the Secret Income Club website and come back you are directed to a new scam.

The first one that I came across was called Your Easy Business, or YEB for short. As you can see below, this seems like your comment Internet scam. It states that some “weird trick” is making newbies $500 and more per day. Of course it is… That is what they all say.

I actually wrote a review on this YEB system a while back to warn people about this scam. Basically this scam was a funnel to get people to buy into another scam called MOBE, which was a high ticket digital marketing scam that some people lost tens of thousands of dollars with. And by the way… It was recently shut down by the FTC for being a scam.

This is just one of many examples. All of the other scams mentioned above are pretty much the same type of deal.

In a Nutshell

So this may all be a bit confusing to you if you have never come across a scam like this before.

In a nutshell, Secret Income Club is a scam system that funnels people into other scam systems. The people behind this particular scam are getting paid to promote all of these other scams. They are affiliates and each time they get someone to buy into these, they get paid a commission.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different legitimate ways to make money online and this is not one of them. No matter what route you choose, it all takes real work and real time. There is no super easy way to make tons of money online and this is what leads to many people getting scams… Too many people are looking for the easiest way possible, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can be a problem at times.

If you are continually looking for program/systems that are able to make you tons of money very fast, then you are going to continue to get scammed.

If this the system were legitimate and you really could make as much easy money as they tell you that you can, I would have joined right away. I would have joined and I would get all of my friends and family to join so that they can also capitalize on the opportunity. However… It is a scam and of course I’m not going to buy into this crap.

Recommendation for Beginners

If you are looking for something that I actually recommend then I would take a look at this program. I have been a member since 2015 and joined back when I first started looking for ways to make money online. At the time I knew nothing and was really lucky to have come across it. Fast forward to now and I am currently making a living working online, which goes to show that it does work and it can happen.

But anyways… You can click the button below to learn more about this program, what it is, etc.

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