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Review of Quick Cash System – Scam or Legit?

By Kyle / February 22, 2016

quickcashsystemIn this review of Quick Cash System I’ll be going over what exactly it is and whether or not it can be trusted. I must admit, when I first arrived on Quick Cash System’s homepage there were red flags everywhere. A video that flashes a luxurious lifestyle, a secret that is being given away, and easy money. And of course there are only a few spots left! So they are telling me I need to hurry and sign up. But just because it definitely looks like a scam doesn’t mean it actually is, so I took a deeper look into whats going on here.

Listen to the story they came up with to try to sell this product!

Sarah Markel is the founder of Quick Cash Systems and she has quite the story. Its so ridiculous that I want to share some of it with you.

After getting into the video a bit she starts talking about the “secret government”, which is the part of our government that no one knows about, yet lots of tax money is allocated to them. Now everybody knows that our government performs all sorts of secret operations behind our backs, but thats not the point here.

She then goes on to say that her ex-husband was working with the government in a secret task force called Difus. This task force is supposedly comprised of mathematicians from all over the world and their focus is solely to find an algorithm that can predict changes in the economy.

And of course, a “secret” pattern was found and discovered by Sarah’s husband before anyone else. It was then used to make an algorithm that successfully predicts every movement in the stock market.

So Sarah’s husband gave this algorithm to her and now she is selling a binary options trading software that uses it to anyone that wants to be rich. And its all FREE! You just have to invest your own money to begin trading.

But THERE IS NO SECRET FORMULA for binary option trading

People who trade binary options for a living spend long hours studying the market and making educated “guesses” based upon a number of variables that could influence pricing. And thats the thing, there are SO many variables that can influence the market.

There is absolutely NO WAY anyone can predict every movement of the market with the accuracy that Quick Cash System claims. How can you predict the future? The answer is you can’t.

Especially with some automated system thats based on a pattern that they discovered. How can there be a certain pattern to the economy? Sure there are general patterns that can be seen, but to be able to predict any little fluctuation?? It just makes no sense.

Another serious red flag

Just in case you are still considering signing up for this scam, take a look at this. If you go to the bottom of the homepage at quickcashsystem.com you will see 2 disclaimers, “US Government Required Disclaimer” and “Earnings Disclaimer”. Look at what each of these clearly sayquickcashsystemdisclaimer

Final Verdict

I don’t think I need to present any more information to show that this is a scam. Its one of the most ridiculous scams I have come across. I was even thinking it might be a big joke. But its not. These people really are taking peoples money and I hope they haven’t taken yours.

If you are interested in binary option trading then do more research, because it can be very profitable and is legitimate, but its definitely NOT easy.

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