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Quick Cash Method Review – Scam For Sure!

By Kyle / June 15, 2016

Quick Cash Method review

  • Name: Quick Cash Method
  • Creator: Michael Thompson
  • Website: quickcashmethod.net
  • Rating: 0/10 (Obvious scam; Binary options trading is NOT easy; You WILL lose money with this program)

Quick Cash Method is nothing more than a big fat scam. In this Quick Cash Method Review I’ll be going over why it is and why you should stay the hell away from it.

The scammer in the video’s “name” is Michael Thompson. He guarantees that you will make at least $5,795 today or he will pay you $5,000. And the best part is that it only takes 20 minutes a day of clicking your computer mouse.

Simple enough right?…..Well.. too bad its a SCAM!

Michael Thompson, the self-proclaimed millionaire, tries to make his method seem legit by talking about other scams that have been similar to this one.

He Is Right About One Thing

And that thing is that automated trading software is a bunch of crap. Michael says that “automated trading software will never make you rich”. And that is definitely true. I have reviewed plenty of automated trading software sites out there that are scams.

It is impossible for a software to have an algorithm complex enough to predict the changes in the market. There are thousands of variables that effect market price and many are unpredictable.

Michael goes on and on about these automated trading software scams and how his method is much better. The only reason he is putting these other scams down is because he is trying to make his method seem more legitimate.

But I have a problem with this. And my problem is that his Quick Cash Method is a SCAM also! And you will realize this too once I go over how Quick Cash Method makes you money.

How You Make Money With Quick Cash Method

As Michael says,  is not some “BS automated trading software”.

So then what the hell is it?

Its Micheal himself. He claims to be some big time trader that entered into the lucrative field of binary options trading. And now this is what he does.

He claims to have a 100% win rate and “doesn’t remember the last time he lost”.

If you join Quick Cash Method he says you will have access to see his trades in real-time. That way you can simply copy his trades in make money like he does.

Sounds too good to be true? Ya, thats because it is.

Quick Cash Method CANNOT Be Legitimate

There is NO WAY this guy is placing all these bets each day and comes out with a 100% win rate. Binary options trading is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and very risky.

For those of you who don’t know what exactly binary options trading is, here is the basics: its when you “bet” on the price of assets, whether it be currency, stocks, gold, or any form of asset. There is a specified time limit, and you “bet” on whether the asset will go up in price, or go down in price. If you are right, you win the bet and win money.

Binary options trades are very short usually and you can profit very fast IF YOU ARE GOOD.

But the problem with binary options is like I said above, they are VERY risky. Changes in prices in such short periods of times are pretty much unpredictable.

If you don’t believe me just do some of your own research on binary options trading. Its a legit way to make money, and Yes you can make money really fast, but all of this comes with increased risk.

The bottom line is that there is no way this guy Michael has a 100% win rate when he is placing a ton of bets each day.

How Quick Cash Method Scams You

How can it be a scam??? Its free right??

This is where they get you. Sure its free to sign up, but in order to start making trades you are going to need to deposit some initial money to trade with. And the minimum deposit amount is $250.

Its very likely that you will never see that $250 again.

Final Thoughts On Quick Cash Method

Binary options trading is a hotspot for scams. Scammers like to use this as a cover-up because its a legit way to make money fast. So its the perfect scam story to tell.

There is no way a 100% win rate in the binary options currency trading market is even close to being realistic. Michael in the video is an a-hole and is just trying to take your money. He is a horrible actor (obviously from the video) and a horrible scammer.

I hope I saved a few people their money with this review. Don’t buy into this types of “too good to be true” programs.

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