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Secret Facebook Cash System – Scam or Legit? Here’s What You NEED To Know!

By Kyle / September 25, 2016

This new “Secret Facebook Cash System” is being promoted a lot right now online and I can save some people like you from being scammed. Because IT IS A SCAM.

The Secret Facebook Cash System that you heard about is actually called Facebook Bonanza, aka FB Bonanza. And this scam claims you can make $397 a day without any hard work. Pretty much it sounds too good to be true and thats because it is. You will see why…

is-facebook-bonanza-a-scamFacebook Bonanza Review

  • Name: Facebook Bonanza
  • Website: fbbonanza.co
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Price: $47/month + upsells
  • Rating: 1/10 (Lots of lies, can’t trust them)


First off, you can’t believe anything you hear online. I’m sure you already know that. It seems that scams make up damn near 99% of the money making opportunities out there. And Facebook Bonanza fits right in to that majority.

To start off this review I want to go over 3 red-flags I came across that are nothing more than lies. And these are just 3 that I will go over, there are more..

#1 Fake News

facebook-bonanza-scamIts common that scams try to make their product/program seem more credible by faking that it were featured on the news.

But do you really think Facebook Bonanza was CNN, ABC, MSNBC, or USA Today??? It definitely was NOT on any of these news sites. And you can check for yourself on their websites if you would like.

And as far as the video news broadcasts they are showing.. you just cannot trust these. There are plenty of people you can pay to make you fake news stories. And yes, they do a very good job and make them seem very believable. Just take a look at the results when looking for people on Fiverr for fake broadcastsfacebook-bonanza-fake-news-story

There is no way to tell if the broadcasts on facebookbonanza.co are real because they didn’t say the station, or any of the news anchor’s names or anything like that. But I would assume they are fake.

#2 Another Site That Is Identical To FacebookBonanza.co

There is another scam program called Income From Home Academy that is identical to Facebook Bonanza except for the name change. You can look at it at incomefromhome.academy/rb/b/?a=&s1=&gm=

I actually came across this site while I was searching the testimonial images on Facebook Bonanza’ site, which brings me to my next red flag..

#3 Fake Testimonials

Thats right, all of those testimonials are as fake as can be. How do I know? Well, I took screenshots of the testimonial images and uploaded them to Google to do an image search.

What did I find? These images are not real, take a look.

Here is “Rachel Heinz” a VIP member, so they claim…fb-profit-google-chrome-2016-09-25-13-53-00

But look what I found. The image of Rachel is actually taken from this image below, which was featured in some article about dating…


The image and the testimonial as a whole is completely fake. And its not just this one thats fake. They all are.

Here is Beth & Sam from the Facebook Bonanza testimonials…fb-profit-google-chrome-2016-09-25-14-03-08



But those people really aren’t Beth and Sam. This is a stock photo and anyone can buy it and use it online. After an image search I found thousands of results for this photo being used on other websites. Take a look at the Google search I did on the right…

I’m not sure what stock photo site this comes from, but its definitely from one of them.



What Facebook Bonanza Gives You

On their sales page they claim that this program will give you

  • 1-on-1 Training
    • Consultation to get you setup and ready to earn immediately
  • All the training guides and easy to follow short video tutorials
  • How to get your own personal automated money making website for FREE!
  • Instant Activation
  • 100% Risk Free 

So what the heck is this program about?

They list what it provides you with but give absolutely NO INFORMATION on what type of training this is. You have not idea if its in affiliate marketing, ecommerce, binary options trading, OR ANYTHING.

What They Say This Program Is NOT
  • This is Not an MLM of pyramid scheme
  • This is Not a bogus data entry scam
  • This is Not an envelope stuffing rip-off
  • This is Not a rebate processing scam

They still don’t narrow it down much here either. They never throughout the entire sales page and sales video give you a concrete answer on what this program is about.

But it doesn’t matter because I pretty much know what it is.

What This Program Most Likely Is

In the sales video they show income shots from ClickBank so this really narrows down what this program actually is although they didn’t specifically say anything about it.

ClickBank is a digital product marketplace where product creators can sell their own products and where anyone can promote those products and get paid. Earning money through product promotion is called affiliate marketing and its one of the best online business models there is. Its completely legit and there is plenty of potential.

There is no doubt that you can make $397 per day as they advertise with this program, but that will take some serious time and hard work.

And I would guess that because this program is called “Facebook” Bonanza it would have to do with Facebook. So I’d assume that they teach you how to promote ClickBank products on Facebook.

Although affiliate marketing and Facebook are legit and has a lot of potential I don’t really see this program being good at all.

Final Thoughts – Facebook Bonanza Is A Scam!

Ok lets go over everything again in summary. Facebook Bonanza tries to gain credibility by placing fake news on their site, there is an identical site that promotes the same program under a different name, and they have fake testimonials.

All of those red flags scream scam and should get anyone to stay away from it. But to make things worse they make absolutely no mention as to what this program is all about.

Although I do believe that the training that they mention will be on affiliate marketing and I do know that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, I can’t trust Facebook Bonanza because they lie to damn much.

So my advice is to stay away from them without a doubt.

My Suggestion If You Want To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

And if you do want to get a start in affiliate marketing I suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate review here. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools and training you need to be successful in affiliate marketing online. And to make things better, they have a free lifetime membership.

Its a great program for beginners.

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