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Savings At SavingStar.com – Is It Worth Your Time?

By Kyle / November 14, 2016

savings at SavingStar.comGetting cashback with SavingStar is decent. There are a variety of savings at SavingStar.com in which you can take advantage of. But before you go sign up its important to know whether or not SavingStar is worth your time. In this short review I’ll be going over a few things you should know before you sign up and whether or not I recommend using SavingStar.

But before I get into all of that its important to know what SavingStar is all about…

What Is SavingStar About?

SavingStar is all about giving you cashback on your shopping. In particular, they give you cashback on your grocery shopping.

The great thing about SavingStar is that they offer cashback on both in-store purchases as well as online purchases. This is something that most cashback apps don’t offer. Usually its one or the other.

SavingStar is partnered with just about every grocery store you can think of including Meijer, Kroger, Costco, K-Mark, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Sams Club, and about a couple hundred more stores. Don’t worry about who they are partnered with because chances are that you can get cashback where you shop. Even the smaller pharmacy stores like RiteAid, CVS, etc are partnered with them and offer cashback savings.

You can look at their list of stores right here.

Anyway, let me get on to the review.

what is SavingStar AboutMy SavingStar Review

  • Website: savingstar.com
  • Price: Free to Join
  • Rating: 8.5/10 (Easy to get cash back on everyday shopping, but you might have to spend more than you would like)

What Can You Get CashBack On?

Like I mentioned above, one of the great things about SavingStar is that they offer cashback for both in-store and online purchases. But the items that you can get cashback on depend on how you are shopping.

For in-store purchases the only items that are eligible for cashback will be listed on the SavingStar app. These will consist mainly of grocery items, but you will also be able to get cashback on some personal care items as well.

For online purchases you can get cashback on more items than you can from in-store shopping. When you click on a store in the app you can purchase anything in that online store and get cashback from it.

I don’t know why there is a difference like this but there just is.

But all in all, the main items you will be getting cashback on are groceries.

How Much Money Can You Make Realistically?

This can vary a lot depending on how much you buy. Obviously the more you buy the more you will save. But just to give you an idea, here are a few offers that are available right now…SavingStar offers

These are some pretty common offer types that you can expect. As you can see the two offers on the right will give you a specified amount of money after you spend a specified amount of money on the particular brand. And the offer on the right doesn’t require you to spend a certain amount. It doesn’t matter how much you spend you will be getting 20% back no matter what.

How They Get You.. This I Don’t Like

One of the reasons that I don’t rate SavingStar as high as Ibotta is because they try too hard to get you to spend more money. There are too many offers that require you to spend more money than you normally would just to get some cashback.

For example take a look at the Kellogg’s offer above. Who the heck is going to go out and spend $30 on Kellogg’s products?? I sure am not spending that much money on their products at one time.

There are a lot of offers in which they set the minimum higher than you would like. And they are very aware of this and do so on purpose.

SavingStar Makes It Easier Than You Ever Imagined. This I Love

One of the greatest things about SavingStar is how you can link your card to them.

If you have a Giant Eagle Rewards card, or a Sam’s Club Membership card, or any type of card like this.. You can link it to SavingStar and get cashback on anything you buy that they offer cashback for.

You can just go out and shop like you normally do and get cashback just because you linked your card to SavingStar. This requires minimum work and is really great.

This is definitely a huge plus to using SavingStar, but like I mentioned above..with a lot of the offers you probably aren’t going to spend enough to actually get the cashback.

SavingStar Amex Card – Get 10% CashBack

SavingStar actually offers a credit card that is linked to them. If you sign up and get this American Express credit card you can get up to 10% cashback on your purchases.

This is a pretty big deal and could save you a good bit of money. Its definitely another plus to SavingStar.

These purchases have to meet the requirements as specified below…frequently-asked-questions-_-savingstar-google-chrome-2016-11-14-07-32-40

How You Get Paid

All this cashback is great, but how do you actually get this cash back?

You are able to cash out after reaching a $5 minimum. They allow you to cash out via direct deposit, PayPal, or they have gift cards you can choose to receive.

Getting paid via direct deposit is something to get excited about, most places don’t offer this form of payout.

Overall there are no problems with how SavingStar pays you. They don’t require a high cash out threshold and you can choose a variety of methods to get paid.

Final Thoughts on SavingStar

So are the savings at SavingStar.com worth it?

Here is what I think about it… SavingStar is great if you do grocery shopping both in-store and online. They make things easy for you, like how I mentioned you can link your membership card and get cashback easily.

But if you do your grocery shopping only in-store, I would go with Ibotta. I just don’t like how SavingStar really tries to get you to spend more money than you normally would on certain purchases.

Don’t get me wrong though, SavingStar is awesome. Just don’t let them trick you into spending more money. Spend like you normally would and let the savings add up over time. You are getting money you normally wouldn’t so whats not to love.

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