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Is Retired Millionaire a Scam? Yes, Without a Doubt

By Kyle / May 25, 2017

If you are looking to buy into this “Retired Millionaire” system you should seriously reconsider. Why am I saying this? Is Retired Millionaire a scam? The truth of the matter is that YES, this system is an absolute scam.

I have reviewed this system and found some things that prove it to be such that you would be interested in seeing. I hope you take the time to read this on over because this system, although it seems like the most amazing thing on the planet, is nothing buy hype.

Retired MillionaireRetired Millionaire Review

  • Name: Retired Millionaire
  • Creator: Greg Larson
  • Price: $47
  • Recommended?: Absolutely not, more on this

Retired Millionaire makes a heck of a lot of big claims that I was very suspicious of at first. Everything I saw on the sales page and in the promotional video fit the book of it being a scam.

  • Guaranteed to make $500 just for watching the video
  • Completely automatic
  • Requires less than 1hr of work per day
  • Can make $1,000-$10,000 per day
  • And more…

Making big money with little effort… this is a tell-tale sign of a scam.

The online world is a mysterious world were there is plenty of money to be made, but just like the real word, making money takes work, real hard work. There is no system out there that can generate autopilot money for you with just about no work.

While you can automate many processes online, you first have to work to get them set up and this is no easy task.

Some Major Red Flags

#1 Paid Actors

In the promotional video you cannot trust the testimonials that you hear. These people are all paid actors and are just saying what they have been paid to say.

Do you remember this buy from the promotional video?….

This guy can be hired on Fiverr to make any sort of testimonial video that you want. As you can see below, I took a screenshot of his profile on Fiverr. 

The same is true for the other testimonials that were shown. It seems that the scammers behind this scam went to Fiverr for all of this.

#2 Limited Availability

Of course there were only 50 spots open to begin with and you are competing for one of the last spots. The screenshot I took below was from after I entered my email and name and was trying to claims a spot. It tells me that there are only 3 left.

There is no doubt that this is a lie. It is nothing buy false scarcity. The people behind all of this are just trying to get you to buy into it asap so that you don’t take the time to research and read reviews like this one.

When I was done reviewing this program I went to exit the page and it gave me a reduced price offer that said there are only 9 spots left…?? So how does it go from there being only 3 spots left back up to 9 spots left??? It doesn’t make any sense. 

#3 Read The Disclaimer!

This might be the most obvious and convincing sign of a scam there is.  At the bottom of the page you will see this disclaimer…

As you can see it states that “The typical purchaser does not may any money using this system.”

They are telling you this after they just told you in the sales video that you are GUARANTEED to make money, at least $500.

How does this make sense? The answer is that it doesn’t.

This is one of the ways that scam operations like this are allowed to operate legally. They can lie all they want and tell you all the fairy-tales that they desire. But as long as they have a disclaimer telling the truth, they can get away with it.

#4 They Tell You Nothing

So after watching the sales video and everything, you are left knowing just about nothing about this system. Greg tells you nothing about how it works.

He tells you that he will be giving you your very own “money making website” but tells you nothing else. So how does this website work? How does it make money?

He expects you to whip out your wallet and pay the $47 without even knowing what this product really is.

This is another tell-tale sign of a scam. Any legitimate program is going to at least give you some information about how it all works.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that this is a scam. Everything about this program screams out “hey I’m a scam” and this cannot be trusted. Although I have not actually purchased this system I do not feel that I need to in order to come to this conclusion.

I’m sure that you realize this too. I mean, after all, the whole reason that you researched and came across my review was because you were suspicious of it right?

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

The cold hard truth of the matter is that there is no system out there like this that just makes you thousands of dollars per day on autopilot. Everything takes work that is worth having in life.

Any program that tells you that you can work less than 1 hour per day, make over $1,000/day, and its completely automatic…. is a scam. By the way, it doesn’t make any sense that this program is completely automatic if you have to spend 1 hour per day… these scammers just don’t make any sense.

I come across programs like this almost every day. Some recent scams I reviewed include Secure Online Work and Millionaire Methods. There is no shortage of them.

What I Recommend

I know it can be discouraging trying to find a way to make money online when you come across scams like this. But the truth is that there are actually a lot of way to make money online.

I work for myself online for a living. I have been doing this since 2015 and I enjoy what I do.

If you are interested in making money online then I suggest you take a peek at a post I wrote (link below) where I go over what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same.

What I do is completely legitimate by the way.

–> Read about what I do to make a living here

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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